Did you guys already see these promo pictures? The Morenatsu anime is getting real! That’s so awesome! The series is produced by Studio Pierrot (they also produced Naruto and Bleach) and is expected to launch in summer 2014!

Here are some infos:

- the beloved 18+ virtual novel will be finally made into a series

- there are five stories in the making each consisting of five episodes which are ~25 minutes long

- each story will deal with the love story of another villager of Minasato Village one of them will definitely be Juuichi Mikazuki

- these series will be released as special character box sets for the adult crowd and will contain all five episodes

- the stories of each villager will follow the dating sims’ storyline roughly

- the japanese voice actors will soon be announced

- the erotic scenes will be partly censored

- the box sets will also include booklets with some artwork and storyboards