Reblog this if you think Dean will last in WWE and will become WWE champ one day.

My mom is saying he wont last in WWE and that I wont like him in a few months. I wanna show her he has a ton of dedicated fans and supporters and that we wont ever leave him.

Little White Lies - September 12, Pasadena

I ????? can’t remember ever doing something randomly nice for Luco we’re just always bashing on each other

SO here is a purple gay furry for you to let you know that I really do love you and you are awesome )u v u) <3

Rant #1: Literature to Practice Inconsistency in Medicine

you know what really gets me? you read all these pubmed studies from doctors, doctors you’re going to see, and there are always lines about EDS patients like

  • "it should not be underestimated how hypermobile these patients are,"
  • "extra care should always be taken in surgery or invasive procedures because of various fragilities," 
  • "high risk of complications in procedures or dangerous side effects to medications that are more common in these patients should be taken into consideration." 

And then you go see these doctors WHO WROTE THAT LITERATURE, and they’re like

  • "Are you sure you’re having dislocations? Maybe it’s just regular joint pain?”
  • "oh you’ll be fine we don’t need to worry with this procedure” 
  • "Nah, side effects with this are rare, I’m sure you’ll be fine.” *proceeds to think you’re making it up when you complain about side effects*

Like these people are supposed to be at least reasonably intelligent, do they really not see a problem with this?!