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can you write (if its not too much characters) some fluff scenarios for GOM + UKs dating a short s/o but like extremely short like(145cm!) Thaaanks! <3

hii! sorry but it’s too many characters, so i’ll just do the generation of miracles. :D you can request again when/if the ask box is open to requests. 

i know i should just do it if it’s going to be requested again anyway, but i can’t be too lenient.

anyway, thank you for requesting this cute ask! i can’t stop smiling because it’s so cute! <3 but murasakibara though 

Akashi (173cm): He can’t help but smile warmly as he sees them on their toes, reaching up as far as they can to the top shelf. He walks over to them, taking the beef cup noodles off the shelf. “Was this want you wanted?” he asks. They nod and reach out to grab it, before he quickly moves his hand away. “What’s my reward for getting for you?” He watches in amusement as they hesitate, thinking hard. He lifts up their chin and leans down to give them a kiss on the forehead. “I think this is good enough.” 

Aomine (192cm): He rests is arm on their head. “You make a pretty good arm rest, you know?” he mentions, adjusting his position. They squirm underneath him, before bobbing down, leaving his arm to flop on his side. “You’re angry aren’t you?” he asks, smirking. He grabs them quickly, pulling them to the couch and snuggling up with them. “I’m sorry,” he says, putting an arm around them. “You make a pretty good body pillow as well, you know?” 

Kise (189cm): He is hugging them tightly as they cuddle. “Thank you,” he mumbles. They look up, confused. “Thank you for being you.” “What are you talking about?” they ask. “What would I do if I couldn’t have your head on my chest like this? It feels good. A warm feeling.” They laugh, slapping him lightly. “What are you saying? Being so cheesy all of a sudden.” “How mean!” he pouts. “Those were my true feelings!” 

Kuroko (168cm): He is listening as they were ranting about how much they hated being short. After they finish, red with fury, he pats them on the head lovingly. “I think you’re fine at this height,” he smiles. “You’re perfect for me like this.” Nigou bounces into the room beside him, and jumps onto their lap. “See? Even Nigou agrees,” he adds, making them laugh. 

Midorima (195cm): He sees them in the library, reaching up on a stool for a book. He looks down at the small pile of books in his arms and notices he has the exact same copy which he had purchased earlier. “Um,” he interrupts, holding out the book. “I already finished using this, you can take it if you want, and you can use it for as long as you want. But it’s not like I want to give it to you or anything.” They take the book and thank him graciously, promising to buy him food after school, before rushing off to finish their homework. “I really needed that book,” he sighs, taking the book off the shelf and walking to the librarian to borrow. 

Murasakibara (208cm oh my): "What’s the air like up there?" they ask Murasakibara. He takes the lollipop out of his mouth and ponders slightly. "Mm, it’s alright," he replies. "My head hits things." "I’ve always wanted to try being tall for one day," they think out loud. Hearing that, Murasakibara slowly gets out of his seat and pulls them up, holding them in the air above him. "What’s the air like up there?" he asks, before lowering them slightly to give a peck on the lips. "Your lips taste nice." 

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haha okay so I think that's pretty cool! :3 Ummm SO can I, please, have ♝:reading a book together with Kai? Thank you, hun (ノ◡‿◡)ノ*:・゚✧

♝: Reading a book together: Kai

You tugged the blanket closer around you and then turned on your bedside lamp. “Jongin, if you take much longer we won’t be needing this book anymore.”

You heard his sarcastic laughter from the bathroom. “I’m almost done brushing my teeth. Don’t start reading without me!”

You rolled your eyes, dropping the book to your lap. He didn’t keep you waiting for long, and switched off the overhead light before climbing under the blanket with you. He draped his arm over your belly while you held up the book so you both could see it.

“Chapter one,” he read aloud. “What to expect during the first trimester.”

Your eyes skimmed over the list of unfortunate changes to your body and groaned. “I’m not looking forward to food cravings. Or morning sickness, or mood swings…”

"Me either," he joked, and you swatted his arm. He snuggled closer and started playing footsies with you under the blanket. "But I promise to be patient with you, even when you’ll start waking me up in the middle of the night to go out and buy you food."

You giggled and brought your attention back to the book, while he stroked his thumb across your belly.

"Look," he said, "there’s a weekly growth chart on the next page."

"Hey, quit skipping ahead."

"Let’s see how big our little dancer is right now."

You rolled your eyes and lay the book flat on your belly. ”There. It says he or she is no bigger than a blueberry right now.”

"Wow, so small…"

You noticed his smile begin to falter. “What’s wrong?”

"I’m just nervous about all this. I don’t know if I’ll be a good dad."

"You will be," you replied and gave him a gentle kiss. "I’m nervous, too. How about we keep reading for a bit?"

His smile returned and he held you a little tighter as you continued reading aloud.

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Smirk 2

So, shiningflashlight asked me to do a second part of my scenario Smirk… so… here you have it, I hope you like it (I might do a third part, I’m not sure yet)

“Finally… it’s over” I groaned when the fan signing ended, rubbing my stiff neck.

“My ears are ringing” complained Suga, yawning with sleepy eyes.

“I’m so hungry I could eat a whole buffalo” said Jimin

“Do you guys want to go eat somewhere?” offered Jin.

“Pizza!” exclaimed Jungkook “Let’s order pizza”

I sighed, rubbing my eyes. I was too tired to handle any of their shit. The thoughts in my head were a big mess, a mixture between fans screaming, signatures and the image of that girl who had caught my eyes before, during the event. I was wondering if she would call me or not, she didn’t looked like the type of girl who did those sort of things though. I smiled, remembering her annoyed look while she was listening to those girls in the line, and I couldn’t stop a low chuckle to scape from my lips, attracting the attention of the members.

“I think somebody has been working too much lately” commented Jin with a raised eyebrow, looking at me as if I were some sort of strange alien.

“You think so?” asked Jimin, looking at me with a crooked smile “I think it’s most like he has been thinking too much about something”

“Yeah?” continued Jhope, joining Jimin’s tease “Maybe… in someone with a skirt and a frowning expression”

I sighed and rolled my eyes, I wasn’t in the right mood to stand them, so, shaking my head I followed Suga outside the building, with the boys still teasing in my back, trying to make me angry or something, but I couldn’t care less. But, suddenly, Suga stopped, making me bump against him.

“Yoongi hyung… what’s wro…?” The words got stuck in my throat when I saw the girl from before waiting in the middle of the street, looking at us with her arms crossed and frowning.

“Well, I think we should leave” Jin stated, taking the boys with him and leaving me alone with the girl “Good luck” he whispered before leaving.

“Erm… hi” I simply said to her. I was so shocked I didn’t knew what to say.

She looked at me with her arms crossed, an eyebrow raised and her head tilted to the side, judging me. He seemed as annoyed as she was with those girls.

“Really? I’ve been waiting all this time and all you say is hi?” she asked, rolling her eyes.

I couldn’t stop a smirk to form in my lips, yep, that was the type of attitude I was looking for. She frowned, waiting for me to say something.

“Well.. What do you want me to say?”

She sighed dramatically and rolled her eyes, turning around to go, but I grabbed her by the hand to stop her to leave. She turned again and stared at me, squinting. Ok, this wasn’t really going the way I was hoping for it to go.

“You could have called me” I shrugged.

“Do I look to you like the type of girl to call?” She said raising again one of her eyebrows, and damn they were some perfect eyebrows.

“But you stayed” I striked back, rolling my eyes.

“You wish I had” she said, laughing “I went home to have a shower and came back” she rolled her eyes “you’re not the center of the universe, you know?”

I gulped. You need to keep your shit together Namjoon, stop acting like an idiot, don’t let her sass you like that.

“So… will you go for a drink with me?” I suggested

“God, I thought you would never ask for it” she said, a wide smirk in her lips.

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♧: with Chanyeol

♧: You playing with their hair

“Can I help with anything?” Chanyeol wore a toothy smile as he joined you in the kitchen, where you were starting to make cookie dough. You sent him a look with narrowed eyes; you made it a rule of thumb to never let him help out with your baking ever since the blueberry cheesecake incident. He returned your look with wide puppy dog eyes and pouty lips. “Please? I’ll be careful this time.”

You sighed, unable to resist his look for long. “I guess there are still a few things you can do without causing a disaster. Can you find me the tin of flour?”

You rolled your eyes when he flashed you a grin, and soon heard him rummaging through the cupboards while you focused on mixing the liquid ingredients together.

“You really need to put labels on these things,” he said and brought two different coloured tins to you with the lids already popped off. “I can’t tell which is flour, sugar, or salt.”

“Why do I need labels when I’m the only one who normally uses them? Flour’s in the green one.” You glanced up to see the chaos a second before it happened. When he brought the tin down to the counter a bit too forcefully the powdery substance flew out of its container in a cloud of dust. “Chanyeol!”

He cringed and closed his eyes when you scolded him, and looked even more pitiful with his hair and shirt now covered in a thin layer of white powder.

"What am I going to do with you…" You couldn’t find it in you to be mad at him, clumsy as he was. You sighed and dusted the flour off his cheeks and forehead, then brushed a hand through his hair and shook it clean. The flour made his hair feel silkier than usual, and you found yourself running your fingers through the soft tresses. You brought your other hand up to play with his hair too, and a giggle escaped your lips.

He peeked at you with uncertain eyes. “Does this mean I’m not in trouble?”

"I wouldn’t say that." You stroked your hands through his hair one last time. "Didn’t I tell you my parents will be here in an hour?"

His face paled and he scrambled away, presumably to shower and change into a clean pair of clothes, leaving you to deal with the mess yourself.

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When you come to, the last thing you can remember are the explosions that rocked the airship when the pirates attacked.

As the ringing in your ears stops, you realise you blacked out and are no longer on the ship, but are hurtling downwards, towards a great unknown city interlocked with narrow spans of bridges set upon tall spires of square rock.

As flaming debris falls past you from the now-shattered airship, thoughts of self preservation become your primary concern.

#askstable: What do you do?

- Mathew out!

Sauce: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/165436986287094604/

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♠:with baekhyun

♠: You adjusting their jewelry/neck tie/ etc.: Baekhyun

“Baek, are you ready to go? Quit worrying about your eyeliner or we’re going to be late.” You hastily slipped on your shoes. “Are you going to drive or do you want me to?”

Baekhyun emerged from the bathroom with an undone tie around his shoulders. “Jagi, can you do this for me?”

"Come here, come here," you said, and motioned for him to come closer. "Why couldn’t you do it yourself, silly?"

"My eyes…"

"What about your eyes?" You looped the tie and tightened it, adjusting it slightly until it looked perfect. You glanced up at his face and noticed he hadn’t put on any makeup, and his eyes looked slightly red. "You didn’t put any eyeliner on?"

"I started to, but…"

He normally wasn’t this quiet unless something was wrong. “But what? Wait, Baek, are you crying?”

"N-no," he said, but pinched the corners of his eyes and sniffled a bit.

You tried to bite back a smile, but failed. You gave him an encouraging rub on the back. “Baekhyun, it’s only a kindergarten graduation.”

"I know, but he grew up so fast." He wiped at his eyes a moment later when your little boy came inside the house to tell you both to hurry up. He reached out for Baekhyun’s hand and the boyish smile you were used to returned to his face. "Okay, let’s go."

You kissed him on the cheek and offered to drive.

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#21 Twitter Convos


@Y/T/N You smell

@Y/T/N Like a penis.

@jacksonwang Suck me.


@marktuan Where are You :(

@Y/T/N On the toilet you idiot!

@marktuan oh…



@got7jb Give it back.

@Y/T/N What?

@got7jb GIVE IT BACK

@Y/T/N NO!





@jyp7 You’re going to embarrass yourself.


@jyp7 I don’t know what’s more miserable your joke or the fact that you’re probably laughing your ass off right now. dude get a grip of yourself #shadow


@choiyoungjae Baby open the door :(

@Y/T/N NO!

@choiyoungjae I’m sorry :((((


@choiyoungjae I swear I didn’t mean to kick your teddy bear! :(



@Y/T/N You look cute with those glasses, you look like a big ass fly :D









@Y/T/N What do you call a bear with no teeth?

@yugi7 A gummy bear.


@yugi7 You told me that joke like ten minutes ago loser

when BTS tries to cook

Jin : alright children gather around lets make dinner

Suga : cant u do it urself

Jin : dont u think its time u actually do something rather than rot in the corner of this house

Suga : i contribute the most to bangtan i handle the swag u dont know what ure talking about

Rapmon : behave my son behave

Jin : k anyways im gonna teach u all some tips and tricks on cooking today since u all are basically useless to the group

Suga : I handle the-

Rapmon : behave


Jimin : uh drinking milk????

Jin : do u mind telling me what color is that straw ure using

Jimin : green???

Jin : confucius says to always use a red straw when drinking milk go to church this sunday jimin you have sinned

Jimin : but i like green-

Jin : no

Suga : yall are just wasting my time here can we get to the point

Jin : alright lets start cooking jungkook dice the onions taehyung chop the carrots jimin pls use a red straw ok whos next hoseok look into my drawers beside my bed for that butcher knife and namjoonie get the chicken meat out the freezer we’re making stew

Suga : what about me

Jin : u my slave massage my shoulders

Suga : ure asking for a punch here-

Rapmon : pls behave young warrior

J-Hope : *comes back with a butcher knife bigger than bang pd’s belly*

J-Hope : jin why the fuck do u have a butcher knife in ur drawer

Jin : oH i bought it yesterday at the professional cooking care section because i thought that it would be nice to throw it at namjoon whenever he snores

J-Hope : amazing

Rapmon : excuse

Jin : u may excuse urself

Jin : hoseok go find the pasta

J-Hope : is there even pasta in stew

Jin : stfu always trust oppa now go

V : jeon jungkook ure dicing the onions wrongly!1!11

Jungkook : wtf am i doing wrong

V : always chop it horizontally before chopping it vertically where the fuck are u from? narnia?

Jin : taehyung is now promoted to assistant chef of bangtan *reaches in for a hand shake*

V : get ur hands off me dont touch what u cant afford

Jimin : i got a red straw is there anything i can do now

Jin : ah yes go help namjoon find the meat hes taking so long wow

Jin : always pay attention to what ure doin cus u dont wanna hurt urself i dont want ur parents to sue me

Jin : jungkook are u writing a trilogy or giving birth to twins whats taking u so long

Jungkook : taehyung told me to get a new onion to dice cus i diced it wrongly

Jin : #ok

V : im done with the carrots

Jin : *pulls out a measuring tape* good work kid get some rest while i measure each carrots diameter to make sure its perfect

Jimin : we’re back with the meat sorry jin namjoon fell into the freezer cus his sunglasses are giving him temporary blindness and i had to pull him out

Rapmon : wat

Jin : wat

Bangtan : wat

Jin : its ok namjoon please turn on the stove

Rapmon : on it

Rapmon : *reaches for the stove*

Bangtan : nO WAIT NAMJOON-

*the entire house blows up fireworks start to ignite and the angel choir starts singing suga comes back with new boots and oh ya and hoseok starts crying*

Bangtan :

Jin : take out anyone?

  • Director:Okay, Leo, show me some charisma.
  • Leo:*blank expression*
  • Director:...okay... hold this and 'sell' it to me.
  • Leo:*holds object with a blank expression*
  • Director:Smile a bit?
  • Leo:*blinks while hold his blank expression*
  • Director:Nothing? Not even a little wink? Grin?
  • Leo:No.
  • Director:No?
  • Leo:No.
  • Director:Is that all you're going to do? Tell me no?
  • Leo:Can I go now?
  • Director:*gives up*
  • Director:*stops filming*
  • Director:*quits job*

Short optional bias fluff thing.

Your fingers danced lazily over the smooth skin of his arm. As always, you had woken before dawn which granted you the time to marvel over the beautiful boy who slept before you. Despite the piercings that lined his ears, in sleep, he looked innocent, serine, peaceful. His flawless face seemed to glow as the morning light began to drift through his window, illuminating his perfect features. You found that your hand had made its way up his arm to his face where it was gently exploring each dip and line. Your small fingers traced his sharp jaw line and cheekbones, around the sockets of his eyes and over his soft cheeks, tip-toeing their way to his lips. Those you outlined most gently, your fingers sweetly caressing every centimeter of the perfect facial feature. You couldn’t help yourself as you leaned in to press a light kiss to those beautiful lips. They rested there for a moment before you moved up, pressing another to the tip of his nose and other to his forehead. You placed one to each eyelid before your fingers curled around his right wrist, bring it up to meet your lips. Your breath ghosted over his palm as you brought his fingertips to your lips and pressed those sweet kisses to each one.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a hand. You looked up, away from his slender fingers, to see that he had woken. His other hand rested gently on your cheek, his eyes on yours. A smile was etched onto his lips as you dropped his hand, your arms snaking their way around his waist, your head snuggling into his bare chest. His arms wrapped around you in turn, crushing you to him lovingly as he pressed a gentle kiss into your sweet smelling hair. If love had a scent, that would be it.

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♤; with Baekhyun

♤: Taking a bath together

You nearly fell through the doorway to the bathroom, still laughing. You couldn’t remember what had possessed you and Baekhyun to play a one-on-one game of football outside in the rain. All you knew now was that the two of you were covered in mud.

“I think I won the game,” you declared as you began filling the tub with water. “I tackled you to the ground the most. And I think since you lost you should have to clean up all the mud we dragged through the hallway to get here.”

“Yah! That doesn’t sound fair. If I got tackled the most I shouldn’t have to clean later. Besides, I was going easy on you…”

You giggled when he nudged you out of the way playfully so he could climb into the steaming water first. The clothes you both discarded got rid of most of the mud. You made sure to throw them in the laundry hamper so they wouldn’t make a muddy mess on the floor.

“Hurry up and get in the tub,” Baekhyun whined. “I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

You rolled your eyes and climbed in the tub in front of him. You turned off the tap, and then were about to lean back against his chest when he stopped you.

"Yah, I just rinsed all the mud off. You’re not leaning against me until your hair’s been washed."

You pouted, but seconds later his hands were scrubbing through your hair with shampoo so you decided not to complain. He rinsed your hair slowly, making sure not to miss any clumps of mud that might be trying to hide. When he finished he placed his hands on your shoulders and kissed the top of your damp hair.

"Okay, now come here."

Check out the MasterPost to continue reading the entire fic!

(Here it is!)


You look down at your suitcase, duffel bag, and pillow under your arm before knocking on the door in front of you.

The door creaks open and you hear somebody shout, “Come in!”

You push the door open slowly and see a couple guys eating, two in the kitchen cooking, and the rest seem to be sleeping. The one with red hair opens his eyes slowly and them sits up quickly when he sees you in the doorway. He gets up and walks to you while trying to flatten his wild hair.

“H-hello?” He asks you as he looks around for something.

“Hello, I’m ____.” You watch him as he realized the beanie he was looking for was in his back pocket.

He slides it on over his poofy hair.

“I’m Kim Namjoon. Is there something I could help you with?” He closes the door a bit causing the two of you to stand more in the hallway.

“Well, uh…” You pause. “I am a trainee here… I’ve actually met you before… I went home and my apartment was broken into and there’s an investigation going on so I couldn’t stay there.”

Namjoon nods and listens intently.

“I got some stuff together because I thought I could stay here and I ran into your manager when I walked inside. He said you guys have an extra bed?” Your heart starts pounding thinking that you may have to sleep on the practice room floor if they don’t have a bed.

“Aish…” He rubs the back of his neck and opens the door again, looking around. “We actually just cleaned and moved things around so we don’t have the bed anymore, that room is our closet now…”

Your heart drops.

“But…” He senses your despair and looks around and opens the door again. “Come in.”

You look at him and take a step inside.

“I have a queen bed so you can stay with me.”

“Oh, no, that’s fine I can just-“

“Please, I know everyone only have twin mattresses and I have the only queen. I don’t want you sleeping on the floor.” He read your mind.

You sign and nod as you walk into the main room. Some of the boys look at you and wave, but they don’t make an effort to talk to you.

“Follow me.” Namjoon says as he gestures toward a dark hallway.

“I’m sorry I-“

“It’s okay,” his voice scratchy, “I’m right here.” He says as he opens the door at the end of the hallways.

The room walls were a creamy white. His queen mattress was low to the ground on the left and a short dresser was on the opposite wall with a laptop, notebooks, and headphones on them.

He flicked the light switch which turned on a lamp in the corner. “Sorry there’s not much light… we are usually asleep by then, but since our schedules don’t start until noon tomorrow we are able to sleep in.”

You walk into the room and move your things into the empty corner. “Can I use the restroom?” You ask.

He nods and leaves the room.

You follow him to a room in the hallway closer to the main room.

“Here you go.”

You walk in and see a small toilet and a small standing shower. “No sink?” You look at him confused.

He smiles and gestures toward the shower. “Sorry, we just wash our hands using that. The water is super cold, but it works.”

You suddenly wonder if maybe you should have auditioned for a company with more money like SM or YG. “Thank you.” You nod.

Namjoon smiles again, nods, and leaves back toward the main room, slipping off his beanie on the way to reveal his wild hair once more.

After getting some things from your suitcase you close the bathroom door, turn the lock, and look toward the toilet and sigh. It’s actually not that much smaller than the bathroom in your apartment. You take off your clothes, use the restroom, put on your pajamas, and brush your teeth using the shower water to rinse your toothbrush when you’re done. You turn off the light and open the door and run into Namjoon in the hallway.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” He says, slipping on his beanie again.

You smile and kneel to help pick up your belongings that had fallen to the ground.

“Here…uh…” Namjoon is holding your red bra in his hands, it matches his hair.

You laugh and add it to your pile of clothes now shoved into your arms instead of folded nicely to be put back into your suitcase. “Thanks.”

He follows you into his room and you quietly tend to your belongings in the corner. He yawns and takes off his beanie and tosses it onto his dresser. He opens a drawer, takes out a black tank top, and pulls the shirt he is wearing up and off.

You look away quickly, but slowly turn your head back toward him as he puts on the tank top.

He then grips his grey sweatpants and you clear your throat. “Oh!” He turns around, blushing. “I forgot you were here…” He side steps out of the room, taking his beanie with him before he is gone.

You hear some laughing from the main room and you take your pillow in your hands.

Namjoon is back in red plaid pants that also match his hair that his now brushed and flat. He tosses his beanie to the same spot and looks at you.

“So…” You stand with your pillow.

“Oh! Which side do you want?”

You look at his bed and think it would probably be better to sleep on the inside in case he needs to get up, so he wouldn’t have to climb over you.

“Actually, just take the outside.” He says as he moves his pillow to the inside of the bed. “I wouldn’t want you to feel trapped between me and the wall.

He smiles at you and this time you notice his dimples.

You look away quickly and nod. You walk to the side of the bed and you lay down your pillow next to his. “Oh geez.” You whisper.

You had noticed BTS a lot, especially with their growing popularity in BigHit. You really admired Hoseok for his dancing and Namjoon… you kind of idolized him. You admired his passion for rap and how hard he worked to be an idol.

“I’m going to get a glass of water and I’ll be right back. Do you need anything?” He asks as he stands at the door.

“I think I’m good.” You smile.

He leaves and you pull up the black fluffy blanket that covered his black sheets.

When the blanket fluffs up you are suddenly overwhelmed with the sweetest masculine smell you have ever sniffed. You sit down slowly, fighting the urge to snuggle into Namjoon’s pillow while inhaling deeply.

Namjoon walks back in while drinking his water. He puts it on the corner of his dresser while closing the door behind him.

“Do you need the light?” He smiles again with his finger on the light switch.

You shake your head and then the room is black.



Namjoon’s body was heavy across your stomach.

“Eeoooo~” You groan as he rolls off.

“Eo! Mianhe! I’m so sorry!” He reaches for you and holds your chest, thinking it is your arms.

You freeze and he takes his arms away, not even realizing what he has just done. “It’s…it’s okay.” You hold your stomach that is still sore.


You hear a thump that you think is Namjoon hitting himself in the head.

He lifts his side of the blanket and you both lie down and pull it back up over yourselves.

The room is really quiet for a few minutes as you star into the dark ceiling. You hear him breathing to your right and it is pretty soothing.

“I’m sorry, ____.” He says quietly, not even sure if you’re still awake.

You are quiet a moment, but then you say, “It’s okay. I’m just happy that I was able to come here… I don’t know anybody in this area so I wouldn’t have had anywhere to stay while I’m not able to stay in my apartment.”

“I’m sorry that happened to you…” He pauses. “Did they take anything?”

You feel tears welling in your eyes.

“No, but a lot of stuff was broken…”

“Like what?”

You feel the bed move as he turns toward you. You turn too and you can’t even see him just a foot in front of yours.

A tear leaves your eye, “A lot of dishes… most of my clothes were everywhere and looked like they were dragged through mud…” You sniffle.

“____ are you okay??” You feel the bed move again, this time he is sitting up.

Your eyes have adjusted enough to see him there now. You lie on your back again and sigh.

“All of the pictures I had of my parents were ripped to shreds…”

Namjoon was silent.

“My mom died when I was born and my father died from cancer this time last year.”

“____… I’m so sorry…” He breathes.

Suddenly you feel his hands on yours. His thumbs stroke your skin.

You are fully sobbing down, making choking noises and snuffling the snot that is almost dripping out of your nose.

Namjoon takes your arms and pulls you onto his lap.

You rest your head on his shoulder and cry into his neck.

“I didn’t do anything to anyone.” You try to stay quiet. “Somebody just did this for fun.”

You feel his hand stroke your back.

“Ssshhh~~~” He rubs your back.

He lets you cry for a few minutes and as you begin to calm down he wraps his arms around you and clasps his hands together.

When your breathing is almost back to normal you suddenly feel his lips against your forehead.

You blush slightly and smile in the dark.

“You know what’s cool about memories?” He says quickly, still holding you.

You sniff once more and ask, “What?”

“You don’t need pictures to have them. Like this one time when I was young I came home from school and sat at my desk doing homework when my mother brought me my favorite candy. I remember feeling so excited because I was having a stressful day. I remember hugging her and I remember just how sweet it tasted… I don’t have a picture of that candy bar, but even years later I remember it…”

You suddenly sit up, with his arms still around you, and you press your lips to his cheek.

His cheeks flush against your lips.

“Thank you, Namjoon.”

“Y-you’re welcome.”

“I don’t want to be too forward, but could we cuddle?” Your heart pounds again, but this time in excitement.

He releases his arms and you lay next to him, this time with your head on his pillow. He lays down next to you and reaches his arm around your waist. He pulls you close and allows you to put your leg over his.

You’re very close.

His nose brushes against yours and you feel his breath on your lips.

“Goodnight, ____.” He breathes.

You take a deep breath and reply, “Thank you” as you enjoy the comforting feelings of being protected and safe in his embrace. With every deep breath you drown in his sweet scent.

“Just rest and in the morning we’ll get something to eat and do something fun before my schedules.”

“Thank you.” You say again, even quieter.

He leans up a bit and kisses your forehead one more time before you drift off to sleep.


(Since I wrote out a scenario I’m not going to answer this for Jimin and as a bonus I would totally not mind doing a sequel for this. Just let me know :))

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