Exo reaction when you two are dating but you fell in love with some other guy

Sehun: Hold on, did you just said you like  some other guy when you still have me around you?

Kai: At least I know you won’t leave me just like she did.

Tao: *tries to act cool and totally fine with it* Fine go to some other guy,it’s not like I need you that much.

Kyungsoo: It’s okay you don’t need to say sorry. It’s not like I can force you to love me when you’re not anymore.

Chanyeol: I guess you didn’t loved me  just as much as I loved you.

Chen:This whole thing leave me with a bitter taste in my mouth

Baekhyun:*gif talks for himself*

Lay: *tries to figure it out why you fell out of love* But I treat her in the best way that I could and I gave her all of my love

Suho: but…but…. I love you

Kris: You know that I can’t lose you, I love you to much to give up on you like this without a fight.

Luhan: Our realtionship for me wasn’t a joke, this is not a joke so stop playing with my feelings.