So i turned in my regular pioneering application last night, and i think the elders had already discussed it. Oi vey. I hope i get approved. If not I’ll keep working at it. I’m just eager to work harder and do more.

I hope all goes well.

K so i haven’t heard if i was accepted as a regular pioneer or not and tomorrow is the first. So im just going to write it off as i didn’t get accepted. Which is ok, ill just keep working hard to do it next year. Kinda upset but hey it is what it is.

As a side bar, work is crazy. I feel like because im going away in December im wanting to hurry and gallivant off somewhere. Thus when i look at the schedule and all i see are days of me working i freak out. I mean, i need ALL the days, i work literally all next week and im so sleepy.

Back on the main bar, i know without actually being told that i wasn’t accepted as a full time pioneer im jumping the gun. But id rather be disappointed now rather than get my hopes up And be let down…hard.