Krishyan Ramrattan, known by his stage name Kriss True, is a young electro house producer from Holland. Recognized by Strangers in Paradise Recordings as a rare talent at his age, they proudly present his upcoming release ‘Kaama’. His dream is to give people the desire to reach beyond their limits through his music. “Kaama” is an uptempo song which draws from the genres of electro house and contains influences of Dancehall.

Vishnu's Child Cursed To Death by Lakshmi. Somaskantha

Lord Vishnu,without Lakshmi, desirous of Male child worshiped Lord Shiva at Tiruvarur.

He was blessed with a Male child, Kaama or Manmatha, the God of Love/Lust.

Angered at being omitted Lakshmi cursed Vishnu that His son would be burnt by Shiva.

Somaskanda.Shiva, Skanda and Parvati.

Upon realization of the curse, an aggrieved Vishnu created a composite image featuring Shiva, Uma and Skanda (

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Dhamman wixii dhalaala dheemman ma aha
~all that glitters ain’t diamond

Shakhsi aan is xushmaynnin lama sharfo.
~He that respects not is not respected.

Khayr wax kaama dhimmee, shar u toog hay.
~Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Runi rag kama nixiso
~The truth dones not make men squirm

Guri ann hooyo lahayni waa lama degaan
~A home without a mother is like a desert

—  Somali Proverbs