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your louis masterpost kinda surprised me? i think a lot of people always go on and on about how his closeting has affected him. and i just don't see it? he has the exact same mannerisms he's always had. so then i guess people see his change in how he dresses or his west side "persona" and idk i wanted to know your thoughts!! if you want to share them, that is.

The thing is, these are his natural mannerisms. It’s the way he naturally moves, it’s the way he naturally acts. And I do think, for the most part, we see them less because we see him less. I know people are going to massively disagree with me on this, but we basically only see him onstage, and your stage persona is going to be a bit different than your offstage persona. This goes for all the boys to different extents, it’s just the nature of being a performer and having to project and perform to thousands of people and keep up a certain energy. We mostly only see Louis onstage or in the occasional still pictures. They’ve done so few interviews and appearances this year it’s honestly a bit embarrassing. But when they do, his natural mannerisms are always proudly on display-take this video of him and Niall visiting a football team in Spain, or this one of him chatting at his mum’s wedding-we just don’t get to see very much of it because they do nothing. I think more than anything he’s less OTT goofy than he used to be, and less open (understandable as he has to hide a major aspect of his life, and Harry is a lot more closed off personally as well). 

As for the change in how he dresses, well, he’s university age, basically. It’s pretty normal to change your style between 19/20 and 22/23, even when you didn’t spend a few of those years being so aggressively styled you looked like a Ken doll. It was cute, but in the end Louis wearing black jeggings instead of red pants has no bearing on his flamboyance or mannerisms. Nor does his ability to grow facial hair, or him having tattoos.

This isn’t to say that the closet and media training haven’t affected him (or Harry for that matter) in various ways, I just don’t like to project  more unnecessary angst when it’s already a tough situation that they’re getting through quite strongly. I also don’t like to ignore or undermine the way he fights against the closet, which I feel a lot of people do because he does it differently. Because it’s pretty clear he doesn’t want to be in there.



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