“Right,” says Kaito, “You want me to come ring shopping with you. You buy a ring. We leave. The press, who noticed two high profile duelists entering a jewelry store of all places and tailed us, ambush you and demand to know whom it’s for. You panic, and point to me. The entire ordeal is somehow my fault.”

rolls off a cliff

yells “OLIVE DID THIS" before falling

meraanimehero asked:

You have Problems (title)

It wasn’t mean to be challengeshipping, then it kinda accidentally was. Also spoilers since it’s set after the end.

"So, you’ve got some major Daddy issues."

"Yes, but I have a father, Ryoga.It’s a little tricky to have parental issues when you don’t have any."

Ryoga scowled. “Trust me, it’s not.”

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