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LvLUp- 1st post

Usually I kinda resist popular forms of social media. Why be social online but anti social in real life? Yet at the same time I find myself repeating the same pattern. See a trend, don’t acknowledge it, people bug you about not having it, you get it, its great, it gets overdone, its boring, nobody interesting is interested anymore, account gets deleted or neglected. Rinse and Repeat. I saw blogs as the same thing. Just something that everyone hops on the bandwagon on for a while, it gets overused and mainstreamed and people move on.

After some time I realized that I never really gave it a chance and that blogs are really a great way to express yourself and give your perspective on the world. There are things and experiences in my life that if I kept a blog and wrote about it would have added substance and a bit of organization to those events. So here I am. Blogging. Expressing myself online. Giving it a chance. Being organized. Now I have reach a point that I realize, what the hell do I write about?

I am really one of those people that constantly update the world on what they are doing with their lives from what that ate at breakfast to where they are partying that night? Will I only write about events with great impact or significance in my life? What do I want?… what do I want!? That’s it! What do I want? What do I want to do, say, go, accomplish, see, hear, read, play, invent, create, destroy, live, have, etc. That will be my blog. What I want it to be. Yeah, real original J but to hell with it! Knowing what you want from something or someone can be easy to develop but knowing what you want from yourself! Ha! That can take a lifetime;)

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