let me tell you a story
before I came out as bisexual to my friends I was present at a conversation at our lunch table. this conversation revolved around a certain friend of mine (who I happen to know is straight as a fuckin pole) who everybody there was convinced was “at least bi”
and at one point, somebody turned to me (an actual closeted bi person) and asked me if I thought she was bi, which I said no to
their response was something along the lines of “yeah but people are really good at hiding stuff like that”
they then proceeded to talk more about my stick-straight friend while I sat in the midst of it, queer as hell and feeling like some sort of super spy invading enemy territory

one time during a quiz my teacher was like “kaity hand in your paper right now” in the middle of dead silence bc she thought I was cheating and the whole class stared at me as I walked up….. and then when we got our papers back a few days later she realized I wasn’t cheating and actually I did way better than the person she thought I was cheating off of so thanks b*tch

ppl be like “weird al has returned” like he left or s/t

weird al never leaves

he is a constant force in this world

you might not hear about him for a while, a few months, a couple years

but he’s always here, and has never left

he doesn’t return. he rises.

age differences are so bizarre to me bc i’m sixteen and most of my friends on here are nineteen+ and i usually don’t think about it but whenever i do i’m just like WOAH YOU’RE ALL FUCKING OLD but then i realize that’s only like a 3-4 year difference like?? that’s not a lot at all

but at the same time??