If you wish to visit the town of RiverRun, only visit the dream address as given out on my page (6900-5415-5601).


Someone has stolen the town and made a gamebreaking version of the dream which can lead to your town being replaced with the gamebreaking version of RiverRun. It does not appear easy to replace your town thankfully (or atleast I’ve been trying for 20 minutes now!), but it’s been reported to me that some people have managed.

Just to confirm, visiting my version of the dream is 100% safe, and will remain so.


Happy Birthday Byun Baekhyun.
Thank you for being these and so much more.
Thank you for being awesome and not-so-awesome at times.
Thank you for bringing light in our lives, smiles on our faces and attacks to our hearts.
Thank you for working so hard to satisfy us every time.
Thank you for bringing up the moods of our beloved boys by being a sunshine.
Thank you for loving us and giving us so much happiness.
Thank you for being you. Please never change.


😊puppy doesn’t like it😊

Just a quick comment to the OUAT and particularly the OQ fandom. I know that we’re dealing with big issues here, and that many of them aren’t dealt with adequately on the show. But if we could all give each other the benefit of the doubt, and speak to each other respectfully and without condescension? 

So instead of assuming that everyone who wishes OQ could have a biological baby is anti-adoption and didn’t understand the point of “Mother”, could we just assume maybe they kind of wanted to watch Regina carry a baby? Can we stop thinking there’s something inherently wrong in being a little disappointed about that? Can we stop thinking there’s something wrong with people who are glad we won’t see that?

Instead of assuming people who weren’t happy with Robin these past few weeks “don’t understand complicated relationships” or “don’t want OQ to be real people” or whatever, can we recognize people’s right to dislike writing or plots or moments? 

Basically, instead of insulting people personally, and sanctimoniously explaining to them why they’re delusional and dumb or whatever, can we try to keep to talking about the story, and be nice to each other?