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My name is Karl-Christoph and I’m from the lower blue mountains of Sydney. 

I wrote this song last week. The lyrics are posted on my blog. 

I really hope you like it and it finds a home on your page. 

Love ya,

Well I could write a lot of really poetic things to try and make you listen
but if you hit play I think it will be enough.
I’m from Sydney, Australia.
I sleep too much, drink too much and waste a lot of time writing music.
If you’re in my same shoes maybe you’ll relate.
This is all I’ve got.
I hope it’s all you need.

Share the words.

With real love,

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Hey I wrote this song over the past few days. I posted the lyrics to this yesterday. Here’s the tune. Share it around, let it loose, put it on repeat in the car. Keep smiling. xo 

Woke up this morning as my dreams met reality.
Found my self parked on the side of the road ten minutes later writing this song.
Hope you all had a better start to your weekend.
Look after yourself or before you know it you’ll have no-one left to look after.