[TRANS] Numéro TOKYO Magazine - March 2014 Issue No. 74

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- Looking back on the 6 years since debut, what thoughts do you have regarding your growth as an artist?

  • Junho: I think the biggest challenge (for us) was Tokyo Dome. To be on the stage, leaving amazing memories with the fans, I felt very blessed. With this great turning point, we can now use it to visualize an even bigger dream.
  • Jun. K: Firstly, we have grown in the sense that each member has improved on their individual talents. We used to be extremely nervous once we stood on stage, although we still get nervous we can also feel very carefree and comfortable. It seems like our sense of things as an artist has improved as well. Looking back at 2PM’s history, there really are a lot of difficult moments but we have walked out of those hardships; our mind and hearts have become one and so, generated an even greater connection and closeness with each other. That seems really cool right? We suggest ideas for each other, support and embrace each other – I think that is truly the best kind of relationship.

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A mix of collaborations between old & current JYP Entertainment artists!

  1. JJ Project - Before the song ends (feat. Suzy of miss A)
  2. 2AM - To Her (feat. Chansung of 2PM)
  3. Lim Jeong Hee - 이런 사랑 저런 사랑 (feat. JYP)
  4. Wonder Girls - Girlfriend (feat. Junho as background vocal)
  5. Kim Tae Woo - Brothers and Me (feat. JYP & Rain)
  6. miss A - Madness (feat. Taecyeon of 2PM)
  7. Sunmi - 멈춰버린 시간 (feat. Jackson of GOT7)
  8. g.o.d. - 두개의 문 (feat. JYP)
  9. Baek Ayeon - Always (feat. Jun. K of 2PM)
  10. Ok Taecyeon - It’s Only You (feat. Yerin of 15&)
  11. Akdong Musician - I Don’t Need A Man (feat. JYP Nation)

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