AyaTaka sleeping routine where Takane wears a T-shirt and some comfortable shorts while Ayano wears childish pajamas that were meant for kids. Takane always laugh at how happy Ayano is when she puts on the pajamas and how ridiculous she looks but she doesn’t mind because Ayano looks adorable in it

kageyuri is great I mean

  • kidomomo is adorable, how could you not ship this
  • marymomo is hella cute and rly fluffy
  • kidomary is rare but still great
  • kidoaya is kind of angsty in some, but also kind of rly innocent
  • ayataka is just really great bless this ship
  • ayamomo never seen this before but imagine two very positive and cute children being together like aaaaa
  • momohiyo? Momo’s on her way to steal yo girl, hibiya (wonk)
  • ayahiyo, okay maybe we should avoid that a bit because that’s already incest, but go ahead if you like it
  • enemomo/takamomo would be full of gaming escapades, and lot of pranks for shintaro
  • hiyomary? Idk both of them are cute ayyyyy
  • kidoene never thought of it but maybe a lot of teasing?

To conclude every yuri ship in kagepro is great