“They’re never gonna find you.”

dark!Stydia AU (kind of) ➳ in which ever since Lydia has been kidnapped by Nogitsune, her mind has been under his control. Season four, including Allison’s death, was a psychological torture inflicted by him to feed on her pain and grow more powerful.

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                            so, um, hi ? 

birthdays are weird. i find them weird, in a peculiar, philosophical sense that would probably bore you guys should i ever expand on my views of it. but, all of that aside, GUYS. this post isn’t so much about my birthday as it is about thanking all of you for sticking around with me for nine months already. elsie’s been my longest muse so far, and everything i’ve done and everything i’ve shared with every single one of you has contributed to what is an incredible journey. and, as all follow forevers go, i’m pretty sure i’m going to forget a couple of beautiful people because of my stupid memory, but i just want you all to know that i love each and every single one of you, and that you’re all the reason why i’m still here. those on this list aren’t even half of the people i’d like to thank for their continued support and love, so i’ll say it now: if you even happen to glance at this little post thingy, thank you; i love you very much.

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