long distance call | Justley
  • Wes:*picks up his phone and speed dials Justin. breathes out as he hugs one knee to his chest, waiting for him to answer. Waits for that little connection click before speaking suddenly* I love you. And I /miss/ you.
Taking care | Westin

Justin had just about panicked, when he woke up and Wes wasn’t there. He’d never been so grateful for the ‘online all the time’ culture of the Bradford Suits residents, who quickly informed him of Wes’s whereabouts. But there was definitely something wrong and Justin felt himself go full protective when Wes said his stomach was churning. He poured a bowl of lucky charms and made a pot of lemon and ginger tea, setting them on a tray with a couple of mugs he went into his room. His stomach unknotted itself at the sight of Wes there, safe, but then knotted right up again at the tense way he was curled up. He set the tray down beside the bed and climbed in beside him, wrapping his arms around him from behind. 

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Bradley hates Valentine’s Day

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love him any more than I do he does as says this… I would also totally let him call me ’woman’… XD

And we see some ♥ Justley ♥ right here - LOVE these two!

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Kinbaku-bi | Westin

Wes was due at work in a bit over an hour and although Justin had been in his study, trying to write, he’d mostly been distracted, still on the same page of editing he’d been on an hour ago. He was still confused as Hell about the conversation they’d had that morning, but more composed about it and his stomach had settled down after a couple of peppermint teas. He had an eight metre length of white jute rope laid out in preparation, and he sat with a red pen in his hand, page of a manuscript in front of him, staring at the wall. 

Got you something | Westin

on Thursday morning Justin checked the mail, which he only did once every couple of days and found that a very special package had been delivered. Maybe it was too soon, he thought, feeling a little concerned, but he’d actually ordered this when Wes first agreed to be his sub, and just because they maybe sort of were a little almost involved in another way, that didn’t mean he shouldn’t give his sub a present. And besides that he really, really wanted to, so there was that too. He knew it would make Wes happy, and he wanted to make Wes happy, quite a lot. He carried the package upstairs, looked around for Wes and saw he was in his room. He went into his study for a box cutter and unwrapped the collar he’d bought for Wes, running his fingers over it to check it was the good quality that he’d paid for and then nodding, satisfied. He sent Wes a message: Meet me in the lounge? I got you something.

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