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If anyone is in the mood for some more bump comparison, I found these pics of Emily Blunt 3 months before she gave birth. A thin, British actress and first time pregnancy



still seven months:


a little later:


Also what I find odd is that Sophie seemed to make deal of it to cover her breast area with her jacket on all of the pics last wee. The ones when she’s walking ahead of BC and the ones where they walk together. I speculate whether she left her handbag somewhere so that she could concentrate on covering her breasts.


Side note. There are also bikini pics of other female celebrities like Hayden Panettiere. 

5 months before birth: 


nine months: http://thebellyzone.com/bellyzone/hayden-panettiere-news/

Those last pics look very arranged. I wonder why stars parade their pregnancy pics around. To remain relevant? To set the start for a Yummy Mummy career? To proof that they didn’t use a surrogate. Anyway, on some of the BoBo pics SH looks very far along. And most people thought she’d have her kid by end of April. It’s nice to know that she enjoys London culture and visits interesting exhibitions. Mind you my good friend went to see a movie with me on a Thursday and gave birth on Sunday. Though her due date was about 10 days later than the baby’s birthday.


Ballsy:   I just grabbed those pics and did a quick compare. 

BoBo Belly.  Bigger than Emily at the 6 month mark. Looking very much like Emily’s at the 8 month mark. 

Compared with Hayden, smaller, but that’s a 9 month belly?  (She got quite big, but then did ya see her fiancé?)

Yeah, BoBo is a problem (and the Palace was roughly the same don’t forget).  That’s an 8 month belly.  3 months ago. 

Golden Globes 2011

Angelina Jolie

Jake Gyllenhaal

Megan Fox

Johnny Depp

Dianna Agron

Leighton Meester

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Naya Rivera

Anne Hathaway

James Franco

Mila Kunis

Sophia Vergara

Alex Pettyfer

Emma Stone

Heather Morris

Eva Longoria

Chris Evans

Jennifer Love Hewitt 

Zac Efron

Scarlet Johansson 

Olivia Wilde

Amy Adams

January Jones

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Natalie Portman

Ryan Kwanten

Nicole Kidman

Tom Hiddleston Interview – JustJared.com Exclusive

JJ: Do you know what Tumblr is?
 I do know what Tumblr is.

JJ: Have you heard about the massive fan following you have on there?
 I have, yeah.

JJ: Do you know what the fans call themselves?
 Somebody did tell me this. Um…

JJ: The Hiddlestoners.
 The Hiddlestoners. Yeah. It’s pretty cool. It’s quite creative.

JJ: Do you know what happens when they get excited to see you? They get a Hiddleboner.
 (laughs) I didn’t know that! They get a Hiddleboner. That doesn’t seem to be related to my name any more! Hiddleston, yeah, but the boner…Hiddlestoner, I can see that, because my name is there. Hiddleboner…I…yeah. Okay. Wow. I should be hugely flattered, shouldn’t I? I am enormously honored and flattered.

“Louis Tomlinson makes his way out of the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London, England on Thursday night (April 16).

The 23-year-old One Direction singer suited up to support band mate Liam Payne at the 2015 Trekstock Charity Great Gatsby Ball.

Speaking on The Late Late Show With James Corden (via Billboard), Simon Cowell opened up about the band’s new album without Zayn Malik.

“I have a feeling they’re going to deliver this year the best record they’ve ever made,” he said. “I’ve heard some of the early stuff. So I’m feeling good.”

15+ pics inside of Louis Tomlinson…

I find it interesting that JustJared dedicated a post to Louis alone because this site doesn’t post many pap pictures of 1D, and especially pictures of Louis by himself (the last time was in November 2014 for SMG video shoot).

JJ wrote nothing about Harry being in LA this month (even though he was papped there twice) or about Niall’s caddying at the gold tournament. Trekstock event with Nouiam got coverage this week, though.

I wonder what prompted them to dedicate an article to Louis (only pictures of him were included, even though Niall was papped leaving Trekstock event at the same time). And they didn’t even mention his record label.


“Keep going, keep going, keep going. And don’t let anybody tell you no. No matter how many people say you can’t do it or try to discourage you from going ahead of what it is that you want to do. Just keep going cause if you know that’s what makes you happy and you’re passionate about it, you will make it happen. You. Will. Make. It. Happen.”

                                                                      — Shay Mitchell