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Ankh-Morpork did not have many hospitals. All the Guilds maintained their own sanatoriums, and there were a few public ones run by the odder religious organizations, like the Balancing Monks, but by and large medical assistance was non-existent and people had to die inefficiently, without the aid of doctors. It was generally thought that the existence of cures encouraged slackness and was in any case probably against Nature’s way.

Terry Pratchett  -  “

Guards! Guards!”

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Walls | Chapter 2

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I look fucking amazing but I don’t have a reason to go out to radiate my beauty around so I’ll just continue my date with Geralt. And post this for you to see, I know some of you will be happy about it and I want you to be happy~

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here is my voice + i am v sorry. alsO YES ik i messed up greatly on the kafka passage im a lil tired and i didn’t want to redo it. i can actually read decently it just……….doesn’t come across in this………rip…….

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the minute i like someone in psycho pass they die i don’t even know why i continue watching this show like i am literally a death sentence


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Good Morning!!!! I'm actually getting ready to go to a party! It's sunset right now in California! So.... What do you think about Sakumoto? Like was/is it real? I've seen a few gifs of them when they were younger and Jun looked attracted to Sho, and then I saw that gift set of them talking (separately) about a crush that never was a relationship. So what do you think?

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Morning! Well, good evening to you :) 

What do I think of Sakumoto? (Non-Sakumoto shipping followers please feel free to scroll past k~~) NOTE to people reading on, these are just my opinions and thoughts and might not be the real facts.

First and foremost, I think they are complicated as hell to the point sometimes I think it’s beyond explanation~ The following will be just my opinions and thoughts on the matter. It might not be true to the real thing. Let’s separate up to the past and present.

Chibi Times
- I’m pretty sure Jun had some kind of boy crush on Sho. It’s crazy obvious. He did pretty much admit it himself that he was Sho’s No. 1 fan (I was like, “Noooo shit.” when I first found this out). Whether it’s a matter of idolising Sho, or thinking of him as an older brother or a mix of different feelings, only J really knows that.
- Sho knew Jun admired him, one way or another. IMO, I get the sense that he used that knowledge a lot. I don’t know, it could be just a feeling.
- And with this, Sho had no tact when it comes to speaking with/about Jun. To me, it felt as if Sho thought since Jun admired him, its okay whatever Sho does. Sho was totally hardcore :p
- We do know Jun one day decided to do a total 180 degrees. Sometimes, I think it’s because Jun got tired of being hurt or being used or being seen as just a pet. Somehow.

Not So Chibi Times
- They got awkward after Jun changed. Sho didn’t know how to handle Jun anymore, so they began to have this gap, like an invisible wall between them. For many years.
- It’s less awkward now, I think it began since 2009, although there’s still this kind of mysterious barrier between them. I get the feeling that these two like each other, but you saw what these two are like.
- Each of them can be touchy feely to ALL THE OTHER MEMBERS except for each other. And honestly, I find this to be super odd. They strive to avoid each other most of the times.
- It’s like you and a group of close friends you’ve had for many years. I’m sure one way or another, you’d be super close with them all right, with barely any reserves. But Jun and Sho has had this barrier up between them for that many years. And it’s not down yet. And that’s seriously weird, especially for a group known for their closeness like Arashi lol.
- I do think, one way or another, they do like each other (interpret this as you like). Sho’s really milded down a lot more now (gone are the days of his raging hormones yo), and Jun too, even though a bit later. And they can’t fully hide that. I get the sense Sho’s making up for the past.
- You can see that boy-crush Jun had in him in the past emerging from time to time, once in a while.
- It could be just my imagination really, but Sho gets jealous when Jun’s stories of escapades with other men emerges. As in, going out for drinks, or food, or someone saying he likes Jun >=D Etc. He tends to pry for more info whenever these kinda things happen.
- Jun cannot handle Sho in this mode. He just smiles sheepishly and can’t say a thing.
- I find that Jun is quite obedient if Sho asks him to do certain things, as in comparison to Jun asking other people to do things (bossy J XD;)

I’m not sure if you find this satisfying as an answer since it’s pretty roundabout, but that’s mostly what I think so far of Sakumoto~ (also this came out late because you have no idea how long it took me to type this =D)

By the way, that thing about that crush, there is a part of me that does believe J was talking about Sho.

Hope you enjoy your party!!

While I have heard of Nakama Yukie rumours, I’ve a resolution not to believe in rumours unless there is solid proof + the real person admits it himself^^ Jun’s rumours are usually only through words without graphic evidence(as far as I’ve seen anyway, and I don’t intend to go digging around), so out of respect for that carefulness, I will only believe stuff in said relationship with Person X or Person Y if Jun admits it himself =D

Edited again: letskairos Haha, hrm, number of years that Jun said was three though right? Well, J will keep us guessing forever~ >_<