Okay people who say Rose is clingy in a derogatory manner make me want to rip my hair out.

You know what she was? Persistent, immensely courageous (I mean, how hard would it have been to get those three words out? To him, especially. How hard must it have been to risk everything to find a way back to him, when he had never said them and she wasn’t even sure he wanted her back? That’s one colossal step up from “omg should I text him idk if he likes me!?”), and constantly true to her word. She said she would never leave him and she came back over and over and over to prove her point.
Because that’s what you do for the people you love.

And you know what the Doctor was? Alone.

He was a man who’d lost everyone over and over and over, and suddenly there’s this girl who keeps on coming back to him no matter what, who risks her life to keep her promise to him.
Like did you see his face on one side of that wall after they were separated, when he thought he lost her forever? He’s heartbroken yes, but mostly he’s tired, resigned. You can practically hear him thinking, “Why was I stupid enough to think that this time it would really be forever? Every time I love someone I lose them, and here we go again. Why should I expect any different from the universe?”


I don’t think he understood why she did it, but I think he loved her for it.

And I think that’s what finally made him realize that no matter what he had done, he was so inconceivably, impossibly, irrevocably loved.

So sure, call her clingy. Fine. Do it. Be my guest.
But for a man who never seems able to keep the people he loves, for a man who moves so fast that it makes it so hard to hold onto things, for a man who anything permanent and lasting rolls off of like water off a duck’s back and for a man who is literally a walking inadhesive, maybe clingy was exACTLY what he needed.

xiuhan are the perfect couple who hold doors open for each other and call each other “babe” all the time

kaisoo are the newly weds who like to make sappy eye contact across the room and subtly touch hands and cant stand being too far from one another

krisho are the old married couple that act like they dont like each other and dont really participate in pda like at all but still love each other deeply

baekchen are the fucking terrifying power couple that like to compete a lot and bicker and also terrorize people together and then have loud rough sex afterwards

taohun are the ones who get bored easily with other people and sneak off to give each other blowjobs in the bathroom

Farewell, Alicia/Kalinda.

Kalinda leaving The Good Wife has made me so sentimental for those early days when I obsessively recapped season one. TGW was SUCH an exciting show back then. I remember blogging about the pilot like “ugh, did anyone else watch this amazing female-driven show with femslash subtext or was it just a figment of my imagination??”. And then by episode four we were getting strong hints about Kalinda’s bisexuality and her feelings for Alicia. And those two were the heart of the show and it was FANTASTIC to see this unexpected friendship between them. Their dynamic was beautiful and we had drinking buddies, Kalinda blackmailing a judge for Alicia, and they actually spent time pounding the pavement together solving crimes. It was ridiculous! We got to watch their relationship grow in real time. Alicia was so mystified by Kalinda but also drawn to her no-bullshit attitude and Kalinda was so hilariously fond of Alicia, it was almost ooc. She fell hard and fast, man.

I had SO MUCH FUN recapping season one, this show was clever and witty and quality and the Alicia/Kalinda relationship was a gift. Alicia was being manipulated on all sides EXCEPT by Kalinda, the very master of manipulation. Kalinda, who isn’t real around anyone, was desperate to be real around Alicia (“Ask me anything!”). Kalinda became Alicia’s touchstone, the one person she could trust, the one person who would fight for her. Ugh I’m getting emotional just thinking about it. Recapping was a joy, it’s how I met thegoodfan (and then we nearly met IRL when we were both passing through Vancouver last year but missed each other by one freaking night!), it forced me to improve my photoshop skillz, it gave me a community when I was dealing with my own coming out.

But then something changed. The show made a conscious move away from Alicia/Kalinda. When they debuted their whole Kalinda-slept-with-Peter storyline, I assumed that it was so that Alicia would lose her one and only friend and so she’d be vulnerable all over again. I hated the storyline (as I hate all ill-handled retcons). But I had faith that the show tore them apart so that their reunion would be all the sweeter. Then a funny thing happened. Their reunion never came. Small hints told us that Kalinda’s flame still burned for Alicia, but nothing ever came of it. And then the later seasons happened and they absolutely, positively disappeared from each other’s lives. I mean you know the rest; they never share scenes, other characters relay information between them, or they talk briefly over the phone. And it was weird and as isagrimorie said so aptly, their treatment of Archie left a bad taste in your mouth that kind of eroded your love of the show.

In Archie’s final scene tonight, she singlehandedly did more for the Alicia/Kalinda storyline than the previous two seasons put together. Kalinda loved Alicia til the very end (and, we assume, she’ll continue). If not for whatever behind-the-scenes shenanigans kept JM and Archie from being in the same room, we could have had multiple seasons of a truly spectacular relationship. I WAS SO INTRIGUED BY THEM. Kalinda didn’t fit into Alicia’s world, and yet Alicia made a space for her. They were adorable together. In the end, Alicia was Kalinda’s Great Love and that just tears my heart into pieces because I wanted to see this storyline done justice.

Early on, when I thought it was clear that Kalinda was pretty smitten with Alicia, I imagined a great storyline, played out over the seasons, where Kalinda’s thing for Alicia would be a central plot point. Alicia would be her Achilles heel, and I thought, how marvellous. The show kind of hinted at it over the years, but never to its fullest potential. And they certainly never explored the flip side of this – what did Alicia make of it? She had to realise that Kalinda was in love with her. To be loved by Kalinda must be something mighty indeed. But we’ll never know. Don’t you just want to cry at the lost narrative potential? What a unique story they could have told. Instead they skirted around the edges and then abandoned it altogether.

I’m sad for the terrible waste of potential, and I’m sentimental for the fun and excitement of the early seasons. However I feel about them now, I am forever grateful to TPTB for giving us this relationship, especially for their attention to detail (picking up the Donna thread with Lili Taylor’s guest role was pretty great).

Mostly, I’m grateful to Archie for her scene-stealing performances. She MADE Kalinda. I’m so glad she got buzz and attention for this role. On to bigger and better things, Archie. I know this fangirl will follow you anywhere. Especially when it involves ambiguous sexuality and making out with Gillian Anderson…

Farewell, Kalinda. We’ll always have the boots of ass-kickery <3      

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how would wolf!baekhyun react when his girlfriend (or mate I guess lol) buys him a squeaky toy made for dogs as a joke? Haha thanks!

this is cute (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) thank you for requesting!

Baekhyun: As you hand him the squeaky toy, Baek would give you a confused look. Reaching out to take the toy from your hand, he would warily inquire, “What is this…?” Once you state the obvious and tell him that it is, in fact, a squeaky toy made for dogs, he’d laugh so hard! Through his fit of laughter, he would try to reason with you. “But I’m a wolf, not a pet dog! Why would I need a dog toy?!” He would find the fact that you went out of your way to buy him a dog toy both hilarious and cute, and this situation would definitely brighten up his day. Although he would initially act as if he didn’t plan on playing with the toy, don’t be surprised if you find him shaking the toy around in his mouth one day. Upon seeing you watch him play with the it, Baekhyun would let it fall out of his mouth so he can say, “Kkaebsong~”