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what does your url mean?

Poop, I’m sorry someone asked me this before and I forgot to answer them.

Okay well you see the word juxtapose, means to take two completely different objects, let’s say fire and ice, and put them together and make them work harmoniously. I’ve always been fascinated with the word, ironically I first really encountered it in a chic lit book. There’s something incredible, impossible even about finding a way to take two opposites and place them together in such a way that the whole new creation you just made is something completely different, yet same, but immensely beautiful in it’s own way. I’d like to that, with everything in the world. I guess most of us enjoy talking about one side of the story and arguing about which opinion is better, but we never really try to piece them together. Not a compromise, but to take the two halves and be able to see something beautiful in them. The same with pictures. That’s why I make collages I think. I added the “ologist” because it implies that it’s what I do. I’m a juxtapologist.

guavya asked:

Your aesthetic is wonderful and bright and gorgeous! I love the textiles and collages, it's so different from alot of tumblr. What are some of your favourite blogs?? ♡♡♡

Thank you! That was wonderfully phrased. Heehee. Hmm. I’d have to say, atidae, andwhatalicesaw, marigolde, sphinxed, dis-consolate, christmaslai, youth-e, satonica, soala and moaka.

A lot more actually! Haha. I follow awesome webcomic blogs. Haha. By the way is that you in the icon?

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So ages ago this guy liked me and I liked him, but I turned him down because I have a lot of problems and didn't want him to eventually just hate me for it, and that was all fine though we stopped talking mostly which made me sad. Then the other night some girl i'd never seen was all over him and I have no idea what's going on between them but I am so jealous and don't know what to do. Advice?

Hmm. Well firstly don’t regret your decision, the first one I mean, of turning him down. It was a wise one I’m quite sure. But I don’t know, I won’t say he didn’t really like you because that would be jumping into conclusions. But I’m a firm believer of if it’s meant to be it will happen. Call me cheesy and cliché but that’s how I roll. 

Here’s the thing love. Do you miss him for him? Did you talk a lot? Do you miss HIM. Not the affection, not that tingling in your stomach, but do you actually miss him. Sometimes we (I’m not exempting myself from this) just miss the idea of the person, that happy lovely feeling of someone admiring us but not the actual person. I say if you miss him, for him, go and talk, just talk, no pretences or preconceived notions of him falling for you again. Just talk, if you do miss him for him, that will be easy. But love, if you only miss the feeling then I suggest let him be happy and live his life. It might hurt at the beginning but that’s just how it is.

My best wishes to you.

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can you check out whichever blogs who likes this post? pls

Sure! Yes of course. I was thinking of making a post like this anyway, it’s much easier than replying to messages. 

So if you want me to have a look at your blog, please like this.

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hi, i know procrastination seems the easiest way out, but it really isn't, i know you must be thinking this stupid bitch is preaching etc, but i swear do 15 minutes of work each day otherwise you wil have a mental breakdown (like i did but not like tragedy ones, just dramatic ones) please i beg you, you will feel much better the day you have to give it to your teacher/prof, while everyone is stressing the day before, u will be relaxing with a mojito or something, please!! you will survive this X

No no! I don’t think that at all! Hahaha I really appreciate this thank you. :) Tons of senioritis just kicking in at the moment in truck loads. But thank you for this. You are lovely. :)

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SWEET LAWDY that was the sweetest most wonderful ask i thing i have ever to have recieved!!! oh darling thank you so so so much, i am not as fab as you describe me though! as of now i am just sat here eating nutella mm, ALL MY LOVE to you xxxx




Okay, I sound like a complete idiot. *shaking it off but I can’t* I love you. So much. You’re so awesome. *whimpering*

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yur bog was way better before all colourful and now ughhh i dont like that much anymore you should goback to how it was

No I like how it is now. I like being able to reblog what I like and not be a slave to what others might want of me. So thanks for your opinion but I’d rather keep it as is. If you don’t enjoy it then maybe you should unfollow, I won’t hate you if you do.

atidae asked:

you know what just popped into my head? this one time when someone asked what the meaning of your url was. and you explained it so beautifully. and i'm just sitting here thinking to myself, it would be nice to see the world through Yna's eyes, just for an hour or something. random christmas thoughts hehe. love you girly xo

MAN ELLA. I dunno why that touched me so much. I’m blushing a little here. Thank you love, you always make me smile.

Ah my vision’s blurred by my temper most of the time but otherwise it’s adequate. Haha. I love you!

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Top ten movies?

Hmm. I’m not in order okay.

Donnie Darko, Memento, Snatch, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ten Things I Hate About You, Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette, Gladiator + Band of Brothers (Yeah they go hand in hand haha), Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

American History X. Kidding I was so traumatized by that movie. Until I watched Clockwork Orange.. Yeah.

alitabuffalo asked:

I don't know who you are, where you're from, or your favourite pizza topping, but your collages are smashing, you like my posts and you seem fabulous. Please excuse my raping of commas there. End of.

Awww thank you so much.

I love all meat pizzas. I will always love all meat pizzas. Haha. Thank you so much. And yes, your posts are incredible and fab. Commas are meant to be raped. Hahaha.

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so what do you like to do in your free time ? (lol not a creep or something haha)

Write stories mostly, watch films, enjoy the company of wonderful people, roam in art galleries to clear my mind. I like hearing stories, reading stories. Some days I just lie on the floor because it’s the coldest surface. Some days I’m screaming me head off hyperventilating because of football. Hahaha

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hey love, SO BASICALLY I reblogged a picture, and then someone else reblogged it from me, and then you reblogged it from them, so technically you could say that you semi reblogged a picture from me.. at least thats what Im saying, because IT MADE ME SO DAMN HAPPY ok ilu and your blog is just heaven k happy holidays <3 xx

AWWWW YOU’RE SO SWEET. Haha. Well I’m glad I could somewhat indirectly make you happy! Heehee.

Happy holidays to you too my friend.