K-ON is the story of how each of these girls finds their place in the light music club, moreso than the actual performance of light music. And it’s crucial that the one character [Mio] who takes her herself seriously, and would stop to question what she’s doing with her life, is the first to completely understand this.

K-ON! Secret Santa

Wassup all! Last year I put together the first (or as I know of) K-ON fandom Secret Santa! The turnout went pretty well in my opinion, and as participants from last year have told me, they even made friends with their SS from last year (and some even met IRL!!). In a smaller fan base such as ours, it’s good to see how our community has grown and in turn, we can interact with one another, have laughs, and spend our youth on this dumb website talking about lazy, musical girls.

So what better way to end this year in the 5th anniversary of K-ON with a Secret Santa event to celebrate it?!

How to Participate:

Between the dates of November 22 and November 31, send me an ask. In that ask, please state that you would like to participate in the K-ON Fandom Secret Santa and include your favorite K-ON Character, favorite K-ON Song, favorite Pairing (if any), favorite color (bland, I know, don’t hate) and one other series you enjoy (ie another anime, or video game, book, etc).From there, you will be put on the list of participants in the Secret Santa.

From there, I will compile a Masterlist of all the participants that will be posted on December 2. The Masterlist will include the information you provided me as long as your SS number (as seen below). Along with that, you will be assigned the number of your SS that I will send to you when you send me your first ask. ie:

[1] thekimadventure
    Tsumugi Kotobuki
    Ohayou, Mata Ashita
    Kingdom Hearts

On December 2 (the day I post the masterlist) I will be sending all participants a second ask (which the ask will be send via my main blog so you will be getting a message from thekimadventure). Once you receive the second ask, you are required to private message me back confirming you received your Secret Santa’s number and still wish to participate. Those who do not message back within the time period of December 2 to December 9 will be taken off the Secret Santa list and those who had those respective absentee Santas will be assigned new Santas.

What to Do:

Starting December 2, once you confirm your SS with me, you will send at least 3 ANONYMOUS (so they don’t know it’s you) messages to your Secret Santa. As long as it’s not anon-hate, anything you send is up to you. Could be Holiday greetings and wishes, short uplifting messages, you name it.

Starting December 20, choose a day to reveal yourself to your Santa along with the present (fanfic, graphic, fanart, video, whatever) you have prepared for them. Ideally, you would reveal yourself before December 31(since I’m sure many will want to do it on the week of the holidays).


What if my Secret Santa doesn’t give me a gift?
 In a perfect world, I would hope all would give one another gifts. But I know it would me wishful thinking on my part to expect everyone to follow through. If you do not receive anything by January 7, message me saying your Santa did not give you anything. From there, I will message the person who failed to send the gift and ask what’s up. I will also have an emergency holiday gift prepared for those who did not receive anything by the end of the Secret Santa (as it in won’t be very personalized, sorry).

What should I do for my Secret Santa?
—Make a graphic, write a fanfic, draw some fanart, put together and AMV, whatever you like to do, do it. I can’t tell you what to do, you know what you all are good at and you’ll have 3 weeks to prepare something; I believe in all of you! And if you need help learning to do something, many graphic makers, fanfic authors, artists and such in this fandom are are friendly from what I’ve seen and I would hope wouldn’t mind helping you get started on your gift.

How do I submit my gift?
—Send it to you person’s submit box (which means everyone NEEDS to have their submit box open). If you decide to make a photoset, have something that won’t be able to go in the submit box, post the gift and submit the link of the post to your Secret Santa to make sure they see it.

I won’t be near a computer during the time of the revealing period, what do I do?
—If you are in this situation, tell me at some point and I will message your Secret Santa that the gift might be late (please include the date you expect to have computer/tumblr access). Alternatively, you can submit your gift before the revealing period (only if this you are in this situation) and tell me you will be revealing early.

Changed my mind, I don’t wanna do this anymore.
Well, sucks for you motherfucker. Once you’re in, you’re in.


  • November 22-31: Signup period (look above for sign up information)
  • December 2: Masterpost of all Secret Santas/information/numbers will be posted. Message will be sent you giving you your person, MUST reply back to confirm.
  • December 2-20: Message period! Send at least 3 asks of encouragement, holiday warmth, love, etc. to your person.
  • December 18-31: Revealing period! Send the gift to your person and wish them happy holidays!
  • January 7: Message me if you have not received anything from your Secret Santa.


  • Send me and ask w/ the aforementioned information to participate
  • Must reply to the ask I send you (via thekimadventure) and confirm you have received your number
  • Have your ask enabled WITH ANONYMOUS OPTION and submit box enabled
  • Send at least 3 messages of encouragement along with your gift
  • Have fun and build community and unity within the K ON fan base!
  • Not really a requirement, but it would be helpful to follow this blog to stay updated on any Secret Santa news and the Masterpost if you aren’t already following me
  • If you would like, use and/or track the tag: ’#keionSS' for all K ON Secret Santa things. ie: when you get your messages of encouragement and gifts, tag them with #keionSS so all can see!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to message me on THIS blog (not my main)!