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Why do you think being in a long distance relationship is worth it? Do you know anybody who has actually been in a successful one? I mean, don't take this the wrong way but tumblr relationships don't tend to be the truest ones and I just don't understand how or why you would put yourself through something that is a complete waste of time.

I am going to start this off by answering your second question, 
I do not personally know of anyone in my day- to -day life that has been in a long distance relationship. I have friends who have dated people who they met online but, they tend to live fairly close. 
But, in the spectrum of life, do I know of anyone? kaeandlucy come to mind. Following their online relationship has actually done a lot for the confidence I have in my relationship with Maddie.

As to why it’s worth it? Why wouldn’t it be? Don’t you think there’s beauty and pureness in long distance relationships? Maddie and I have never met in person. We have laid everything we have out on the table and trusted one another that we are who we are portraying. We fell in love without one another’s touch but, with our hearts. There is a sweet mystery in what her voice will sound like in person, what her fingertips will feel like on my skin. How she smells, how small her hands are, where my head will lay on her chest. We don’t know what it is like to hug or kiss each other. I have only ever seen her childhood home through video chat. Her family that she always talks about in such a caring way has only spoke to me through a camera lens and has accepting me for who I am without ever truly seeing me. 

I think all of that just makes what we have so much stronger. There is so much truth and care in what we have. There is just so love. So, so much love. 

It is a struggle. The unknown. It is scary. It’s hard because it is impossible to know their routine or what they are doing all the time. You can’t fall asleep with the one you love, you can’t learn so many things. But, it provides such a different type of relationship. It is something I never thought I would experience but I am so happy  that I am. 

Sure it is a relationship done differently than one ‘in person’ but I don’t understand why you assume that it is a waste of time? I really, really don’t.

On Christmas Eve, my grandfather wanted to take a picture with his granddaughters.  My sister, cousin, and I lined up in front of the Christmas tree, ready for the annual family photo.  Before my mother could take the picture, my grandfather stopped her.  He told my wonderful girlfriend to get in the picture.  He said “If you are the love of my granddaughter’s life, then that makes you my granddaughter.”  This is why I love my family.

“Here were openly gay girls, of similar age to me, speaking freely about topics I cared about (sushi, cats and careers being just some of them), and they made me feel that being a feminine-looking gay girl was the most natural thing in the world. No musician, no celebrity or TV plot had ever managed to do that before” - Diva Magazine

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Kaelyn and Lucy
I saw you movies first time less then year ago. I was shy, nerves, weak, and i couldn’t believe in love. People avoiding lgbt society becouse they are scared of unknown. 
 One day i saw you on YT and started to believe. I became more confident. I dont feel differend or misunderstood anymore. I came out to many people, i started to enjoy the life, thank to you.
 Of coure it wasnt so easy at the beginning but you are real. You ansver my list, you spoke with people on YouNow, you uploaded you ups and downs. It makes me believe in love, even long distance relationship. You can may not believe but you saved many lives. Soon you’ll be together forever, thats Amazing!! You Won yours life and love alreday

I think i can speak on behalf of all who ever wached your videos:
  Thanks for shearing your love, for makes people believe, for beeing real, and being altruist. Thank You! We Love you Luclyn<3