I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife


Brother Complex?  Or, the Hamada Bros are super close as they go about their daily college lives.  Like, really close.

Oh yeah, except, they never actually got to go to college together.  *shot*

I was going to add a horribly angsty extra, but decided this fandom has enough sadness.  So here’s a fanservice-y extra:


anonymous asked:

Could you write me some fluffy protective vampire levi x human eren😊

an unecessarily long vampires living in modern day au
words: 2.9k


“Eren, where the fucking fuck is my shit!!?”

Eren scrambles to the couch where his phone lays on top. He’s going crazy again, he texts to Armin before a pillow can be thrown at his head or something else of equally violent nature. Help me he’s really red in the face for a vampire that doesn’t circulate blood

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it’s true  that straight girls are often way more comfortable with each other physically than straight guys, but don’t say things like ‘all the homo’ about it because straight girls can be some of the most lesbophobic and biphobic people you’ll ever meet

Some guy smiled at me and said I had a really pretty name when I helped him in the drive thru this morning. I was so zombie dead, but that was a nice, unexpected pick-me-up. I think people should tell others when they think something nice like that instead of keeping it to themselves. You never know what kind of day someone is having. Who does it hurt to send a little something nice their way?


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