From Kahotan Blog : “I’m sure that many player’s of the game might be a little disappointed with this decision, but remember that Nendoroids are 10cm high figures. The hand parts are hardly a centimetre in length… to mass produce a product with each of the fingernails individually neatly painted would be incredibly difficult…!

For those who wish to have their Nendoroid Kashuu Kiyomitsu with crimson finger nails, I will be writing a nail painting how-to blog after Nendoroid Kashuu has been released! It will cover the best and easiest ways to color his nails – in such a way that even someone as clumsy as myself can do it!”

GSC hear our voices. He comes with beautiful bases without being an exclusives and he has cute accessories and third faceplate as well. So, worry not and get your own mini Kashuu!