Ebony had been in Cy’s room talking with him about some things, both being relieved that the past M!A was done and over with. Both of them had gotten up while they were talking when a poof of magic was heard.

Her cat ears twitched slightly as she looked up at him with big red eyes, before she drops down and starts nuzzling his legs, small mewls leaving her.

Ivory on the other hand, was in the nursery with Onceler, both of them had been talking about the children. Though she was in a different room than her sister, Ivory had heard the poof of magic as well, causing her to give Onceler a similar look. Dropping to her knees, Ivory crawls over to Onceler and nuzzles his legs, her blue eyes sliding closed as she rubbed her head against him.

justonce-lerandgreed-ler-deacti said:

Once-ler let himself in and his eyes jumped around as he took a look around. He turned around to face him. "Sorry about that, Sassy.." He apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize, dummy.” Sassy smiled and made his way to the kitchen.

“You know, I actually don’t care if you visit. As long as you don’t come bursting in making all sorts of noise.” he shivered, remembering Emily’s surprise visit a day or two ago.

justonce-lerandgreed-ler-deacti said:

"I..well..I dunno.." He said now scratching at his nape. "I figured I'd give you some space since..I dunno, I didn't think you liked me all that much." He chuckled nervously, his behavior more awkward then usual.

Sassy looked at him nervously, “It wasn’t that, I just don’t like… being touched.” 

He motioned for him to come inside, “Are you just going to stay out there or do you want to come in?”