if you’re clearly making someone uncomfortable it will not hurt you to step back and examine yourself and your actions for a bit. i promise you it will not. saying things like “but i was just being nice :/” and “you should take it as a compliment” to try to justify creepy invasive behavior directed at someone else doesn’t cut it and just further point to the fact that, surprise, you AREN’T just being nice. be self-aware. don’t step into someone else’s zone knowing that you’ll make them uncomfortable. be willing to recognize if you mess up and sincerely apologize for that and make a conscious effort to work on… not doing that/being like that.

those ignorant “North Korea is criticising the US too!!!” posts are going around again

why for the love of god

do you know North Korea has its own notion of racial purity and it uses it to justify the isolationism of the country?

do you know we East Asians in general have a very fucked up notion of colourism and we have a hugeass problem with antiblackness because we prized fair skin for thousands of years before European colonialism? Don’t kid yourself.

do you even understand global politics and know that obviously enemies of the US will seize on all reasons to criticise the country?

like don’t make me laugh just go and LOOK at the UNSC resolutions during the Cold War- you’ll see the US and the Soviet Union criticising each other for their “human rights abuses” while they both go and prop up other dictatorships.

do you know North Korea punishes its citizens with the “three generations rule” where not just the person who committed a wrong (especially if it’s a crime questioning the leadership of the regime) but three generations of their family are sent to work camps?

do you know the enemies of the US can be horrible abusers of human rights too because humans in general like being horrible. the US is fighting ISIS in Iraq and guess what, ISIS is racist, religiously intolerant and genocidal. The US has been racist to black people for centuries, did that make the genocidal regimes of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan good when the US declared war on them?

stop buying into this kind of shitty propaganda, stop citing north korea as an authority on human rights. do not uncritically accept support from ANYONE. North Korea is not enacting widescale antiblackness only because black people are not a majority in North Korea. North Korea is a terrible regime that has its own wide-ranging problems that come from it being an extremely totalitarian state. it’s Orwellian ok, according to the North Korean defectors’ descriptions. 

you can start comparing the US to North Korea when you and three generations of your family get sent away to prison camps for being “disloyal to the Fatherland”. you can start comparing the US to North Korea when you have to wipe the portraits of your president everyday, when the government controls every aspect of your life even down to your haircut. you can start comparing the US to North Korea when the government mismanages the economy so bad that you not only have unemployment, but you had a massive famine that killed anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions in the 1990s. btw, before this famine you never had thousands of North Koreans defecting every year. that famine is where it all begins.

what’s happening in the US is wrong enough and you don’t need Kim Jong Un to tell you that. because it implies as thought North Korea is less bad when there’s a reason human rights organisations around the world rank North Korea many rankings lower than the US.

why the hell do you want North Korea to be a basis of comparison, instead of the ideals the US supposedly aspires for or the standard of universal human rights.

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Every death is a travesty. You act so sad about everyone who has lost their lives lately except for those two innocent policemen. That's kinda sick

My sympathy is absolutely with their families but they aren’t the ones being dehumanized on news outlets and social networking websites. No news outlets are eagerly attempting to justify their deaths by demonizing them or their parents. No newspapers are writing columns about how the victims were ‘no angels.’ No one is planning on dressing up as the victims for Halloween. No police departments are planting evidence to frame the victims. And policemen being unjustifiably murdered isn’t an epidemic that has been happening for decades

You can escort yourself out of my inbox now.

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How do you feel about the aggression that many lighter Latinos face from Black people? I feel like it is often times ignored and I have received so much hatred from black women(plus the misogyny & fetishism from black men) that is ignored. I feel like we're unable to have a voice in society because Latinos either assimilate into black culture or white culture and being an obviously hispanic person who cannot pass as either is painful and no one seems to notice this.

I think this is more of a personal thing you got that you wanna make into a group thing (which is a known white characteristic fyi) about Black people and speak of it in broad terms to generalize and feel justified in how you feel as opposed to trying to understand where that tension comes from. Why don’t you look into colorism, antiblackness in latinx communities, white supremacy and whiteness in latinx communities and start from there. You should get a good idea of where the aggression comes from if you learn a bit more of those. Take a look at the tv stations and latinx movies and music, who’s given a voice? not us darkies lol. it’s always the light skin latinxs shakira lookin, acceptable latinxs, not the black ones. This doesn’t excuse the misogyny and fetishism you’ve faced though, but I don’t think black people are to blame for this if that’s what youre tryina imply.

Lewis’s Law: “The comments on any article about feminism justify the existence of feminism.” 

AMAZING concept coined by a writer with an intersectionality problem

Last night I found out about Lewis’s Law and I felt like it was a gift from the universe. As a blogger writing about feminism and gender issues, I’m all too used to seeing comments on my reblogged posts - and inbox messages - attacking feminism and feminists while using sexist ideas, language, and hostility against women. 

It’s not the challenging of feminism that’s the issue. It’s the fact that a majority of the notes include gems such as ”feminists, like the children / spoiled brats / morons they are …”, or “women, like the narcissists / children / spoiled brats they are ….”  

The irony is that we are talking about 2-sentence to 2-paragraph responses. These “I’m not sexist, women are" lovers of truth and reason should be able to make a reasoned point or two and get out without heading straight to the "all women / all feminists" trough. But they never can. Because it’s sexism or misogyny, not logic or concern for fairness, that is motivating the writer.

So, I was thrilled to learn about Lewis’s Law. Less thrilled - to say the least - to look her up on the Geek Feminism Wiki and find out that she is considered anti-intersectional. I read her piece in question and it’s more a case of white privilege along the lines of “if I have to include WOC in my work then do I have to also include deaf women, women of different faiths, I can’t include everybody, etc.” She’s not really dismissing intersectional feminism, she’s playing the “White feminists are doing our best, don’t judge us” card.

This news doesn’t make Lewis’s Law any less true, but it is disappointing. Stay tuned for a follow-up post on women who have made major conceptual contributions to feminism while being problematic in other areas. (Yes MRA’s, we do criticize our own.)

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I'm nuts about cults and cult history (weird interest, I know) and on a checklist of cult characteristics, tumblr in general checks off twelve of fifteen. I only didn't check the other three because they were in regards to a leader, and there is no clear leader here. "Questioning is not allowed, the group is elistist with an us-vs-them mentality, believe that their ends justify their means, preoccupied with bringing new members" etc.

That is quite unsettling. But not surprising at all.

-the Polish one

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What's your advice to a massive procrastinator/escapist who has the conscious awareness of their situation or at least a glimpse of it but is still trapped in their own fears and weaknesses?

Designate a particular environment for productivity, one absent of distractions, that only entails the tools necessary for whatever needs to be accomplished. You need to discipline yourself to maintain focus on whatever creative endeavor you’ve justified prioritizing. Your battle lies in persisting against the conditioned compulsion to seek out temporarily appeasing stimuli in various forms of entertainment.

Learn patience, understand that the process of cultivating initiative is birthed in increments, which is often the most difficult aspect of all, having been raised in our society that so dramatically encourages immediate gratification. Organize a complex list on paper; and find relief in the observation of yourself accomplishing small tasks, no matter how seemingly trivial.

Find motivation in the fear of regret, the awareness that your opportunity here on earth is fleeting; that to justify escapism and remain perpetually immersed within the creations of others, is to forsake your own will to create; a lifetime of nothing but passive observation.

White privilege is being an elected official who says “n*gger babies* in a public meeting, and only faces “censure” by fellow board members. He justified his comments by saying:

Landis says there is nothing wrong with his comments, that he has spoken like this for years and his expressions are the product of a different era.

And this gem:

Landis — who says he is not a racist — claimed he was sorry, saying “I apologized to people who are offended when I keep saying little n*gger babies.”

Feel free to email the board members your thoughts.

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Earlier you said Hinata throwing her life away for Naruto was laughable, how about Sakura's decision to use Naruto's feelings for her against him to keep him from looking for Sasuke? I mean to ME that is absolutely Low of her. Please explain?

i don’t ship narusaku narusasu etc  and don’t come on this blog assuming so, but i know that either of them would have been better than the end result. If you want that question answered I’ll leave i to one of my followers.

But what i do know is that naruhina and sasusaku are pointless. they’re both one-sided, based on nothing and ppl who ship it have to create things ouit of nowhere, that don’t exist in the manga in order to justify it.

No matter what happened in the manga, what you can never deny no matter what perspective you look at it, Naruto had most development with Sasuke and then with Sakura in second, infarct he had development with gaara and kyuubi, jiraiya etc. Now, by thinking NH and SS are better you’re by default now denying that all those relationships i stated previously never existed or did not matter. The thing is, many of those relationships actually helped the plot and benefit to it negatively or positively some way shape or form. In he end, that is what matters.

naruhina or sasusaku, regardless of how pathetic it is, served zero purpose in the story line. they were just pathetic, one sided crushes you probably liked just to keep yourself entertained because the actual story was probably too boring for you. On top of that,  there was no development.

Please, search up on Google what it means to develop. to grow.

Bottom line is, nothing you’re gonna say is ever going to change my opinion. so don’t waste your and my time. also i’ve never liked ss/nh especially nh so just quit now.

Normally I don’t get too caught up in how other people decide to play the game, but my two exceptions happen anytime I watch a playthrough where people try to justify dropping Ben or leaving Sarah in the trailer, it makes me uncomfortable. How could anyone honestly do that with a straight face? I mean, sure they can do what they want but I would never.

Just my opinion on homosexuality being a sin

Gluttony is a sin, but we don’t kick all of the fat people out of churches.. Or anyone with tattoos.. When things are culturally acceptable, people choose to ignore the scripture, or interpret it saying that it was taken out of context or its historically inaccurate now or it was translated wrong. But if its culturally unacceptable people will kick gays out of the church, etc. Which is a sin all in itself because who are we to judge? It’s not up to us to play God. There are over 31,000 verses in the bible and homosexuality is mentioned maybe 6 times.
Think of murder… It’s a sin. But before we judge someone on it we look at the context of it. Sometimes murder is morally justified. People do that for every sin except for homosexuality. In the bible the homosexuality that’s mentioned is homosexual gang rape in soddom and Gomorrah and then orgies… It doesn’t address a loving and consenting relationship between two people. The Bible itself tells us that its moral principles supersede any of its moral “rules.” It also says the New Testament overrules the Old Testament and 4 of the verses that mention homosexuality are in the Old Testament. Paul actually instructed people specifically to not follow the Old Testament. Otherwise we wouldn’t even be allowed to eat pork. The bible also states that women shouldn’t cut their hair or leave their heads uncovered.. Or vote. It also says that slavery is completely fine, but we’re smart enough to interpret those as outdated and out of context scriptures. When the New Testament was written, Roman men would rape little boys. That’s the societal context Paul wrote the New Testament in. so yeah if I was him I would condemn homosexuality as well. Because it wasn’t a consenting loving relationship. It was coercive rape

The Bible does condemn homosexual (and heterosexual) sex that is excessive, exploitive, and outside of marriage. It does not, however, address the state of homosexuality itself, much less the subject of homosexual acts between a married gay couple. Christians, therefore, have no Bible-based moral justification to condemn such acts.

You can't justify a cop killing someone because he allegedly had s gun which wasn't found till hours later.

By executing someone in that situation, you eliminate the right to trial and a chance for truth and reason