In case anyone is willing to definitely say that Antonio Martin was pointing a gun at the officer in that incredibly vague video, I’d like to remind you that just a few months ago in Michigan the police spent 40 minutes attempting to persuade a white man openly carrying a rifle to place his weapon on the ground. When Elliot Rodger went on a killing spree at UCSB, he received a non fatal gunshot to the hip from the police. In the 2011 Sandy Hook shootings, Adam Lana killed 26 people and throughout the entire event law enforcement did not discharge their weapons at any point. Whether or not he had a gun, nothing warranted Antonio Martin’s death, and nothing justifies leaving his body in the streets for two hours like roadkill.
—  Ami Glazer

there’s a very tactical reason for why they 1. took like 8 hours to release the surveillance tape only to 2. have it be the least discernible and furthest one from the scene when 3. there is actual photographic proof there was no gun from people who were on the scene before cops were able to barricade it enough to block ppl from viewing whats happening. you aint even gotto be a detective to figure it out: kid gets shot by another trigger happy cop. cops give themselves time to fabricate a story and pick out all the right angles theyll run with all the way to court and back out since nothin will happen to em because they already pinned that gun on him so national media along with americans especially white, can justify anything that comes shortly after the brutal unnecessary killing of Antonio Martin.


Our police officers are more sensitive… that’s why I believe that we’re different from the city of Ferguson(x)

-Mayor Theodore Hoskins of Berkeley, Missouri where Antonio Martin was shot last night

This Uncle Tom coon is now running around saying that he being a black mayor and the fact that the police department of Berkeley has a black police chief and the force is majority black means that Antonio Martin’s killing isn’t the same as what happened in Ferguson and isn’t relevant to the national conversation on #BlackLivesMatter. He’s also defending the police and saying that the shooting was justified even though we already know that they are lying are using deceitful surveillance footage and refused to call medical assistance as Antonio Martin lay dying.

I cannot stress this enough, but this is so indicative of how black people can be directly complicit in white supremacy and antiblackness. Having black elected officials or black police officers does not change the fact that the institutions that they are a part of are fundamentally antiblack, and that they are complicit (or at times direct) participants in that structural violence. In Ferguson, Ron Johnson, the black head of the Missouri Highway Patrol led the brutal crackdown on protestors there since August, providing cover for the police brutality orchestrated by the police and national guard there. In Washington D.C. we also have a majority black police force, but police brutality and jump outs terrorizing young black kids and adults continues unabated. It is not about having more black faces in the police or elected offices per se, because all that happens is that these black folks are readily hoisted up as tokens decorating the white supremacist power structure and justifying the perpetuation of antiblack violence and police terrorism (as we see so blatantly here). What we need is to flip over the table and fundamentally upend these power structures from the root. Do not let this Uncle Tom fool you, Antonio Martin’s lynching is just as relevant to the #BlackLivesMatter conversation, even if this guy is the black token at the helm, obtusely defending white supremacy, police brutality and antiblackness.

The media’s “how-to” on reporting the killing of an unarmed Black Person:

Step One: Dehumanise the victim. Better yet, criminalise them.

Step Two: Give the public false “facts”.

Step Three: Delay all vital evidence.

Step Four: Give any reason why their murder may have been justified. Doesn’t matter if it’s relevant, hell doesn’t even need to be true: justify their murder.

and if he did have a gun and that’s what you latch on to when you wanna vilify him and justify his death, how many white mass shooters were apprehended safely after actually murdering ppl even children? most of them are. do you know how many white guys were taken in and given due process for KILLING PEOPLE and still get the chance to see and talk with they mama? why weren’t you vocal about that? why you vocal and pro police now that is has to do with black people? a black kid is framed and had a gun pinned on him but never actually shot/killed anyone, instead he was the one shot and killed but people some how just accept that he was the criminal? yall lost your fuckin god damn minds

If he was in the wrong, I want to know he was in the wrong. I want to see the gun in his hand.
—  Margret Chandler, the grandmother of Antonio Martin, the 18-year-old black man shot and killed by a white police officer in Berkeley, Mo., on Tuesday night. Officials have said Martin pointed a gun at a police officer and that the shooting appeared to be justified. The incident sparked some demonstrations reminiscent of protests in nearby Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot.

white people already think all blacks look alike, so hearing antonio martin was shot because he “fit the description” just reinforces the fact that we never had a chance. that were condemned to death at birth because of the color of our skin and that the blatant disregard of black lives will be justified no matter what because we look like the monsters they think/want us to be

anonymous asked:

for the record, antonio martin did have a gun and he tried pulling it out

Okay if you’re basing that information on that one grainy video that was released (which doesn’t even include what happened after he supposedly raised a “gun”), I’m going to have to respectfully ask you not to justify the killing of a teenager.

On that note, I want to say that I don’t know what I think right now. This is my disclaimer. The only things I am sure of are the fact that another boy is dead and another mother will be celebrating Christmas without her son. That is all I know for certain.

But if you want to claim that Antonio Martin had a gun, you’re going to have to give me clear footage, which we don’t have and we probably won’t have because the police officer who shot him had neither his body or dash cam on. Coincidence? Maybe. But the fact stands that if he had, we would have a clear picture of what happened instead of all this shady information that’s being passed around. And whatever you think happened, you can’t really justify that an ambulance was supposedly not called until two hours after he’d been shot, during which period he might have still been alive and able to be saved.

Maybe he did have a gun. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he did have a police record. Maybe this really is just a tragedy of circumstance. Maybe his race didn’t have anything to do with it. 

But I’m not going to agree with anyone who thinks it’s justifiable to kill a black teenager with a handgun when there are white mass shooters who have been taken in alive.

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Shooting Antonio Martin wasn't the only choice the officer had, but Martin did point a loaded 9mm handgun at him from a close distance.

All I said was RIP Antonio Martin, nothing else, and you’re already trying to justify his death lol.

"he had a history with police" so do I. I have been apprehended and processed by the NYPD countless times for minor bullshit like riding a bike in a tunnel where cyclists are known to bike. smoking a blunt in the roof of my apartment. being black in a park after dark. having a weed bag with merely little grains of it left. for standing in front of a building waiting for a friend.

these were all things that made me get a history with the police. does that mean I’m a thug and deserve to be shot too? does that mean that if I have a gun for protection in much the same way white men freely waltz with a gun for protection and get shot just for being a black gun owner, my death is justified because I have “history with police” (as articles are now reporting of Antonio)? this is the type of shit you imply and support when you add all these little character attacks to your commentaries of slain black brothers. would you hold yourself and white friends to these expectations too? or is it a purely black threat?

lifesmyplayground asked:

It's ok man, just because you have met some racist people doesn't mean you have to succumb to their level. You have a great message to spread, try not to label everyone with an opinion "racist".


Except pleasuresponge40 IS racist. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not when your opinion promotes the demonization, dehumanization, and oppression of an entire group of people. Stop getting caught up on “being quick to label everyone/every thing racist” and focus on the fact that (once again) someone is trying to justify the murder of an unarmed black boy.

Positioning calls to protect the sanctity of black life—our fight to be viewed as human beings worthy of liberty and justice—as disrespectful to grieving families and damaging to race relations in this country fits the very definition of racism.

Our pain cannot be suspended. It cannot be suppressed so that this nation can have a reprieve from our justifiable rage. The insidious, psychological trauma that weighs on our communities—that constant sense of wariness and fear, knowing that our skin color is often a target on our backs—cannot be placed on a shelf until a more convenient time. There is no pause button. In the iconic words of Gil Scott-Heron, “The revolution will not be right back after a message about a white tornado, white lightning or white people … the revolution will be live.”

Contrary to what Mayor de Blasio says, for millions of black Americans, the time is past due. This is not merely “political,” it is personal. And that is not up for debate.

There is a never a wrong time to say that black lives matter.


This year, I had a secret goal for my art and storytelling. I decided any new stories I came up with would not have white leads. I decided that any new characters I created, even for existing stories, could only be white if absolutely necessary. I wanted to switch from this default: just like me (white) where any deviation must be justified, and changed the thought process in my mind so that I had to justify making someone white.

I’ve had plans for a lot of characters of color in the past, in all of my stories. Unfortunately, so many of them didn’t end up getting used very much, if at all. The way the writing process works, you make plans, and while you’re writing, things go astray and the muse laughs at your plans and makes you do other things. I had a whole bunch of storylines planned for Hook Hand Holly in LPFOS, and for the whole band in Meaty Yogurt. But LPFOS got killed and Jackie is too self-centered in Meaty Yogurt for the story to heavily feature anyone more than one degree of separation from her. Things just kept working out where people of color got placed in the wrong parts of stories, the parts that get cut loose when things get too heavy.

So, I decided the solution was to create so many characters of color, in important roles, so that it would be impossible not to have them around. Having the main characters be poc, I can’t get rid of them. I can’t neglect them for other storylines. I’ve given them the spotlight.

The next big comic I want to do, I’ve been planning for three years now, originally with a white main character, but I went and changed that. Then I changed a bunch of the other cast members, too. Now, more than half of the ensemble cast is non-white. And you know what? The story got better, and actually makes more sense! All of these plans I had clicked right into place with these new designs in a deeper way, and all this diversity is so much fun to draw! (If you want to see the series happen soon, check out my patreon!)

I did several short stories this year, for various publications. At first, when doing character design, I’d draw a white person, then remind myself of my goal and go back and change it. But I did, as the year went on, get closer to starting with a poc and going from there. I do have a couple of stories where the characters are blue-skinned or red-skinned magical beings, or the comic isn’t in full color, but I tried to give them facial features that weren’t white. How well I did with that, you’ll have to be the judge. (I wish less of my work was behind paywalls this year.)

I worried, a bit, because I draw so much adult content, and most of the new characters I made this year were in short, erotic tales. I know women of color are very often overly-sexualized, and I didn’t want to feed into that. But part of my whole goal with doing these erotic comics, for me, was to show that something can be sexy without being objectification, and if I think that’s a good and healthy thing, why only do that for white women? Women of color belong in stories about healthy sexuality. I hope that it comes across that way.

By having a lot of characters of color, all of them got to be more interesting. When nobody has to be The Black Guy, He Who Represents All Black Guys in This Story’s Universe, it actually gets easier to write a well-rounded character. A good character has strengths and flaws, but writers get nervous, and perhaps rightly so, of giving their one minority character a bunch of flaws, risking making a statement about an entire people. The more poc you have, the less any one of them has to carry the weight of anyone besides themselves.

I’m not telling you this because I want congratulations. I’m still working on things, I still messed up, and I’ll always need to keep challenging myself in ways like this. But I want to show other white creators that it’s possible to do this. That it wasn’t an overwhelming task. That it was fun, and made the stories better. Let me say that again: it made the stories better. It took things in new directions, it kept me from being lazy, it resulted in a cast that doesn’t all look the same.  You should try it. Try a year off from all-white casts. The benefits are many, and the drawbacks are… I guess your racist readers all leave and you don’t have to interact with them anymore? Wait, that’s not a drawback. So, it’s just all benefits, I guess.

For once can we get some background on the police officers criminal past other than the crime he just committed? Better yet, let’s get the entire police force a background check. And who planted the gun? Let’s get him checked out as well.

Stop criminalizing my brothers to justify why you shot them!!! The color of our skin does not make us a criminal. How can a dead person be at fault for their death??? Black people are never the victim even in their own death.

the Antonio Martin smear campaign started moments after he was shot. the kid was barely breathing when the cops denied him medical assistance, moms wanted to see him, cops didnt allow it and he died alone. but before he died, they already had fabricated a story to justify his death. imagine that happening to you or one of your black/brown friends, being shot for fitting the description of being dark skinned, and even tho you aint do shit, the nation demonizes you and turns you into the black disney villain for everyone to scoff at your death and deny you any semblance of empathy and compassion. you couldn’t imagine it, it’s impossible, you’d need to be in our skin but since you can’t, can you at least hear us out and spread the word before they kill us? rather than constantly siding with police and accepting all the bullshit stories they put out (after all the documented lying they’ve been known to do!! and niggas pick cops over you! what a fuckin slap to the face). ima have zero friends by 2k15 or a whole new set of em the way this shit is already going down.

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Could they not approve of Anders because well... He's a terrorist?

…but he’s not a terrorist
you’re associating the word “terrorist” with the modern day conception of the term that’s basically “one who blows up a building” but that’s not what a terrorist is. it’s a person or a group who uses fear to control others or to instigate a certain resolve and tend to have financial/moral support from sympathetic governments or outlets. which sounds familiar doesn’t it? so without further adieu allow me to turn your attention to the order of templars

Study: Cops Kill More People Than Gangbangers or Drug Dealers; More Details Emerge

A study of homicides in Utah has revealed a startling fact, cops kill more people than drug dealers or gang members or child abuse.

From 2010 through October of this year, cops in Utah have killed 45 people. Out of every demographic studied, the thing more likely to result in a homicide is domestic violence. It will come as no surprise to readers that all but one of the shootings was deemed justified after the police investigated themselves. What happened to the case that was deemed unjustified?

A District Attorney charged the shooter only to have Judge L.A. Dever toss out the charge because a state witness declared the cop could have “assumed” Danielle Willard was trying to kill him. A jury never got to hear the case. The judge retired shortly thereafter, and the Fraternal Order of Police has waged a war against the one DA that dared to charge a member of the thin blue line.

In Utah, there’s a website that allows judges to be rated. Leon Anthony Dever has a 3.6 out of 10. The only positive ratings are from government officials and prosecutors. Some highlights from the reviews include:

“I have never appeared before a more incompetent judge in Utah, Nevada, or California. He was never prepared for hearings; did not remember his own rulings; made factual decisions without reviewing any evidence; and showed complete disrespect and bias in his rulings.”


“His staff gave the alleged stalker the victims address, and he declared it contemptuous to contact the police regarding harrassment or contact between the parties on a stalking injunction.”

Given that officers are only supposed to use lethal force in defense of life, it stands to reason that Utah cops are being killed at an alarming rate. They aren’t. In fact, in the same time period only 8 Utah cops have been killed, and that’s if you include car accidents and K9s. In situations that actually involve force cops are killing at a rate of 9:1.

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David Bianculli’s top 10 TV shows of 2014

10. Tie between Louie & Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

9.  Homeland 

8. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  

7. The Colbert Report 

6. True Detective 

5. Fargo

4. The Roosevelts: An Intimate History on PBS 

3. The Walking Dead

2. Justified

1.The Good Wife

So what did Bianculli pick for the two worst shows of the year?

Drawing: The Good Wife, JONAS BERGSTRAND via The New Yorker