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Hey, I love your blog, It's great. Can I please get a rapmon(my bias) scenario. Something like you guys always kid around as friends, a subtle flirtation-ship but you secretly love him and it's takes him the til the last minute to figure that out.

Group: BTS

Members: Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Rating: Teen

Strong and passionate rays of sunshine littered the entire room, dying it in vibrant oranges and yellows, as you sat buried in a heap of Science books, trying to get your head around the most frustrating topics in preparation for your exam next week.

You were just about to finally comprehend how ‘inter-molecular forces’ actually work, when someone burst through your door yelling, “Hey, hey! Look what I got!”, holding about 5 boxes of pizza and two bottles of coke all at once. Who other than the one and only, Namjoon.

“Namjoon! I’m studying, go away!” you whined, chucking a pillow at him, making him topple over, dropping everything he was carrying, pizza and drink littering the floor.

“Dude! The pizza…” groaned Namjoon, a sense of genuine concern in his voice as he glared at the mess of pizza and toppings that now lay spread across the floor.

You’re tidying this up dude,” you scolded, motioning at the disaster on the floor.

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  • me:*watches chinese version of Love Me Right*
  • me:*gets to Chanyeol's part*
  • me:that should be Tao

anonymous asked:

I'm trying so hard to be low-sodium and keep my saltiness to a minimum, but being a Xiumin and M biased EXO L, its getting really hard whenever I see my faves being trash talked, ignored, and even forgotten when it comes to new releases.... Like, I'm pretty sure Sehun might have had equal or more lines than Xiumin in the M VERSION of LMR... :(((

LIKE I’M HAPPY FOR SEHUN!!! HE DESERVES THE VERSE HE GOT!! IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! But let’s be honest here, the K version of the rap should be Chan&Sehun and the M should be Lay&Xiu. THAT MAKES SENSE TO ME!!! SIMPLE MATHEMATICS! As the sub-rappers in the group or whatever you’d call them, Sehun and Xiu should pretty much have the same parts yeah????

Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
  • Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
  • Tablo (타블로)
  • Fever's End (열꽃) Part.1 EP

Artist: Tablo (타블로 of Epik High)
Song: Try (밑바닥에서) (Feat. Bumkey/범키)
Album: Fever’s End (열꽃) Part.1 EP

Bumkey always does lovey-dovey songs and I love them but it’s awesome to hear him contribute something different. As the serious tone of this track insists, this is a serious song about being in your lowest state - pretty much the rock bottom of your life - and having the one you love experience the darkness in you. Tablo beautifully expresses the guilt and helplessness of one in this situation.

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Introducing → Tymee (formerly E.via) This sweetheart is usually considered the fastest female rapper in South Korea and is also known for her more edgier lyrics that have gotten her banned a few times. Although she has songs that fit under the ‘hyper cutesy’ image, lately she has been looking into darker themes that hit closer to her heart. Check out her music here

Fire (화) (Feat. Jinsil/진실 of Mad Soul Child)
  • Fire (화) (Feat. Jinsil/진실 of Mad Soul Child)
  • Mad Clown (매드 클라운)
  • Mini Album "Piece Of Mine"

Artist: Mad Clown (매드 클라운)
Song: Fire (화) (Feat. Jinsil/진실 of Mad Soul Child)
Album: Mini Album “Piece Of Mine”

Mad Clown’s impressive rapping skills along with Jinsil’s alluring and talented vocals makes the song oddly difficult to listen to only once. The title-track “Fire” is a song where the two partake in a back-and-forth argument. The lyrics follow a man’s love for a girl he knows is bad but can’t bring himself to actually leaving. 

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