Why did I write it down? In order to remember, of course, but exactly what was it I wanted to remember? How much of it actually happened? Did any of it? Why do I keep a notebook at all? It is easy to deceive oneself on all those scores. The impulse to write things down is a peculiarly compulsive one, inexplicable to those who do not share it, useful only accidentally, only secondarily, in the way that any compulsion tries to justify itself. I suppose that it begins or does not begin in the cradle. I always had trouble distinguishing between what happened and what merely might have happened, but I remain unconvinced that the distinction, for my purposes, matters. How it felt to me: that is getting closer to the truth about a notebook. I sometimes delude myself about why I keep a notebook, imagine that some thrifty virtue derives from preserving everything observed. See enough and write it down, I tell myself, and then some morning when the world seems drained of wonder, some day when I am only going through the motions of doing what I am supposed to do, which is write — on that bankrupt morning I will simply open my notebook and there it will all be, a forgotten account with accumulated interest, paid passage back to the world out there…
—  Joan Didion, from Slouching Towards Bethlehem: Essays

Honestly, these motherfuckers hiding behind the word of God to justify their hatred for the LGBT community. It’s fucking disgusting.

The Internet has the ability to bring out the worst in human behavior.. whether it be a result of a general lack of decency, jealousy or perhaps a projection of ones own inner struggles, some seem to find pleasure in the suffering of others. Such actions are often justified with excuses like “I’m simply expressing my opinion”, “freedom of speech” or “take a joke” but these phrases are merely a loop hole for bullying. It’s far too easy to be a keyboard warrior in today’s society and I cannot fathom why one would actively endeavor to make another human being feel bad about themselves. Channel your energy into doing positive things.. When you posses the ability to make others feel good about themselves, you will feel good about yourself as a result. Nobody is perfect and thank goodness because imagine how boring that would be ! We are all insecure, we are all different and we are all human. Treat others the way in which you would like to be treated..

If you are experiencing bullying of any kind, know that you are not alone.. You are one of many. Speak to someone that you trust, a friend, a teacher etc.. do not suffer in silence because you do not have to.
Be brave, be bold and be yourself 💛 #bullying #cyberbullying #stopbullying

Arriving at residential school, children had their hair chopped off and their clothing removed — one survivor recalled having her beaded moccasins, made by her grandmother for her to wear to school, taken from her and thrown in the garbage.

They were separated from their siblings and survivors spoke of being ignored, or even punished, for crying.

“It was, at best, institutionalized child neglect,” says the report.
The quality of the education was often poor: the lessons were heavy on rote memorization, the teachers were often unqualified the classrooms were overcrowded.

Many of the schools operated on a “half-day system”, where students would attend classes half the day and spend the rest of their time cooking, cleaning and jobs that was justified as “vocational training” but in many cases it was really a low-cost way to operate the buildings.

Students were discouraged, and often outright forbidden, from speaking their Aboriginal languages, with survivors telling of receiving the strap and having their mouths washed out with soap for speaking their maternal tongues.

Sports, art and other recreational activities, despite being a source of relief and positive memories for many survivors, were chronically underfunded and they too, were often meant as a way to promote assimilation.

Many schools did not provide their students with enough to eat, with one survivor describing a regular diet of boiled fish, including scales and bones, mixed up with flour.

I didn’t realize that being in love with your life can be just as wonderful as being in love with another person. Every relationship takes work and effort, and when I put that work and effort into my friends, family, and fans… my life changed completely. I started making choices based on what I wanted, and didn’t feel like I needed to justify them. If I wanted to cut my hair, I did it. If I wanted to move to New York, I did it. If I wanted to take a spontaneous road trip, I did it. At 24 I decided that my life is enough for me, and I stopped looking for some other piece to complete it. I also learned how to needle-point ironic cross stitches of rap lyrics and gave them to my friends as presents. I’ll let you decide which is the more important revelation.

At this point, the similarities between Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk are clear. They’re two sides of the same coin; we get it. But there’s another strong tie that binds; they both have daddy issues. Fisk’s time with his folks was not the happiest. His dad was a misogynist, child-abusing, potty-mouthed, short-fused piece of shit. Lil’ Will was just an innocent child, but after Bill went all out on someone, after being forced to kick the boy down, and after witnessing his father beat his mother, Wilson couldn’t endure it anymore. This trauma is so deep that Kingpin continues to play it out as part of his everyday life when he wakes up and starees at the “rabbit in a snowstorm” piece. All these flashbacks culminate with the birth of a monster, but is he not justified? Isn’t it self-defense of his mom? What would you do? Is he truly a villain? Perhaps an anti-hero? How amazing is it that a superhero show makes you even ponder these things? Even though Fisk rids the world of a demon and becomes another, we’re left with strong feelings of sympathy for the bad guy who is handled so brilliantly.

Seeing Red, by Eric Brenneman.

Never take something from someone without their permission. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Money

- Virginity

- Self Confidence/Self Esteem

- Ability to enjoy themselves.

 If you do…You are a scumbag.

Stop trying to be edgy by shoplifting.

Stop trying to justify being abusive because of your gender or race.

Please be nice to one another.

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How do you reconcile with yourself the fact that communism killed 100 million people? Do you justify it by thinking capitalism killed more when it hasnt? Or that you're somehow less oppressive than fascists when in reality you're no different? Or is it this is just a troll blog. Please enlighten me.

Oh is this the white boy who was defending slavery?

Fuck off, lmao. 

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I just found out that Emma Stone is portraying a multiracial woman in a show about Hawai'i on Refinery29. I'm part Irish, Chinese and Kanaka. Who the fuck thought that yellow-face was okay in the 21st Century?! And who are all these people trying to justify yellow-face as "acting" and denying multiracial persons who are non-white passing?!

I’m 100% with u


So a friend of mine and I were talking about Femme Thor

And I had a thought. Now, I don’t read comics much. Not because I don’t like them but because I can’t justify purchasing them when it takes me less than half an hour to read them (I can barely justify buying books). But I don’t read them so I haven’t read Thor or this new Fem Thor thing but I have a question and maybe someone with more comic experience than I can explain this to me.

Why is there a Femme Thor? No really because, at least in terms of the original Mythos, Thor was a person. The person/gods’ name was Thor. How do you take a name away from someone and give it to someone else? That’d be like saying “You no longer deserve to be Becky. You! You are now becky with all the responsibilities becky has because Becky no longer deserves to be Becky.” God of Thunder, that could be passed along, but how do you pass on ‘Thor’ To someone? It’s a freakin’ name. How is that even a thing?

Am I missing something? Is there some deeper comic book background I’m missing here?

  • me:i don't really like this character
  • someone, eventually:um....... excuse me.......... do u know about all the great things this character has done.......... do u.........justify urself....... wh y do u not like them,, .. .... .

As a Filipinx I am here for mixed race PoC. I am here for you and I accept you as being a PoC. Listen to no-one who thrusts you aside as not belonging. You belong. Them saying that reflects their internalized racism and colorism and reflects nothing on you. You are valid and you are worthy and you are a person of color. You never need to validate yourself as x% PoC. You never need to explain your origins, you never have to justify ‘identifying as’ a PoC. You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t know your native language. You don’t have to feel bad if your speech or reading level is choppy. You never have to try to be a person of color because you already are.


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Why do you think Michelle Phan is a racist?😗

she said some Koreans sitting near her at a restaurant are gonna nuke us and she literally appropriates a different culture in every one of her videos and she tried to justify this by saying we all came from Africa stop asking me it’s not hard to google receipts