Fuck! Everybody be fucking with my mood for the past two weeks. Y'all so selfish.. You see me happy and you just wanna fuck that up for me. Don’t I deserve to be happy too!? I give y'all my time and my best and I’m there whenever you need me. All I ask for in return is to let me be happy for some time, but you guys just don’t want me to be. & so what if I’m busy doing other stuffs and or busy with other people? I’m fucking happy! Don’t mess that up for me! Please! Like damn, I have other personal stuffs to do too and you’re not the only ones that are part of my life. Other people are too, and I damn have the rights to hang out with anybody I want to. Not just with you and you and you and you. Fuck. Learn how to appreciate the time that someone has given you and what that someone does for you. Seriously, get the fuck out of my life if y'all gonna act like that. Your selfishness and attention seeking is fucked up.

First post..

Can’t fucking sleep… I’ve decided to make my very first post on tumblr, since I’m really bored. Well yeah, this is really weird. This isn’t helping me feel sleepier. I’ll just resume posting some other time…