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angry/possessive s*x with GOM, Kagami, Himuro, Imayoshi, and Kiyoshi pls?? ty (^o^)

Kuroko: They were shocked when Kuroko shoved them onto their bed. Since when was their reserved boyfriend so rough? Their curiosities were put to rest when he leaned down to whisper in their ear: “You realize you’re mine, right?”

Kise: Kise should have thought twice before bringing them to work; he could feel the jealously rising in his chest as he watched his ____-cchi be hit on. “I’m going to remind you just who you belong with, alright?” he said in a tone for too sweet for that look his had in his eyes.

Aomine: “You were talking him up so nicely, even I thought you were coming onto him,” Aomine says, a hand firm on each of their hips. He leans down to nip their ear before slipping a hand down their pants, getting right to it.

Midorima: Midorima didn’t like showing this part of him. If his s/o was going to go around acting like that, though, he’d have to assert himself in one way or another. Silently pulling their clothes off and kissing every inch of their body was his way of doing so.

Murasakibara: Murasakibara is typically childish, but seeing his s/o out having lunch with this ‘friend’ of theirs, and having such fun with it sent him to a whole new level of childish. They first thing he did when he got his s/o alone was pick them up and press them against a wall, their legs forced around his waist to keep themselves up. “You’re mine, ____-chin~”

Akashi: Who did they think they were? Chatting up every guy at the party was not something Akashi enjoyed, or was okay with. “I’ll make sure I’m the only one you’re thinking of for the rest of the night,” he says, straddling their waist with a decisive glint in his eyes.

Kagami: Kagami didn’t like the way his s/o looked at his teammate. Not at all. “I hope you don’t feel the same way as you looked, ____,” he said, biting at their neck. They weren’t quite sure what he was referring to, but they were definitely glad they did it.

Himuro: He was used to being showered with the attention of girls, but seeing his s/o receiving the same kind of attention was different to him. It wasn’t the fact that they were having this attention, it was the fact that they soaked it up so readily. “____, only look at me,” he tells them, turning their chin up to look him straight in the eyes.

Imayoshi: Imayoshi kept his trademark grin the entire time as he pinned his s/o down on the couch. “I think it’s about time to realize some boundaries, yes? You seem just a little too interested in that guy to spend so much time around him.” His personality really is terrible sometimes, his s/o thought to themselves.

Kiyoshi: It wasn’t like Kiyoshi to become angry, or even jealous. His partner could only bite their lip to stifle their sounds as his body moved so roughly over theirs, and his mind seemed to be completely drowned in the moment. They could get used to this side of him…