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—  Abellemine

I am very honored and excited to be apart of the JustTell non-profit oragnization this year at Warped Tour. My name is Rebecca Monroy and I will be the California Team leader this year. In case some of you don’t know what JustTell is all about, it is a non-profit that has been created to raise awareness about childhood sexual abuse. Our goal is the increase the percentage of children who disclose their abuse. JustTell focuses on empowering sexually abused children and to give them the strength to speak up and end the abuse they are suffering from. 

We need your help in putting JustTell at several more Warped Tour dates!!!

This summer, with your help, we hope to attend 20 shows! We could reach over 100,000 young people with our messages educating and empowering youth to stop sexual abuse. But we need YOUR help!

With your help we are hoping to reach our fundraising goal. We have a grant that is matching every dollar that we raise up to $5,000. Donate ( to help get our teams to Warped Shows! You can also enable our word-of-mouth campaign by supporting the purchase of our free handout materials and merch. Nothing works better at the Warped Tour than a sticker or T-shirt that says ‘I’m fighting sexual abuse by encouraging my peers to JustTell.’ And just so you know, we have NO OVERHEAD! Every single dollar you donate will go directly to putting our teams on the road and buying the materials they hand out and sell!

Please Spread the word! Also take a minute to visit our sites and consider making a donation:


I don’t need a Taylor Lautner look-alike to complete my life; I mean…… my (lovelife) All I need is some good music coupled with great company. Bonding with my BFFs while listening to the songs of Selena, Demi, Taylor, Justin, One Direction, Miranda, Coldplay, Script, KatyPerry, LadyGaga,CountyPop and a lot more! And belt out with their perky lyrics is way more fun than dealing with sweaty palms and awkward DATE moments ;) yeah!!! 

Xoxo Little Miss.E JustTell… ♡