Due to its long history, the city of Kufstein has various sights to offer:

  • The Fortress (Festung) is built on a rock the height of which amounts to 90 m. Sometimes erroneously called Schloss Garoldseck, the fortress was mentioned as Castrum Caofstein in a document for the first time in 1205. It was enlarged several times. The most important tower, the round and impressive Kaiserturm, was built from 1518-22. Several times in its history, the fortress was used as a prison. Today it is famous for its large organ (Heldenorgel).
  • The old city center (Altstadt) with several picturesque lanes the most famous of which is Römerhofgasse.
  • The sightworthy City Hall (Rathaus) is on a square called Stadtplatz.
  • Saint Vitus Church is the oldest church of Kufstein. It was built from 1390-1420 in a typical Gothic style. Later, it was converted into a baroque church from 1660-61.
  • A part of the medieval city wall is well preserved and worth a visit. The sightworthy Wasserbastei is in the Northern part of the old city center on the river Inn. In the Southern part of the wall, a former gate called Auracher Löchl can be seen.