I didn’t mean to trigger anybody; I’m sorry if I did.

I feel nothing. 

I was gonna write something long but I can’t put into words what I’ve been feeling the past 2 years.

Please, forgive me. 

I never meant to hurt nobody…  

This really is a big real & not a lot of people like to talk about this topic. I think many of people my age or in this generation overlook suicide & honestly believe that nobody could ever do this to themselves or their families or whatever. But in all honestly, you don’t know what anybody is going through, it could even be your bestfriend. & I think a lot of people speak before they think, & don’t say you can’t help it, cause when it’s an insult, you can help it. Keep your comments to yourself because you don’t know what the hell anybody is going through in life & you don’t wanna make one move that could push them over the edge. & if you’re suicidal or need somebody to talk to, you can talk to me, or somebody. Don’t be afraid to speak up. 

I just wanted to let y’all know it gets better. It may not seem like it at the moment, but you’re gonna get through anything that you’re going through. Please put that razor down, put that pen away, & eat something, because you’re all beautiful. Later in life you’ll be able to look back & say, “I got through that.”, “I’m glad I didn’t end it.” There’s so many things you’ll be able to say, so many things you’ve done that you would have never believed would have happened. Life has its ups & downs, but I promise it gets better. Take it from me, I’m the walking proof that it does get better; & you need stick around to see it. You’re worth it. 

The way people so often misinterpret legitimate mental disorders is probably one of my biggest pet peeves. You seriously don’t understand how angry I get when people use these terms in normal situations.