It’s 86 degrees in Seattle today. 86. I’m melting. And I’m sure those of you from like, Arizona or wherever are calling me a wuss, but remember - this is Seattle. We’ve got rain clouds and grey sky. This feels like Mr. Heat Miser decided to take up permanent residence down in Pike Place.

ANYWAY. I finally dragged myself out of the house this afternoon, and after getting lost trying to go downtown, I pulled out my handy Starbucks store locater, and proceeded to get even more lost. I did eventually find the 4th & Union store. Or should I say one of the 4th & Union stores, as there is literally another one right across the street. Seriously, give me 20 seconds and I could be ordering myself another frappuccino.

To be fair, I think its attached to Puget Sound Plaza, but seriously. 20 seconds. Frappuccino round two.