happy black history month ft black cartoon characters!
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Sometimes I’ll go in and do a cartoon and just do, like, two lines, and go. […] My grandma came to visit, and I did a bunch of cartoons and I just did like one little thing in each one. And then at night, I took my whole family to dinner and I tried to pay, and my mom was like, “Oh no, you’re the baby. You don’t pay”, and I was like, “No, I’m gonna pay”. My grandma goes, “You let her pay for it! She didn’t do anything all day! She went in there, ‘HAHAHA’, and they give her money! She goes to the next place, ‘BLUHBLUHBLUH’, and they give her money! You let her pay for the check!”

Happy Birthday Grey DeLisle! (August 24th, 1973)

Infernus the Awakened (Kaijudo) || Jesper Ejsing

I don’t often post non-Magic art on this blog, but from time to time, I like to share art done by Magic illustrators outside of the game we love, many times for other Wizards properties.

And, honestly, how could I resist posting a sweet armored dragon done by Jesper? I could see this guy fighting alongside (or even against) our very own Nicol Bolas.


Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters and all it’s content Belongs to hasbro and hub network

well this is a new serie i started watching and i have to admit it was really good but there is lack of art or vectors of this serie so i will start doing some of this now XD just for the fun

you have my permission to use it but please give credit for it

and you can check more stuff on my DA: http://contreras19.deviantart.com/