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Family #2: Akoni Kahale and his dog, Roxy

Couch Potato | Flirty | Sailor | Bookworm | Lucky 

LTW: Surrounded by Family

Akoni relocated to the Island after a fortune teller told him he would find his true love there.

miramei said:

★★★★ one for each of the Kahale family

Kit really doesn’t care for tea. She’s much more of a coffee person.

Donovan is of Pacific Islander and Hispanic descent.

Kyle is part of a soccer team on the Auroris. He doesn’t get to participate as often as he would like, with school and work, but it is something he greatly enjoys. 

Leilani made the genetic modifications on her Tropius, Fanta, that made it possible for her to grow fruit that tasted like something other than bananas (she doesn’t like bananas).


Slave’s Name: Makoa Kahale
Duration: 24 hours
Cost: 25 points
Note: Please also include an additional 5 points as a tip for Makoa.

I know I shouldn’t say that, Ms. Lyons, but I have to admit that Makoa is one of my favorite slaves in the House right now and renting him shows me that you got great taste. Enjoy your time with him. I know I would.


T-Shirts with stupid sayings my OCs would own

"The Bible said Adam and Eve, not Adam or Eve”
"Everything is awesome"
"Come for the love, stay for the ______" (generally would wear that with the shorts that say "booty" on them)
"Come and get your love"

"Official beef inspector"
"Up all night to get lucky"
"I can dig it"

clffordofrps said:

Welsin: "Surprise, I’m pregnant!" // Skian: "I’m pregnant." // Kahal: "Hey, meet Ekaterina your daughter" // Lastian: "…It’s twins." // Selanie: "I think I’m pregnant." // Rheo: "I’m not ready to be a father!" // Moxie: "I want an abortion." // Nelliot: "I’ve got somebody pregnant." // Katthew: "Shit, I’ve knocked her up!" // Materina: "I want a baby." // Javerick: "You may be their father but you’ll never be their dad." // Lony: "I’m pregnant and it’s yours."

2 fab 4 you

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lionqueenhelps said:

Skian: "We’re having a baby!" // Kahal: "I’m not ready to be a father!" // Welsin: "The doctor said there’s something wrong…" // Lastian: "What do you mean ‘triplets’?!" // Selanie: "I think we should adopt." // Rheo: "Hey, meet Taylor your daughter." // Moxie: "I think I need to buy a pregnancy test." // Nelliot: "I’m pregnant." // Katthew: "Surprise, I’m pregnant!" // Materina: "I lost the baby…" // Javerick: "I don’t ever want kids." // Lony: "I want a baby."

Pls haceme el favor de irte a la mierda.


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winter-in-fall said:

What inspired your chara's and what would they be like as biome leaders ((because that question is killing me))

Chara inspos!

OK. SO. Donovan is actually an expy of sorts from the Auroris OCT. He never made it to official NPC status, but he was originally Kit’s husband. Donovan was meant to be the descendant of another character of mine, Diana. They’re of Pacific Islander descent (Samoan, more specifically), though Donovan’s got some Hispanic in him thanks to his dad. Personality-wise, I just have a thing for the goofy comic relief types, as well as this huge, scary looking guys who are really just giant teddy bears.

Kit was originally my competing character for Auroris. I based her and the family dynamics of her family on my own. The Kit that exists in Auroris is middle-aged, and that was “mellow,” motherly Kit. Here, in Biome (once I finish her app), Kit is still very much in her wild youth days. I also wanted an Indiana Jones AU and this is pretty much it for her.

"What would they be like as Biome leaders?"

Donovan dreams days filled with endless pizza and mech suits everywhere.

Kit’s eyes flash as images of buff men in chaps and/or booty shorts flicker through her mind.

lionqueenhelps said:

Kahal: "Your boyfriend died last night at 11 o'clock." (sORRY NOT SORRY) // Katthew: “I don’t feel like I am strong enough.” // Lastian: "Without you, I’m lost." // Nelliot: "Just tell me the truth!" // Moxie: “They all say that you’re no good for me." // Selanie: "Are you having nightmares again?" // Lony: "You are beautiful, no matter what they say."

fuck you, part 1.


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ninjari said:

74, 82, 92

74. Which Disney Princess would they like the best?
Donovan's sort of on a Frozen kick right now. The amount of times that man has burst out into Let it Go while trudging about outside is almost embarrassing. Besides that, he adores Rapunzel.

Kit would probably like Pocahontas the best. The whole free-spirited thing and all.

82. Do they dwell on the past, or live in the moment?
Both Don and Kit tend to be “live in the moment” type people, but Donovan has a pretty firm foundation in his past that he draws on to influence his present. Kit has a tendency to not look back if she can help it. Not because the past is crap or anything, just that there is so much going on in the nowthat she would rather focus her attention and energies on that.

92. What’s their spirit animal?
Donovan’s a bear. A big ol’ bear. What kind of bear, I’m not sure, but he is definitely a bear.

Kit is probably an albatross? Either that or some other migratory bird.