first one is Sarenaty Tsheyka, my muse sense i was in 8th grade, shes gone threw a lot of changes an i’m still not done with her.

next in some doodles of me, my hairs short in back so when i wake up in the morning its flipping about everywhere and i look like a cockatoo.

then we have my Enderman Mr.End AKA Ruin being creepy for cas, stop ruin drooling is my thing.

This really is a big real & not a lot of people like to talk about this topic. I think many of people my age or in this generation overlook suicide & honestly believe that nobody could ever do this to themselves or their families or whatever. But in all honestly, you don’t know what anybody is going through, it could even be your bestfriend. & I think a lot of people speak before they think, & don’t say you can’t help it, cause when it’s an insult, you can help it. Keep your comments to yourself because you don’t know what the hell anybody is going through in life & you don’t wanna make one move that could push them over the edge. & if you’re suicidal or need somebody to talk to, you can talk to me, or somebody. Don’t be afraid to speak up.