Robert Williams signed books all day long for an endless line of fans on March 28 at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery. His new book, SLANG Aesthetics!, serves as an exhibition guide to the comprehensive retrospective by the same name. The exhibit opened last February at the same venue where the signing took place. It’s on view through April 19 in tandem with Juxtapoz Magazine’s anniversary group show, “20 Years Under the Influence of Juxtapoz.” SLANG Aesthetics! covers Williams’ expansive career as an artist, a founder of Juxtapoz, and arguably the godfather of low brow art and culture.

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“Madre” 2015 colored pencils and ink on moleskine paper. For “20 Years Under The Influence Of Juxtapoz” curated by Andrew Hosner and Gary Pressman, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, February 22nd - April 19th #coloredpencils #moleskine #fabercastell #lamag #juxtapoz @thinkspace_art @juxtapozmag

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I will be posting a series of self-portraits by some of my favourite painters, but will start off with a portrait of me, Michelle, for fun. It’s by my love/life partner, the painter Luke Hillestad!

Michelle with Garter, 2014
Luke Hillestad
(On view, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Juxtapoz Magazine show, Feb 22-April 19)

Two page spread in the May issue of Juxtapoz. “Drifting Forest” opens May 9th, 2015 at @HashimotoContemporary in San Francisco. // @JuxtapozMag @PunksThugsAndVandals // #Gats #GatsInJuxtapoz #juxtapoz #JuxtapozMagazine #JuxtapozMag #GatsPTV #DriftingForest #GatsDriftingForest #KuyaGats #PunksThugsAndVandals #PtvPorVida #peeteevee #IllegalTrouble #IllTrub #HashimotoContemporary

“Page after page, the drama unfolds. Guy Colwell’s new full collections of his Inner City Romance comic is a roller coaster ride through stories that will frighten, provoke and amuse. One memorable moment involves a boy accidentally skating off the roof of a building and falling to his death when he T-bones a rat with his board. This is not light reading. There is some deep social and political commentary. You’ve provably seen Colwell’s densely populated, colorful paintings in the pages of this magazine, and the black-and-white panels that comprise his Inner City Romance series offer a more immediate (and obviously more narrative experience. Get into the deep, dark trenches of Colwell’s mind as you read through this collection. It’s heady stuff.” –Kristin Farr, Juxtapoz