"SEGA has released today the first batch of March DLC for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd (western version), with three releases total planned for the month of March. The content available starting today includes two new rhythm game songs:Solitude’s End by Hikarisyuyo and To the End of Infinity by TsurishiP. Also included is Kagamine Rin’s Black Star and Kagamine Len’s Blue Moon Costume Modules, and four custom UI skins*.
The second batch of DLC arriving on March 17th will include…” (read the full article on mikufan)

Finally…. finally…..


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Happy Birthday to the Kagamines, please accept a heartfelt gift from all 100 of us!! 

A collab brought to you by combined efforts of the mods, Usa, Tigera, Phan, PD, Yuki, and the mod of fuckyeahkagamine-twins.

And most of all, thank you very much to everyone who participated in the collab!!! We appreciate your participation very much!!

Thank you very much to everyone for making this collab possible!!

And finally,

Thank you to the Kagamines for 7 years of songs and happiness, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Brought to you by usarei, yuki, tigera and phan!

HELLO EVERYONE this is usarei here, the host of this massive collaboration!

The aim of this collaboration is to recruit 100 artists to draw various versions of the Kagamine(s) as a pair stated in a list where Kagamine songs, modules from the Project Diva series, costumes from the Project Mirai, alternate outfits, etc. are compiled (of course references will be provided under request, or if you have your own suggestion you may include that as well).

And finally, everyone’s drawings will be compiled onto a huge canvas as one piece and will be uploaded on their birthday (Dec 27th). But do remember this is a first come first serve basis, so be quick! We currently have 33 amazing artists who are already part of the collaboration, and we’re looking for more great artists who can make this project happen!

Here are some of the rules:

  1. The artwork MUST have both of the Kagamine(s) in them, and ONLY the Kagamine(s).

  2. Each participant has to draw them both on a 600x850px canvas.

  3. The deadline is December 20th. You will have 2 months to complete your part, so you have plenty of time!

  4. You would have to draw full-bodies. This means no headshots, bust ups and the like.

  5. If you have applied and have received an acceptance email (back), please don’t back out of the project or end up not submitting anything by the due date since we can’t afford the time to recruit 1 or 2 people again.

If you’re interested and have confidence in your drawing skills, or have any questions you would like to ask, please drop us an email at 100kagaminecollab@gmail.com with at least 3 pieces of artworks, a link to your artblog on tumblr or your deviantart account, or wherever you upload your artwork!

If you’ve sent an email including the links and such, you would get a confirmation email that will arrive in your inbox within 3 days deciding whether your application has been accepted or not! We’ll then provide you with the rules and information regarding your part in the collab in greater detail. 

Please do remember that your application might get rejected since we will have LOTS of people wanting to join, and we’re going to pick out our favourites from all applications! We hope you understand!

This project wouldn’t have been a reality without these members:

wryyyyn (phan), ir-dr (tigera), winter-cakes (yuki) and  fuckyeahkagamine-twins (KagaMama/Sam) & pierrotsdoll (PD) for helping me scout some people!

Thank you all so much! Without you guys I would be a heap of mess and tears because of how big this project is—

We’ll be looking forward to seeing all your artworks, your enthusiasm and most of all, the final product (in the end)! Thank you  for taking part in our first step in making this possible!

~The 100 Kagamine Collaboration team