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Zion.T(자이언티) - Yanghwa BRDG(양화대교)

  • TeTe (테테)

Artist: TeTe (테테)

With a fresh and upbeat song, TeTe is making hearts swoon with ROMÁNTICO. The bongos, the strum of the guitar, and the rattle of the maracas gives a nice and summery breeze to the song, making you want to take a road trip with friend, or a lover! A song about a lover and the beautiful attributes she has, the singer is head over heels and cannot express his love any other way than explaining what he loves about her.

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Hello 'v' I made a part II to my music rec, this time consisting of 
both KHH and K-indie. The songs are mixed around and not in any
particular order. Sorry for the laziness but enjoy! Link to Part I

1. In My Head - Gray
2. Bad Memory - Pro C
3. That’s Me - Dok 2
4. What You Want - Kanto
5. So So - Huckleberry P & Suda
6. Who You? - G-Dragon
7. Try - Tablo ft. Bumkey
8. Let’s Stop Being Friends - Soolj
9. Louder - Kim Park Chella
10. Love Love Love - Epik High
11. Good Night - Pinodyne
12. 했네 했어 - Sumsher
13. My Love - Urban Zakapa
14. Can’t Breathe Anymore - Herz Analog
15. Vines - Kim Park Chella ft. Soulman
16. See You Tomorrow - Droplet
17. You’re Not a Lady - Jerry.K ft. Zion T.
18. Look, Come On - Olltii
19. Aquarius - Eluphant
20. Always Knocking - 4Men
21. Coffee - Bangtan
22. Tonight - Lyn
23. Good Night - Electroboyz
24. The Weather is Nice - Tako and J Hyung
25. Wrong Number - One Way

keep your heart alive
another (somewhat) upbeat korean indie mix

12:00 + the koxx || fine + we are the night [feat. 임선영 from sountruck] || 마음셔틀금지 + fromm ||  + puer kim || 두 개의 심장 (two hearts) + daybreak || 내가 첫 번째였음 좋겠어 + 좋아서 하는 밴드 (joa band) || summer hearts + glen check || 내 말이 그 말이었잖아요 + 미미 시스터즈 (mimi sisters) || chance + peppertones || 수고했어 오늘도 + 옥상달빛 (dalmoon)


a (somewhat) upbeat korean indie mix

입맞춤, 입술의 춤 + han hee jung || summer daydream + 테테 (tete) || killheel (feat. 길미) + ashgray || oheyo + 박소유 (park so yu) || 뜨거운 너는 내게 말했지 (talk to me) + we are the night || 사랑 춤 (love dance) + the koxx || 첫사랑 (first love) + busker busker || 그녀는 몰라요 (she doesn’t know)+ 뉴욕러브다이어리 (new york love diary) || summer + we are the night || 근데 나 졸려 (but i’m sleepy) + 10cm || 꼭 이만큼만 (just this much) + casker || 사랑 아니었나 (probably not love) - fromm


It's You (너여야)
  • It's You (너여야)
  • Neon Bunny (야광토끼)
  • Single "It’s You (너여야)"

Artist: Neon Bunny (야광토끼)
Song: It’s You (너여야)
Album: Single “It’s You (너여야)”

Neon Bunny’s music is a version of electro-pop. Unlike the electro-pop songs we commonly hear, this is more relaxed. Rather than a more turbulent synthetic sound, “It’s You” is more mellow. It’s one of those songs that is calming but upbeat at the same time.

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  • Soyu, Kwon Soon-Il & Park Yong In
  • 소유X어반자카파 (권순일&박용인) `틈`

SOYU (소유) of SISTAR , KWON SOON-IL (권순일) & PARK YONG IN (박용인) of URBAN ZAKAPA  - 틈

a mix for rest

꿈길 (doze) + 숨의숲 (forest of breath) || a rose with thorns + sogyumo acacia band ||  corona + 10cm || if you leave + sogyumo acacia band ||홍대 앞에 눈이 내리면 + 윤건 || so sudden + 희영 (hee young) || 처음 만든 사랑 노래 (first love song that i made) + siwa || almost blue + sogyumo acacia band || 1015 + 카프카 (k.afka) with 옥상달빛 (dalmoon) || winter sleep + jellyboy


a mix to listen whenever you’re alone at home | listen

i. brothersu - 다른 별 (feat lovey) ; ii. vanilla acoustic - 대화가 필요해 ; iii. acoustic collabo - you and i, heart fluttering ; iv. standing egg - run away ; v. sm the ballad - when you were, when i was ; vi. 10cm - 사랑은 은하수 다방에서 ; vii. busker busker - cherry blossom ending ; viii. crucial star - i’m ok ; ix. jq - tell me yes (feat g.tiger)