15 Things That Make Me Happy

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I don’t know if i have 15 but i’ll try !!

  1. Animals- just give me every animal you can find ill hug it
  2. Cooking
  3. People asking for/enjoying food i make
  6. Volleyball really makes me the happiest tbh
  7. Sunrises/early morning
  8. French everything- food, culture, music, language, art, and landscapes uvu
  9. Getting away from family- no matter for 2 hours or 3 weeks
  10. Video Games
  11. When I lose weight
  12. Diet Pepsi
  13. When I decide I can trust a friend with personal issues uvu
  14. uhm
  15. yeah sorry i tried 

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kageyamasnosebleed replied to your post: that treble clef post is fucking me up…

i hope your fave composer isn’t beethoven i guess when you’re a genius composer you can’t be bothered with the swirly mess that is the treble clef

NAH DUDE I THINK THATS SO COOL but no id go w debussy or chopin probably….most likely chopin…………chopin nocturnes like revolutionized my life once i started learning them

kageyamasnosebleed asked:

27 AND 43 ;;;;;;;;)

you’re an absolute piece of shit and I hope you’re doing your work or at least trying and I define trying as not having distracting resources near you

27 Favorite curse word(s)?

Fuck, shitbagel, shitassed, fucker; mostly a lot of words involving fuck and shit and maybe ass if you consider that a curse word?

43 Which of your friends is the funniest?

obviously not you Not completely sure but actually it might be you SO CONGRAULTIONS 

kageyamasnosebleed asked:

hey :0 i saw your post about the eva calendar, is that the one being released by studio khara? I just tried googling 2015 evangelion calendar to see if I can preorder it and idk if it's the same one. thank you!

ah im pretty sure the evangelion calendars are done by studio khara? i dont see why they wouldnt be i guess, haha

BUT u should be careful, because theres “evangelion calendars” (which is what that is) and “studio khara calendars” (which are just a different kind of eva calendar basically..)

though that being said the last studio khara calendar that came out was a 2014-2015 one, so there isn’t really one of those you can specifically “preorder” anyway since it came out a while ago and they wouldnt be making a new one any time soon

BUT ANYWAY, if it helps, minna no eva fan linked to here in their post with the previews:


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1. What’s your name:  Kristen
2. When is your Birthday:
  September 25
3. Where are you from:  New Jersey
4. Have a crush?
5. What’s your Favorite Color?  
Black probably
6. Write something in Caps:  KAGEYAMA IS MINE

7. Favorite Band:  
Lucius ??
8. Favorite Number:  
6, 8, or 12
9. Favorite Drink:  Diet pepsi or Tea
10. Tag 10 people: 9vevo rneganesenpai yaboynitori kageyamasnosebleed whoop too lazy sorry