Neighbors AU

The first night after Charles moves into his fantastic new apartment, he discovers that the walls are too thin, and he is gaining an intimate knowledge of his new neighbor’s nocturnal adventures.

"The door swung open, and I stared.
He’d said something to me and I was just gaping like an idiot.”

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Asami Week Day 2 (Hair Porn)

(Sorry this is a day late.)

Korra walked into the living room of the Sato mansion and spotted Asami among a pile of papers. She was sitting on the floor by the fireplace, her face illuminated by the flames, with legs crossed and back hunched. Korra flopped down behind her with a loud thud and leaned her chin on the industrialist’s shoulder, wiggling her nose a bit when Asami’s hair tickled her face.

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I love you, you know - DWTS 19 POST-FINALE FICLET

“Hey baby…” Val let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. His arms wrapped around her and he breathed her in. This is what he’d needed all night.

“Hey,” Zendaya’s nails wove into the hair at the nape of his neck, “I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be, Alfonso deserved it. He killed it.” Zendaya could hear a slight strain in his voice, just enough that she knew that he was still upset. She pulled back so she could look at him.

“This is me, Val. You can be as petty as you want,” She pressed her forehead against his, “I love you, ya know.” His lips turned up at the corners.

“Really? Cause I think you might have to tell me a few more times before I believe it,” Val’s mocking voice was so low that shivers travelled up Zendaya’s back.

Zendaya let out a small giggle and kissed his cheek, “I love you,” his nose, “I love you,” his other cheek, “I love you,” and hovered right above his lips, “I love you.” He leaned forward enough to capture her lips before she could move again.

“Okay, I believe you,” he breathed before joining their lips again.

Random Mckirk fluff idea: By some alien voodoo, some of the crew are turned into kittens, including Jim and Bones. Jim is a little blond kitten found on the bridge, pawing at people’s heels and mewing for tummy rubs on the captain’s chair. Bones is a bit of black fluff found in the Medbay toting around a too big hypo in his mouth, or hissing at clumsy hurt yeoman.

When they suddenly disappear, the crew worries until they find them in the captain’s room, snuggled together on the bed, with the gold kitten nipping the other playfully, and the black one trying to groom the gold, before they just cuddle together and fall asleep.

When they turn back to normal, some of the kitten-ness lingers around for a while, and they stay curled around each other, nuzzling and bumping noses and purring contently. The crew leaves them be, and lets them just be sweet on each other without any bickering for once.

This fic won’t be possible without Alice— the Ayahina queen yeah~! Haha since this is her AU ^^ it’s so perfect bae! Thanks for this! :*

Title: Babysitters
Pairing(s): Touken, Ayahina
Warning(s): ah, AU where everything’s alright :D

AU Prompt: “Touken and Ayahina school au where Touka always comes to take Ayato from Elementary school and Kaneki always does a favor to Ryouko and picks Hinami up and that’s how they meet”

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Fake dating fic part 3/?

Yes, here’s even more of Steve and Bucky pretending to date because of reasons. Once again, this is pure tropes, no backstory, no beta, and totally for my own amusement. Thanks, hils, for encouraging me to write such enjoyable nonsense.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Summary: Steve and Bucky negotiate logistics and practicalities of fake-dating.

Warnings: nope.

They had two more invented dates over the following week: one coffee after work, and one dinner-and-a-movie. A few phonecalls, with extra help from Wikipedia and Rotten Tomatoes, meant they could both report back that coffee had been great, and the movie was terrible,  and Bucky or Steve (delete as appropriate) was basically the best thing since sliced bread.

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Title: The Housekeeper’s Tale

Fandom: Doctor Who/Downton Abbey

Summary: The Doctor meets another Scottish girl.

Notes: This is going to be a collection of five times Mrs Hughes encounters the Doctor. I wasn’t going to post any of it until I finished them all, but it was gathering dust on my hardrive. Plus, I kinda like it?

As this is a Mrs Hughes centered piece, I don’t think you need to know anything about Doctor Who to understand it. It would certainly help, but it’s not necessary.

Thank you chelsie-carson for beta-ing this… like 6 months ago…

Shitty thinks about it for a moment, absently tugging at the corner of his mustache. There’s no easy answer. Between his double major, his law school applications, his thesis and hockey, he’s already staring down a schedule with very slim windows of opportunity.

"If I say I’m gonna be here," he says finally, "Then I’ll be here."

Not my fic, but this is such a glorious interpretation of Shitty; he is everything I’ve headcanoned and more and it’s just wonderful. 

Fake dating fic part 4/?

Why yes, part 4 of Steve and Bucky fake-dating already. This is so ridiculous that it honestly writes itself.

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

Summary: In which it is fun to torture friends.

Warnings: nope.

“Did date night go well?” said Sam the next morning. “I heard you singing in the shower, man, and seriously? The Gilmore Girls theme song? I mean… that’s just sad.”

”You know the Gilmore Girls theme?”

“Shut up. So, was it another golden evening with Mr Perfect?”

“It was great,” Steve said, and gave a brief and entirely fabricated run-down on how they’d checked out a barely-known local band and grabbed burgers, and had a romantic walk afterwards. All very sweet and predictable. They would really have to start getting more creative, he reflected, or he’d get bored of telling his own stories.

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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Characters: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Gemma Styles, OMC, OFC
Additional Tags: ski trip au, Alternate Universe, Friends With Benefits, Fluff, Angst, Smut

harry likes beautiful things; louis is starshine. new zealand isn’t so bad. a fwb! and ski trip!au

"each trip harry goes on teaches him to behold beauty more carefully, and he thinks that’s why he’s struggling so much; his eyes can’t decide whether he wants to look at the town outside his window or the boy pressed too close to him in the tight seating of the car. he feels like this problem might become reoccurring, and he’s glad that along with beholding beauty he can also tell when he’s completely fucked. ”

Both- Part 2- RoyAi Smut

Wanted to work on my smut writing.  Recently read some fanfiction smut tutorial that said dwelling on the characters thoughts was bad, them thinking on their past was bad…pretty much everything I do was bad.   However I can’t not write these two thinking.  I just can’t devalue what these two have by turning it into emotionless porn.  So have a little RoyAi smut, I’ll continue it later after I get my contest entry out of the way.   Part 1 here

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Humour me for a moment while I talk about my most recent fic and spoilers at the same time?

The second half of season five was a painful heartaching rollercoaster for Kurt and Blaine. Every week was wonderful but I just wanted them to have a chance to breathe without hitting a new, meaningful, character-related tension.

I guess that wasn’t accidental. We were supposed to see how hard love is, and more than that we were supposed to see that it can be so hard it just doesn’t work. That all the attempts to understand and compromise don’t quite make up for being young and having different emotional needs and not quite trusting one another to hold those safe. I’ve grown to accept and even appreciate the way that story appears to proceed into season 6. (though I still have serious reservations about some particular things) (and also nooooooo! ouch!!! my heart!!!! squish)  

So. Long Way Home. I’ve been thinking about writing this story for a long time. Way before the season 6 spoilers. I wanted to write something where their way back to love, which was always going to be hard, was also long and steady and created a firm foundation for a future that I believed. I wanted to build a relationship up intentionally to a point where before they accepted the possibilities of their future, that future had a strength to it despite the heartache.

That meant them doing some hard work alone but near one another, and meant learning to accept and work with their different needs, and meant apologizing. It also meant facing the possibility that someone else (in Adam) was worth considering (though ultimately Adam couldn’t even get a look in because Kurt and Blaine and LOVE)

Of course the story was made sadder in a way that’s almost impossible to discuss, because it felt dishonest to the story and the characters to do anything but make Finn’s death as critical to the story as it was to their lives.

Every time someone says the story is sad I think about how it started, as a way to get them back in one another’s arms, in a way that’s deeply aligned with canon, and makes me (with my advanced age and dubious sense of romance) believe they can stay. So for me it was mostly about that slow burning joy of forever. Oh plus pining.

guys go read An Alternative to Lighthouse Keeping because it’s really freaking great. Also as the one doing the beta I have the inside scoop and let me tell you it’s gonna be so brilliant so if you want to read about stupid dorks Stiles and Derek and their stupid feelings then do yourself a favour and go read it! 


anonymous asked:

Bobby goes missing during a hunt and crowley has to find and rescue him? he finds bobby barely alive and takes care of him. crowley tries to convince bobby not to go on anymore hunts because he’s too important to crowley and he doesn’t want to watch him die. bobby has never had someone feel that way about him before and is touched by the demon's affection towards him

featuring: Crowley wanting to sound casual and aloof but quickly giving up on that facade

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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Gotham (TV)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Oswald Cobblepot/Jim Gordon
Characters: Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, Edward Nygma, Oswald Cobblepot
Additional Tags: Canon-Typical Violence, Kidnapping

With Gordon missing, Harvey accepts Oswald Cobblepot’s help to find him.

He wasn’t anticipating Cobblepot’s weird murderous crush on Gordon, but here they are.

El paso

Pareja: Rin/Haruka

Resumen: La última discusión que Haru tuvo con Rin después del fracaso de la prueba de estilo libre no ha hecho más que hacerlo dudar una y otra vez. Todos en el club de natación están preocupados y finalmente le sugieren enfrente el problema con la ayuda que necesita. Después del período de descanso, regresará al campeonato, debe sentirse mejor para entonces, pero nadie dijo que fuera sencillo.

1041 palabras

ANGST. Mucho dolor y frustación. El espacio entre el capítulo 9 y el 12

Capítulo 5/7: 

Fue bastante lento y gradual. Su conciencia regresó con la misma fluidez y ritmo con el que el agua lo rodeaba mientras avanzaba en la piscina. Esta vez no sentía pesadez. Haru se resistió durante un tiempo a abrir los ojos, había pasado bastante desde la última vez que había dormido así y quería disfrutarlo un poco más.

Lentamente cedió por fin y abrió los ojos, la oscuridad de su habitación no era tan profunda como la de su descanso. Estaba fresco. En silencio. Movió las piernas tomando conciencia de su posición. Miró  cómo la sábana hacía ondas con su movimiento, o lo intentó, la oscuridad era algo espesa.

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Mostly inspired by the last ficlet you posted, but kind of the opposite: what if Bucky had a Hydra-implanted trigger word that turned him into a cockslut that Steve accidentally discovered.

Steve doesn’t think much of it at the time. It is, after all, just one piece of paper in the thick file Natasha handed him, this one torn from a lab notebook and half-covered with incomprehensible equations. In the margin and with a different pen, an untidy Cyrillic hand has scrawled a few words. A helpful pink Post-It gives the translations: Satellite. Lightning. Orient. Probe.

Bucky doesn’t think much of it either. “Huh,” he says when he comes across it on his first survey of his own records. “Looks like they were working on atropine metabolism.”

“And what’s the Russian for?”

“Dunno.” Bucky taps the faded ink with his metal forefinger. “These were all the names of Soviet space programs. Sputnik. Molniya. Vostok.”

“Huh.” Steve peers down over his shoulder. “Vostok,” he repeats to himself. It doesn’t sound familiar.

Bucky doesn’t say anything, but he leans back just a little so that the warm line of his back presses against Steve’s chest, and then he moans.


“Please,” Bucky says. “Jesus Christ, Stevie, please – I need you to put it in me right now.”