Aerial Tricks: “I think we’d like that!”

Swan Song: “Aerial, what is a "Fro-yo”?“

Aerial Tricks: ”Frozen Yogurt, Swan Song.“

Swan Song: ”Oh! I just love frozen dairy products, we’ll be sure to visit your “fro-yo” shop sometime then!“

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galaxan-deactivated20141026 asked:

Hi Luna! What are some of your favourite pony blogs?

Sadly many we enjoyed disappeared, as they found themselves needing to distance from the world of ponies with the fandom’s recent behaviors in the past few years.

However there are still several we happily enjoy.

http://lifeloser.tumblr.com/  Has such adorable artwork!

http://justplumsweet.tumblr.com/  Has made us laugh on many an occasion, though unfortunately it isn’t updated often, if at all now.  The creator also seems a wonderful person however.

http://myponynews.tumblr.com/  Has been of such use to us for keeping up with all the lovely merchandise being made.

http://irlponies.tumblr.com/  An adorable blog of tiny ponies exploring the world.

Both http://g1mlp.tumblr.com/  and  http://g3mlp.tumblr.com/  have been great for better understanding our long and beautiful history!

http://meowmeowparadise.tumblr.com/  Such a wonderful person, and talented artist.  We have listened to her music as we worked through many nights.

Just wanted to answer a few questions!

Plumsweet, Dazzle, and Bumblesweet are all from the same series of g4 brushables! Plumsweet just happens to be my favorite. Dazzle and Bumbles will make appearances as needed on this blog, and will definitely be around!  I do like the idea of Bumblesweet being Plum’s cousin and have been inventing other family members off and on. Not canon ponies or anything, but the fun comes from working with blank slates!

Nah. May make the occasional PG-13ish joke, but that’s normally how raunchy I get. :P

The Sombra picture was a few hours off and on over two weeks I think? I had to take breaks inbetween. I want to try again with another character but I’m not sure who to paint next, I’ll come up with something!