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hi there :) just letting you know you're in my follow friday :) I couldnt post it yesterday but I've already made the graphic so yeah :) i know its saturday but anyway here you go justinsheart-tumblr-com/post/9742573704/tumblr

thank you so much! the graphic looks AMAZING! <3

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just so you know, it's like youre describing my life right now. i'll always be here for you, i know how hard it is. stay strong<3 i gotta go now, but i hope you follow be advice.

thank you bb. thank you so much. <3<3

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can I just say I spent allof my time on tumblr on your blog. I never close the tab. even when you're offline. you got the best One Direction blog. ever. :)

YOU ARE ONLINE WHEN I’M SLEEPING??????????????????????

lol. thank you sweetie! :’)

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I think they are other things that can help you. just think that you wont be able to stop you want to and it's not gonna do you good. only hurt you more because youre gonna suffer later. I know thta because my granpa died because of that

he did? i’m so sorry beautiful :( maybe you’re right…

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hey there I'm just casually freaking out because you reblogged my gif /post/10083890982/zaynmalik-fan-lol-this-will-look-cool-on-my :) ok im dead bye

omg, no need to freak out :‘3 it was awesome so i had to reblog it! haha x

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I think I am. my dad struggles to stop smoking and it pains me to see how much he tries. trust me on that. dont ruin your life. its just a phase(: you'll get through, I know it. you have friends and people that love you. dont even try it <3

99% of my friends don’t know even half of the things i’ve gone through. i don’t really have best friends. it’s quite sad, actually. 

thank you hun though. i think you’re right.<3

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don't do something you're gonna regret later.

i know i’m gonna regret it… but i just… idk. :(

i guess i’m really sad and broken, like quinn, and i just… 

asjkhfldjl idk :|

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I'm marrying your edits and you're invited :) Just letting you know

hahhahahaha! that’s a good one!

well, thanks for the invitation. i need to come up with something nice to give you as your wedding gift :)