#instacollage #thoughts #me #poem? #justletitout have you ever seen the blue in my eyes. Or the twinkle it lets out every now and then? The fire burning, flickering in the black hole. Maybe the blood pumped by a nice forgiving heart. The rain fall from a grey circle or the sea waving hello. A hurricane throwing darts in your soul. The calm ocean inviting you to swim. Any, all, a few. Maybe i am the only one to see this natures breeze. But i know im the only one who can feel the calm storms and outrageous peace it brings. Sometimes im okay with that. Sometimes i just wish others could understand but my eyes never tell the whole truth.

How to fix society

Treat farts like we treat sneezes. 

Every time someone farts, we say “bless you”. 

Think about it! I bet everyone is angry with each other because they are just holding in their gas, if they were able just let it out, I bet everyone would be happier.