Very long post,please ignore me.

Today is my 20th monthsary with Nick and it did not go so well. He thinks I never understand him with the business and I don’t understand him all the time. To him I’m just a women that is always asking questions, craving for attention from him and always thinking too much about this and that. Tbh,for a women who has lost a child, always kept alone and our status not cleared yet, am o thinking too much? A month ago I resigned two months notice to help build the business together. I wanted to do so much and contribute to the company and business so that everything will be okay. And yet apparently I’m the same person who doesn’t understand. A week ago I asked him whether we could go to the movies, coz its been so long since I went to the cinema or hangout. At first he did not agree but eventually did. But when he got me from work he was frowning,it made me feel he was just trying to oblige to the movies with me,not because he’s happy he’s saying he’s gf and happy to see me. I just want him to smile at me and talk to me when he gets the free time and chance,is that too hard? Am I asking too much? We used to laugh and enjoy each other so much.. Now we barely smile at each other. I just want nick to love and want me. I know there’s this business along the way, I want to be the women that loves and support him to success.. But am I being understood? Today I put on some makeup, I dress up, coz it’d our monthsary, did he notice?