Small As A Giant
  • Small As A Giant
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  • K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

As small as a giant, I’m still ridin’
Hand on my sword, good Lord I need time

Watch for the sun-eaters blocking our shine
Enlighten my kind, reason for rhyme
I’mma find Zion, free my soul
Repent for all the things I done until my eyes closed

When the boat man come, I’m paying my toll
Outside the gates of Heaven, pray to god I’m chose
As small as a giant

I can’t keep worrying ‘bout the things in my life I can’t change,
Dear Lord, give me the strength to fight the evil in this game,
Oooohh, I close my eyes and get down on my knees,
Pray to the heavens, protect my family,
if I leave…
That’s good enough for me.
—  "Good Enough" - K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

"Moon and Stars remix"- Big K.R.I.T. feat Curren$y, & Kills Kyleon

Idk why but this has been stuck in my head for the past couple days definitely one of my favorite tracks

My girl think I’m no good
And she should
I ain’t done much to make her thank different
Late night checkin chicks really wasn’t effortless
I’m erasing messages so she ain’t caught me slippin
I never really knew how much I loved her till she dipped and
Besides she ain’t scared of lion tigers and bears
But she scared of being in love with me
Had a feelin that I’ll sleep with every broad on the road I see
Probably so-do I ride solo
On the mission for some mo doe
Ball hard to ease my mind
Tried to call her and she picked up
Said she really can’t talk it ain’t over but she need some time
Now I’m in limbo
It ain’t simple yeah I feel her
Says she got a friend and word is she really dig him
I’m dealing with the pain I lost her and I know it
I’m praying for the strength not to show it
Seems hopeless
—  Big K.R.I.T.