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Waking up much later than expected  Selena felt much better than she did yesterday. Oversleeping was not always a good thing, and she hated it when it ended up with a headache. The long trip to Barcelona didn’t help much either. Sure, she was used to long trips, but she still hated them with passion. Selena knew this whole thing with Justin wasn’t a good idea, but she was desperate for breakfast at that moment, and she was way too lazy to get up and pend her morning in the kitchen.

Not even bothering to slip out of her usual sleep wear — a pair of short shorts and a loose one shoulder shirt, Selena got up from her bed and headed out of her room, towards the kitchen. Plopping herself down onto one of the kitchen stools in her new house, Selena leaned down over the table and grabbed her phone from the table, and unlocked it, waiting for Justin to arrive.

~Le copa do mundo: Brasil vs Canadá~

Como minha família acha que eu vou estar. 



Como eu realmente vou estar: 





Cara, como eu vou  descrever tamanho orgulho que eu senti quando vi esse clipe? Não foi só mais um clipe de Justin Bieber, foi o clipe, um dos clipes mais lindos e com sorrisos mais sinceros que eu já vi. Não teve produção, maquiagem, nada disso. Foi só ele e sua câmera, isso que me traz ainda mais orgulho, assim como ele, eu não consegui parar de sorrir um só segundo, esse clipe trouxe o nosso Kidrauhl de volta, eu consegui ver o Kidrauhl naquele sorriso sincero do Justin, sim, eu chorei, mais chorei de felicidade, ele cada vez mais se supera. Eu esperava por um clipe quente como foi Boyfriend e As long as you love me, mas não, foi um clipe simples, divertido e perfeito. Eu me emocionei muito, e não consigo descrever tamanha felicidade que estou sentido. Parabéns Justin, você mais uma vez se superou. Esse vídeo é vida, literalmente. (stay-strong-beliieve)

just passing the time | loustin

"I didn’t agree to this." He wasn’t really sure what he was doing or why this was a thing that he’d even considered. After all, Louis wasn’t good when it came to being around Justin alone in the first place, let alone on a rooftop in the middle of the one and only city of love. This was not where he needed to be, especially when he felt an overwhelming amount of feelings that he didn’t want to think about regarding the Canadian who did a better job at trying to pretend he was the next Usher than any other person in the music industry. He knew he should move, walk away from the boy or head back down to the others because that wasn’t what he wanted to do. Despite the fact that he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he wanted to be around Justin, wanted to spend time with him and talk with him like a normal person; to hold him and kiss him and just be with him and not have to worry about any of the nonsense that went on in his head. It just wasn’t like that, couldn’t be like that. “Why are we up here anyway?” He glanced over at the boy for just a moment, trying to pass it off as a simple look instead of one of those that came with millions of thoughts that he ignored about Justin. “Shouldn’t we, I don’t know, be inside where it’s safe or something?” He peered over the side of he rooftop, almost certain that he could see the little speckle of fans standing outside the hotel and Louis wondered for a moment how long some of them ended up staying around to see if they’d come out and just how mental they were. Granted, he would’ve done the same thing if he was anywhere near his idol, but that wasn’t the case anymore and these were the thoughts that Louis focused on to keep from looking at Justin, from trying to ignore those feelings of wanting to press himself against him and just kiss him like it was the last chance he’d ever have, because that was real, true love and Louis wasn’t in love. He refused to admit that he was in love with Justin, even if everyone could see it.

Vale a pena, vale a pena passar dias e dias votando em você. Sabe por que? Porque não tem coisa mais linda do que ver você ganhando um prêmio e dizer emocionado “Thank You” agradecendo nós, suas Beliebers e Boyliebers, isso não tem preço. Saber que você continua o mesmo de sempre. Sabe Justin, eu não estava lá quando você foi premiado, eu estava aqui, com meus dedos cruzados e coração na mão torcendo para você conseguir. E quando conseguiu? nossa, só me lembro do arrepio que senti na hora e das lágrimas que escorreram pelo meu rosto. Cada dia que passa eu sinto mais e mais orgulho de você. E eu te amo, da forma mais sincera que eu poderia amar alguém, e até hoje, você nunca me decepcionou. Admiro você, o homem que se tornou. Só consigo sentir, orgulho, mas nada. 


hai , you’re a fag. i love you. you’re amazing & funny. i love our awkward & random moments. also , you’re gay did i mention that? hahha jokes.  you’re one of many , of my bestfriend. i can tell you anything.. & you always ditch me , because you’re a hoe. anyways , i luv you lots k? x0x0x0x0x.