(And video of someone buying/opening a Miku one if you wanna see what it looks like)


Ever wondered about the story behind Kurousa’s amazing song, Cantarella?

Well, today’s your lucky day!

Today we’re releasing the first chapter of Cantarella, drawn by none other than the same manga-ka as The Servant of Evil, Ichika!


15th century, Italy - the House of Borgia has become a prominent political power through adultery, theft, bribery and murder. As the son of the head of Borgia, Cezare Borgia has grown tired of the superficial people surrounding him. Is there anything out there that can make him change his views of the world?


▧ Translation: Renna Proofing: Sunny

▧ Cleaning: Kevin Typesetting: Sutorumie

Start reading now [ Chapter 1 ]


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