Baekhyun - 150602 Instagram account update: “조금만 있으면 ’ Love Me Right ’ 이 공개됩니다!! #치킨먹으면서봐야지😳 #6월3일공개 #지금시간6시30분 #우연처럼보이기😏”

Translation: “In a little while, ‘Love Me Right’ will be released!! #I should watch it while eating chicken😳#Released June 3rd #Right now it’s 6:30 #Looks like fate😏”

Credit: baekhyunee_exo.

No Cat More Dapper 

Sehun as the Cheshire Cat based off the new Love Me Right teaser, because it looked like some dingy version of Alice in Wonderland. Thank you for those who came to the livestream for helping me out with ideas! 

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now im going to go work a nine hour shift (where i am forced to pass as i don’t have the resources i need to even begin to convince not only my employer, but the hundreds of people i serve a day that i’m transitioning at this point) so that i can afford to pay my bills and hopefully save up enough money to start funding my transition but y'all can honestly keep looking at caitlyn jenner’s story as #thetruetransnarrative and ignore all of the other struggles that low-income and poor trans women face lol