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Why does no one talk about this?

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If you don’t think this is hilarious than I don’t wanna be your friend


Impunities - Russian Tunisian Artist Nadia Kaabi Linke

During her residency at the Delfina Foundation Nadia Kaabi-Linke started to talk with people from Wandsworth who are affected by domestic violence. In close collaboration with several shelter organisations she revealed acts of physical and psychological violence that are usually veiled by private life. While adopting crime scene investigation methods she literally took records of the scars left behind in flesh and mind, and she, finally, sealed them into panes glass. The exhibition in the Pumphouse Gallery will show the first series of Kaabi-Linke’s ongoing Impunities project that will collect traces of domestic violence from around the world in order to archive these latent crimes that are not yet recognized - Laura Eldret

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Episode 2 of Kirby’s Adventure BLIND is out!


Fatima - Tunisian Russian Artist Nadia Kaabi Linke

This work stresses out the feeling of contradiction and contrast between delicacy and brutality.

The hand of Fatima or “Khomsa”—like we call it in North Africa—is a Talisman, a figure which is used for protection against the Evil and the “bad eye”. The expression khomsa resembles the word “khamsa” which means “five” in Arabic—there are five show cases like five fingers. 

The symbolic figure Khomsa is often associated to femininity, it is shaped as an amulet and is understood as a protection through feminine hands. This image is a Pre-Islamic archetype and has been adopted in the Arab Islamic tradition but it has no effective relation to religion.

Concerning the artwork, I made an homage to my own grand mother Fatima. The five shadow boxes are conceived as a kind of biographical modules or episodes. From the right to the left: hair, nails, needles, pinholes and blood. The repetitive and serial effect of the boxes as well as the identical size and position of the represented hands give the impression that my grandmothers destiny is common to that of other women of her generation. - NKL

📅 Friday 2014/09/12 الجمعه
سمو الشيخ حمدان بن محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم ولي عهد دبي مع الاخ سعود الكعبي.
Crown Prince Of Dubai, H.H Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid AlMaktoum, with Mr. Saoud Al Kaabi in Nad Al Sheba.


It’s been a while and I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about my Hoshi No Kaabi comic. Should I trash it, keep it going, or give it a complete reboot?


I was at the Al Kaabi Tower Souq, Doha, Qatar last Saturday and Sunday morning. It was a great experience to visit their company and have an interview with a nepal employer.

He was good and awesome. He looks young. We had a great conversation. He likes me and he automatically hire me but I decline. Maybe because of his offers. He wants me to have a 2 years contract, company visa and he will not give any NOC or release which is not good for me because I have my own father sponsor visa where I can leave the company as much as I want to.

He also though that I am a Korean but ofcourse I said that I am Filipino. I am proud Filipino.

It was a good experience to have a random interview with different excellent companies here.

I know and I believe that opportunities are just knocking out there. I just need to be patient and choose the right path or opportunity for my better future and for my better life.

Created 08 September 2014
Doha State of Qatar