jyri straechav

“Exorcism” by Jyri Straechav, 2015. You can support my art habit by buying swag with my art on it from both Society6 and Redbubble. All money goes straight back in to making art.

Honestly, I have nothing new to add. I am working on another piece which will also be surreal as hell. But that’ll see the light of day next week or something, since I still have a lot of detail work left. I have enough done that I know already it’s one freaky piece of work.

“Disassembling Memories”, By Jyri Straechav, 2013. 3DCoat, Sculptris, C4D, Artrage, Photoshop.

There you go, my forays in to the abstract, surreal, and disturbing are starting to look a bit more what I want them to look like. It’s still a long way to my actualizing my real goal, but at least this 3D part is starting to work out.

I’ve been long trying to marry 3D art in to my digital painting techniques, and since I’ve wanted to go more towards surrealism, I figured that trying to make surreal art in 3D sounded like an interesting challenge…

Now, probably around when we hit September (or earlier, if we’re lucky) I’ll be starting to try to combine what you see here with my acrylics and watercolors. We’ll see what happens then. There’s still some technical hoops that I need to jump through before I can confidently try that.

Also, there might be an alternative view of this sculpture in the cards. If so, you can expect it early next week. Monday, Tuesday or something like that. I’ll keep you posted. 

I bet you won’t guess the angle, though.

“The Malignant Growth”, By Jyri Straechav, 2013. Sculptris, C4D. Photoshop.

This represents a small step towards more surreal direction with much less emphasis on realism and anatomically correct human figures. That has been my real obsession for many years, but I am now trying to shake off my … need to be realistic. I want to go more surreal and disturbing, and a lot of that doesn’t necessarily work well with realism.

In the end I’d call this indirectly the most “Beksinski” esque painting I’ve ever done. Calling this piece a pure painting is a bit of a misnomer because it’s a sculpture that I then rendered and painted on top of in Photoshop. 

But it’s really the direction I want to go to, at least for a bit. So this is a start of a new series that I’ll call “The Forms of Madness” and it concentrates on me doing (digital) sculptures from scratch and then finishing them in Photoshop and posting them here. I’m also trying to go to (even) more surreal.

“The Messenger: Portrait”, 3DCoat, Sculptris, Cinema4D

Just in time! I almost didn’t make it. I promised an update for today and I really had to hurry to give you anything. I had the option of just posting “sorry, can’t make it” but I decided to instead render you a view of my model that I am working on.

This guy is going to be the focus of my new piece, right now this is just a direct render from C4D with no modifications on it, and the model isn’t even done.

Furthermore, for size/perspective you can think of my previous piece “The Seer” and figure out from there how big of a part of the final piece his face will play. Which is to say, it is a very minor element.

Well, hope you like of my unusual content and enjoy the render as it stands, even without knowing what’s going to come. The final piece will be ready on Saturday as usual. I might (might!) update with another render before that, but I’m not promising. It does take time to set up lights and such. Instead I might need to spend that time on the final piece.

“The Messenger”, By Jyri Straechav, 2013. 3DCoat, Sculptris, C4D, Photoshop

So… yeah. I think this might be my best piece so far. It also had some hilarious mishaps. I was rendering the final render so I could do some painting and fix it up properly, and then when I figured I’d have just about enough time left to have it painted I looked at the render.

And it was out of focus.

So, yeah, the guy was completely blurry. I also had no time to render a decent render with proper focus, as I had left it to the last minute. So I hit my head on the table - repeatedly and often - and then (after some bandages) I opened the render in Photoshop and ended up painting the whole damn thing by hand.

So, yeah, that was a lot of wasted work. But I do have to say I really think that the final piece was worth it. 

“Passion”, By Jyri Straechav, 2014. 

Look! I am still alive. I tried to make something different but I am no longer sure if I acctually succeeded in that. Of course, I did have to slip in the horror aspect and the weird surrealism and whatever. Also, floating people. So in some ways it’s so very much me that it hurts, but I thought that in some other aspects it’s also quite different. 

However, as I said, I am no longer sure of that. So, yeah. Looong break, but here’s a new piece. I hope you enjoy it. My next piece hopefully won’t take this long, as I am already fairly far in to it. But Since I tried to do something different with this, I’ll try another crazy idea with the next one too. Which is unfortunately very labor intensive.

Also, should I buy a 3D printer or not? Just wondering…