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So, after that one person said hummingbirds were some scary little sh*ts, I decided to look up some videos on hummingbirds fighting. THAT PERSON WAS RIGHT. THEY ARE TERRIFYING!

Their beaks are pretty fragile though I’ve heard so they gotta be careful with them, but yES they are super scary lil fighters! Very large brains, constantly fueling up on sugar to keep themselves going, capable of flying backwards (and showing off to other birds because hey backwards flight hahah).

Which is… a lot of the reasons why Hiro is one, PFF 

originally, [Louis C.K.] wanted to delay season 5 so he could film it in the fall, since shooting previous seasons in winter — particularly the recent crippling New York winters — was wearing him down. Then, the night before FX chief John Landgraf was going to announce the delay, C.K. smoked a lot of marijuana, felt a burst of inspiration for stories he wanted to tell this season, and wrote pages and pages on his computer, breaking out all of what he felt would be an amazing season. He called Landgraf and asked if he could produce on the original schedule; a frustrated Landgraf told him they had already allocated most of his budget to other shows, and the best they could do was a half-season. So C.K. agreed, Landgraf announced that, and in the sober light of day, C.K. finally read what he had written… and it was gibberish. He didn’t use a single idea or joke from it in making season 5. Don’t do drugs, kids. Or, at least, don’t make big decisions while high.

How ‘Louie’ got a shorter season because Louis C.K. got high

Not even tryna be pro-drugs (nor anti-, just…), purely on this anecdotal evidence, I disagree with the takeaway of those last two sentences.

My 11-year-old brother admitted his love for VIXX last night…I mean, he’s naturally picked up a lot of k-music cuz of me, but we were watching the Dream Concert last night and he literally sang every word of Love Equation (well, as well as you can sing it for someone who doesn’t know any Korean at all). After they finished Error, he said, “Out of everybody, VIXX is my favorite, I don’t really care about anybody else.” And he just got home from school and I’m in my room and I can hear him singing Love Equation around the house…

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what are your current favourite fics and why?

So I’ve taken a while to respond to this because I really want to go all out and show some love to some of my favourite fics atm! 

Forever Hold Your Peace by chipswithcheese - It’s a fake dating AU… literally, what more could you want? The dialogue in this fic is so witty and hilarious, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud while reading (many times). Also, the characterization in this fic blows my mind - AJ has created such interesting characters in Birdy and Harry, and has brought them to life and made them so real. Plus, their banter is to die for. I love this fic a lot a lot.

close your eyes (and count to ten) by bloomfields - Honestly everything Emily writes is guaranteed to be my favourite, but CYE holds a special place in my heart. Aspen’s character is relatable in so many ways, and it’s so refreshing to read about an OFC who is constantly on a daily struggle fighting her insecurities. The writing in this fic is so real and raw, it’s emotional with the right amount of wit and charm to it, if that makes any sense? Anyway, I love this fic. Also Harry in this will make you love rl Harry infinite times more, this is fact. 

Oxford Comma by madness - Okay so there is nothing more I love reading about than Harry having a crush on someone. Suzy and Harry’s relationship is so natural and nice to read about. Suzy is such a likable OFC from the get go and I have such maternal instincts over her, idk why, but I feel like she’s my baby and I need to protect her at all costs, k. Also, Leesh is the queen of plot twists and the ones in this fic are ace.

Crowds in My Heart by asplitsecond - God I have ALL THE FEELS for this fic. There’s so much angst and passion and emotion and honesty in this fic and it reeled me in from chapter one. Ashlyn is such an interesting and complex but also infuriating (in a good way, I promise) character that I can’t help but love her all at once. Courtney’s writing is absolutely insane, I’m convinced she’s a genius. There’s so much to it sdkffgf I don’t want to give anything away, but I’m blown away by how honest and real this fic is and I love it. 

Twenty Good Reasons by beautifullletdown - Okay so I loved Someday, Someday, but I absolutely adore TGR. I have such a soft spot for fics that specifically deal with the hectic lifestyle Harry leads as a popstar, the difficulties that comes with fame and attention, etc. It’s interesting to see how Nina and Harry deal with it, and it’s so lovely to see how far they’ve come in their relationship since SS. There are some sweet moments, but I love that this fic also deals with the harsh reality and complexity of relationships, and well, life, basically. It’s an honest read and I love it.

Crooked Love by bloomfields - So this fic is one of my newest favs since it’s only got two chapters, but it’s sooooo good so far. Aside from the fact that the chapters are well over 10k long (I know, I know how does she do it?!), I love this fic for so many reasons. First off… Harry as a writer just does things to me I cannot even explain, and Emily has built such a complex and interesting character in Sosie, it’s really impossible to not want to read more. I love that the story focuses on two people who are obviously completely different, yet just seem to fit together. Em’s writing is phenomenal in this and I’ve cried laughing several times at her witty dialogue. 

I will keep calling you to see
If you're sleeping, are you dreaming
If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me
I can't believe you actually picked me

For chanyeolgarbage  (½) ♥