Think about that. The only reason why we don’t do something is because we are afraid. Not saying that sometimes that fear isn’t justified but the only reason why we don’t do something is because we are afraid. If we could get past the fear, what could we do? What could we experience? What could we accomplish? Don’t let your fears be the thing that hinder you, for God sake. [x]

I have stood over the bodies, including the bodies of children, left behind by Israeli airstrikes and assaults. I have watched mothers and fathers cradle their dead and bloodied boys and girls in their arms, convulsed by an indescribable grief, shrieking in pitiful cries to an indifferent universe. And in this charnel house, this open-air prison where 1.8 million people, nearly half of them children, live trapped in an Israeli ghetto, I have witnessed the crimes of occupation—the food shortage, the stifling overcrowding, the contaminated water, the lack of health services, the crippling poverty, the endemic unemployment, the fear and the despair. As I have witnessed this mass of human suffering I have heard from the power elites in Jerusalem and Washington the lies told to justify state terror.

Anung Un Rama

The Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Hellboy statue, with his Crown of the Apocalypse bits attached. Dang, this thing is gorgeous. And photographs really well, too.

It fits reasonably well in the lightbox, thank goodness, but finagling the camera angle took some work (and box stacking). The orange filter just justified its purchase, though. It was too perfect for this.

For you frog people, there’s a lil’ one on the statue base. ;)

More pics with his classic look after I make some lunch.

anonymous said:

Mike Brown would have most likely grabbed the officers gun and shoot him. That officer did the right thing. You're just too fucking stupid to realize that.

Guess you must be Miss Cleo, all these psychic readings you’re attempting.  But whatever, I’ll take the bait…




So let’s assume that your lunatic theory is correct— that Mike Brown went after the officer’s gun (don’t know of a Black man in America that would just randomly go for the gun, but whatevs). And let’s even ignore the question of why the officer would have unholstered his gun in the first place, just because some kid was mouthing off at him. In what way would Darren Wilson have been justified to shoot Mike Brown to death AFTER he attempted to surrender. We KNOW that Wilson fired several shots from his car. We KNOW that Mike Brown attempted to stumble away from the car after being hit by the bullet(s). We can safely deduce from multiple witnesses and several audio recordings that he had his hands up, yelling “Don’t Shoot,” when Wilson exited his car and unloaded the remainder of his clip.

So I ask again, in what way could Wilson have been justified in shooting Brown to death? The simple answer is he wasn’t and whatever dumbass racist fable you’re telling yourself to maintain the belief that Mike Brown invited his own death is not only stupid, abhorrent, and disgusting— well it’s about as factual and rationale as a psychic reading.


People are justifiably outraged by Ray Rice’s treatment of his then-fiancee Janay Palmer. But what’s even scarier is that one out of five men admit that they’ve committed domestic violence against a partner or spouse. A new nationally-representative study by the University of Michigan asked 500 men the following question:

 Over the course of your relationship, how often have you ever done any of these things (pushed, grabbed, or shoved; threw something; slapped or hit; kicked, bit, or hit with a fist; beat up; choked; burned or scalded; threatened with a knife or gun) to your current spouse/partner?

Nineteen percent, or one out of five men, admitted to doing so at least once. And, of course, these were just the men who were willing to report it to the researchers, which means that the phenomenon is likely ever more common. The lead author of the study, Vijay Singh, explains, “If men could enter responses in a private way, (the percentage) could have been even higher.” The rate would also go up if it included other kinds of abuse: “It did not ask about emotional abuse. It did not ask about sexual abuse,” Singh said.

The Lone Wolf (superhero AU)

They’re pretty far along when the report comes on.

Stiles’ breaths are coming out in needy pants, his hands fisted in Derek’s hair and snaking up beneath his shirt. Derek’s arms are caging his head, palms pressing into the mattress as his body rocks slowly against Stiles, the sweet friction of their jeans quickly becoming an inconvenience.

Derek supposes he should be grateful they aren’t naked yet, because the way Stiles twists out of the kiss, batting at his arms until he rolls away and then scrambling for the volume on the remote is humiliating enough when they’re still fully dressed.

For a second, as the news alert chimes, Derek dares to think it might be justified. Maybe Stiles had caught a glimpse of his father, the Sheriff, injured onscreen, or a meteor had been clocked heading toward earth, or a mad scientist had unleashed a deadly toxin on the city.

But no, as Derek rolls to face the screen he just catches sight of familiar, ridiculous bright costumes and rolls his eyes.

Of-fucking course.

Stiles has twisted until he’s lying on his stomach staring at the screen, actually clutching his pillow to his chest like a thirteen year old girl and grinning at the bright red and the orange and green superheroes. They’re both beaming behind their masks, nodding along to some news story Derek can’t be bothered to tune in to.

He sits up and makes a halfhearted effort at recapturing Stiles’ attention, cupping his cheek and kissing at his temple.

“Seriously? This is what you’d rather be doing?”

Stiles doesn’t so much as glance from the TV, vaguely waving off Derek’s efforts as he gazes with open adoration at the ridiculous, neon-clad figures now feigning humility on screen. As if the attention isn’t exactly what the super”heroes” are after. Because really, why else would that one choose orange and neon green for his costume?

“Hey buddy, you start leaping tall buildings in a single bound and you can expect this kind of attention too.”

Stiles’ tone is teasing but Derek huffs, sinking back on the mattress and scowling at the ceiling.

“Do you have any idea how absurd that concept actually is? What’s the point of leaping over a building instead of going around it, besides showing off? What about the potential risk to pedestrians walking on the other side? Just going about their day, coming back from work or out shopping, and suddenly they have a superpowered idiot careening toward their head at 9.8 meters per second squared.”

This, finally, brings Stiles’ attention back to him. When Derek deigns to look back from the spiderweb spreading across the far corner of the ceiling, his boyfriend has twisted to stare, brows raised, over his shoulder. A quick glance at the screen shows a commercial though, so he’s probably only caught Stiles’ attention because the interview ended. At least it’s nice to know he rates above the newest artery clogging burger at the local food chain.

“Oh my god, Derek.” He stretches out every word, lips curling in an incredulous grin. “Do you have to work for that level of cynicism or does it just come naturally?”

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Essentially, Limbaugh is justifying sexual assault and date rape. He is saying that men can’t be held to any kind of standard. They can’t be expected to know when women they are sexually attracted to really don’t want to reciprocate their advances. Men are just different than women. They have to be given some leeway, you see. If they are too aggressive or thought that no really meant yes, well that just shouldn’t be held against them. Heck, they aren’t thinking when it comes to sex.

I keep telling myself that nothing Rush says anymore shocks me. This shocked me. It is hard to think that in this day and age, that we have someone who is listened to by millions of people telling his audience that it is a shame that we are telling men that no means no. Limbaugh talked about how we are getting rid of the art of seduction. In Rush’s judgment, seduction is about the man doing whatever he wants and eventually getting a woman to engage in sex with him, by any means necessary. If a woman says no, she is just playing games with the man, because as Rush will tell you, all women are ‘sluts’ and ‘prostitutes’ who can’t keep their legs closed.

Rush Limbaugh is a disgusting individual. While this in itself is not news, you’d think warranting rape would finally be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and gets him removed from the air for good.

So, I’ve been flipping through the Skeptic’s Annotated Bible on my kindle. It’s interesting how many inconsistencies there are in the Christian holy book and it gives an interesting perspective. Here’s my question: With how many contradictions and flaws there are in the book, how do Christians justify it or put it into perspective? This is a serious question.
 I’m asking it as someone who has had a weird relationship with Adonai, somewhere between insecurity, a period of walking away for years, returning, and still feeling unsure about my own feelings regarding everything. My belief system is shaky at best and I’m still trying to figure out where I belong.

Can anyone help me out? I’ve been having a spiritual identity crisis for years upon years now.

christowitch rikkalorelei carpeumbra pieandhotdogs I would love to have all of your input on this, if you don’t mind me asking. Everyone else is welcome to comment, too.

hot fireman to the rescue

As an apology for not being on much the last few weeks, have my draft for the firefighter/kindergaten teacher!Jonny and hockey player/suburban resident!Pat AU

Patrick Kane really fucking hates spiders. They’re creepy and crawly and have a totally unnecessary number of appendages. Thus he is totally justified in almost burning his house down in a valiant quest to vanquish the evil eight-legged beast.

He’s doing a public service, okay, and maybe trying to go at it with a homemade blowtorch wasn’t the brightest idea he’s ever had. But he’d seen it in a movie once, and it had looked pretty damn badass, and the next thing he knows Patrick has spray paint in one hand and a lighter in the other.

And, well, then his laundry room catches on fire.

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Faking It {Korrasami AU}

Pairing: Korra/Asami; some hints of Korra/Mako
Rating: T
Words: 1,016
A/N: I suppose this is in a modern setting??? It’s based off the TV show

Korra and Asami have been faking a relationship for quite some time now, but Korra has also taken an interest in Mako. The two started a secret thing, and Korra is trying to make Mako fall in love with her. Asami isn’t dealing with it well.

Courtesy of Korra’s suggestion, Asami is also trying to find herself a “secret boyfriend”, as well. After meeting Iroh, she tries to find out if he is “secret boyfriend” material.

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Holy fucking shit, if I see one more person say it was Nora’s fault that Tate raped Vivien I’m going to rip someone’s throat out. Rape is never justifiable, under any circumstance. Tate raped Vivien because he was a sick fuck with serious mommy issues and if you say what he did was excusable because Nora wanted a baby then I recommend you stay far away from me and get some professional help because that is fucked up.

zombieunderwear said:

Who Is this Dr. Turtle I love his design tell me more!! Please!!

           “My father told me about him. They weren’t exactly friends, but he knew him well enough. Infinitely stubborn, about as flexible as a rock. And a rock has a better sense of humor.”

           “Infinitely enduring,” Turtle shot back, lifting his voice, “and constant. I represent the persistence of life itself, Son of Coyote, and you would do well to remember that.”

            “And full of himself,” Ma’ii added drolly. “Sheesh. Must be a spirit thing; Father was the same way.”


Without going into too many spoilerific plot details: Turtle is one of the antagonists in UNWANTED, an animal-spirit with an admittedly justifiable chip on his shoulder as well as a questionable and controversial agenda. (the whole ‘Dr. Turtle’ thing started out as a silly-if-not-apt nickname, but I may or may not have found a way to make it actually canon 9_9)

((if you look through my #UNWANTED or #Turtle tags—and of course my UW gallery on deviantART—you can find a bit more of him))

We take these animals and completely violate who they are. We use them, abuse them, and deprive them all their lives…then we cut their throats, shred them and eat them! Morally, I’m against it, ethically, I can’t justify it, and ecologically, it’s just insane. The thought of meat-eating makes me shudder. As far as wearing fur is concerned, it is the rudest, most inconsiderate, selfish and sick façade I can imagine.
—  River Phoenix 

anonymous said:

You said in a previous reply to an ask that 89% of gazans support attack on Israel. Israel kicks people out of their homes (occupying their land), kills their children and treats them unjustly and you expect them to smile and say "yeah Israel is just great" YOU are the victim of a terrorist propaganda. You have been brainwashed and lost your common sense. You should always question everything you believe. That is intelligence. Never believe in absolutes. Don't be a sheep. It's sad.

I need a quick check fact sheet to just copy and paste into every dumbass message I get about how it’s justified to murder innocent people in the name of Allah. 

"Israel kicks people out of their homes"

Yes, thanks to Arab aggression in 1947, the Jews defended themselves and captured strategic territory in order to protect their very existence. Every time Israel has captured more territory it has been in wars of survival. Don’t cry to me about how they’re occupying “your” land. Take responsibility for yourself and accept that Israel won fair and square.

"kills their children"

Blood libel.

"treats them unjustly"

I would say it’s pretty just to kick out and wall off people who are foaming at the mouth to kill you :/

"and you expect them to smile and say "yeah Israel is just great" "

I expect them to give the fuck up and assimilate into their host countries (and ironically the places their recent ancestors were originally from) like Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, etc. I expect them to respect that Israel is the winner here and try to make a new life where they belong.

"YOU are the victim of a terrorist propaganda."

Israel isn’t throwing rockets into Gaza on a whim to terrorise and demoralise the population like Hamas is doing. Israel doesn’t send waves of suicide bombers over many decades to terrorise innocents.


"You should always question everything you believe."

Ugh, the irony of that statement.

There’s no such thing as “not one of those bisexuals.”

We’re all "those bisexuals."

You don’t need to justify yourself to the biphobic piece of shit you’re dating.

You’re better than that. You’re better than them.

Own yourself.