• Magnus:I’ve lived a long time. So many years, and no, it doesn’t feel like enough. I won’t lie and say it does. I want to live on—partly because of you, Alec. I have never wanted to live so much as I have these past few months, with you.
  • Alec:We’ll die together. Let me stay at least, with you.
  • Magnus:You have to go back. You have to go back to the world.
  • Alec:I don't want the world, I want you.
  • Magnus:You can’t stay with me. There will be no me; the demon will take my life force, and my body will crumble away. Four hundred years, remember.
  • Magnus:I have to save you, Alec. You and everyone you love; it’s a small price to pay, isn’t it, in the end, for all of that?
  • Alec:Not everyone I love.
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         He was already halfway out the window when the little voice broke past his ears. Kakashi had been sure that he’d been perfectly silent. This wasn’t the first time he’d dropped off supplies in the middle of the night either—every couple of months, between missions, when he could spare a thought.

               Shirts, shorts and shoes during the summer, jackets and pants for the winter. Sure, Konoha’s own orphan program provided the basics. But leaving Naruto to uniform clothes and standard food and allowance didn’t feel right. It just couldn’t sit right in Kakashi’s gut, no matter how hard he pushed it out of his mind.

                                 What was worse, he thought that most of his visits—brief as they were—had gone by largely unnoticed. He only came by whenever it was dark and made sure that the child was already in bed asleep. Silence was part of his role in ANBU, and to be caught by such a small child…

      He looked back, still in his position crawling out the window. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

The small orphan pushes himself out of his 
bed; tiny arms removing the sheets away 
from his baggy clothing. Facial features
warm toward the ANBU, however; they held
a deep curiosity toward the male that squatted 
on the window frame. 
            ’ Please . . don’t go . .’
He shared, small tears leaking out at the side 
of his eyes, left eye open revealing his beaming
cyan optics as they turned glassy. 
            ’ i-i know, i should be ,.. but i can
              never..sleep yanno.. ‘
Hoarse; shaky words exit out his tiny mouth, a fist
coming up & dismissing the wetness away. Ever since
the unknown man entered his room & left him stuff 
occasional made him feel as if he were as alone as he
thought, That made, even in the slightest someone 
really cared. . Ever since being placed in the orpangage
he’s been constantly bullied for being what he was; adults
would ignore him & as he would try his best to act good;
be the kid they wanted him to be.. but nothing ever changed.
Sooner or later; Naruto buried himself in his rooms, barely 
coming out even during supper … he was going to alone;
&& he knew it. 
           ’ I’ve been sensing you since the very
             beginning’ttebayo.…. ‘