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Why is everybody so ashamed of admitting they miss their exes? Like fuck. At one point, the meant the world to you. You can miss whoever you want, you do not have to justify your feelings.

you shouldn’t need a list of reasons to look after yourself, you shouldn’t need a list of reasons to eat, you shouldn’t need a list of reasons to recover

you are a person, you are living, you don’t have to justify anything

look after yourself, eat, recover, do it simply because you deserve nothing less, do it simply because you are living, do it simply because you’re not about to let anything change that

Here’s the thing: a sin is a sin - as it is written in the Qur’an.

Trying to justify it is wrong. There’s no getting around that.

HOWEVER, that does NOT give anyone the right to tell you HOW you will be judged, according to that sin. 

We have been given the right to speak the Word of Allah swt, not the right to speak for Him. 

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i'm pretty sure that even if forensic evidence did "prove" that there was a scuffle in the car (there was not), all the ALREADY RELEASED forensic evidence proving that mike was shot, from above, on his knees, with his hands in the air makes wilson STILL a murderer

Was there some kind of altercation at the car? Yes. But the stories that say Mike Brown attacked Darren Wilson/fought over his weapon don’t make any sense.

No matter what happened at the car, nothing justifies Darren Wilson murdering an unarmed and surrendering Mike Brown.


I had a blast at AAC this year. I hardly took any pictures though… But here are the ones I got:

Michael Jackson / Johnny Joestar: tait-is-not-a-vampire

GioGio: annakissnarciso

Mista: ants-inmyeyes-johnson

Narancia: nissinnoodleboy

Fugo: justifiedpotato

Abbacchio: plankter

Mitsuru: braceletnumberfour

Junpei: theoneandonlypreston

Akihiko: myhaikusarebetterthanyours

Dat Teddie.

Also I was Josuke if anyone is curious.

If you see yourself in these pictures, mention it so I can tag you!

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On sex education. My mom STILL thinks that the Hymen breaks. I've read many resources that say it merely stretches and if the woman is turned on enough the woman won't bleed. I think this a thing that men came up with (in the old days before the Women Rights thing) to justify not pleasuring women during sex. I know that's Horrible of me. But, at the same time, I can't come up with a different reason for this. Any thoughts?

It all depends on the hymen. They are not created equally. Some just stretch out and move around, some are stubborn little bastards that won’t budge, some have to be surgically broken even to use tampons. There is no standard way a hymen works. They are NOT A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT CREATED BY MEN IT IS AN ACTUAL PART OF YOUR ANATOMY. For some women, no amount of arousal in the world will prevent bleeding. For others, they could be chopping onions, watching The Notebook, and doing 1000 other unsexual things and still wouldn’t bleed. It all depends on the woman.

-the Polish one

Here's the thing:
  • 1:Readers need to be more accepting of each other.
  • 2:Readers need to feel free to read whatever they want.
  • 3:Readers should stop judging others for what they read.
  • 4:This means letting anyone read young adult novels.
  • 5:This means letting anyone read middle grade novels.
  • 6:This means letting anyone read general fiction novels.
  • 7:This means letting anyone read new adult, history, science, religious texts, children's storybooks, humour, plays, manga, graphic novels, etc; whatever the hell they want to read.
  • 8:We need to stop this reader prejudice that some in the book community are okay with. This is never justifiable.
  • 9:We need to teach young readers to not fear general fiction and "literary novels", whatever the hell that means.
  • 10:We need to help adults see that, sometimes, teenagers in young adult fiction go through the same crap a middle-aged character goes through in general fiction--emotionally and sometimes physically.
  • 11:It is not okay to generalize a genre, age group, or reading format.
  • 12:It is not okay to look down your nose at someone because they read something different.
  • 13:And when you're thinking, "Ugh, people are reading this crap just because of the movie coming out." Don't think about it as people flocking to something popular, think about how PEOPLE ARE READING.
  • 14:So, here's the thing: Reading is an escape for everyone.
  • 15:It offers hope when we've lost it.
  • 16:It offers company when we have none.
  • 17:It offers solace when we need to just be alone and deal with life.
  • 18:It offers love when you feel like your heart is breaking.
  • 19:And, it offers friends in the form of a book community.
  • 20:So, don't just be a reader.
  • 21:Be a conscious reader who lets other readers be.
  • 22:Not everyone reads to "increase their intelligence, and grow mentally, or emotionally."
  • 23:Some people read because words are powerful and because they offer so much more than how to outdo one another with impressive "Read" lists.
  • 24:Just read and be.
  • 25:You do your thing, and other readers will do theirs.

anonymous said:

Is it weird that I feel safer around pro-Israel Jews than pro-Palestine Gentiles, despite being a pro-Palestine Jew?

No. Pro-Israel Jews aren’t silent about anti-semitism, don’t uncritically pass around anti-semitic propaganda, don’t deny the history of Jewish persecution, don’t compare you to a Nazi, have clear motives however much you might disagree with them, actually visibly care about the survival of the Jewish people, even if you disagree about how best to go about it, and don’t tokenize you. 

Honestly, the apathy towards, tacit approval of and occasional perpetuation of anti-semitism shown by so many anti-zionist gentiles does more to justify Zionism to me than anything Netanyahu could ever do or say. 

When 300,000 Jews fleeing German occupied Europe from 1933-1942 ran to Palestine, it wasn’t because of anti-Arab racism or Settler-Colonialism. It’s because they were fleeing persecution. The sheer APATHY towards those circumstances exhibited by so many anti-zionist gentiles makes me angry.

I mean, I can understand believing Israel is illegitimate. But to treat refugees like they were no different than the Boers? They didn’t run away to profit, they ran away to live. The US was barred. Much of Europe was barred. Where were they supposed to go? And if anyone says they should’ve stayed in Germany and Austria I have 6 million reasons why they can go fuck themselves.

You can be against Israel’s actions without dismissing anti-semitism, without denigrating Jewish history, without spreading Khazar conspiracy bullshit. But they do it or they allow it to be done. They deny the causal link between anti-semitism and Zionism, even though it’s obvious, and, in doing so, make their spaces feel unsafe for Jews. They excuse anti-semitism in their midst as “just a small fringe” rather than calling it out and pushing it aside forcefully. They don’t understand that Jews have more power to affect change in Israel than gentiles do, but they are empowering the most conservative Zionist voices with every anti-semitic micro-aggression and actual aggression they allow to happen. 

The lesson I learned running this blog last summer is that gentile anti-zionists care more about being called anti-semitic than about whether or not they actually are anti-semitic. 

At the end of the day lies the unfortunate question: if some modern version of the Amalekites comes for us again, will the anti-zionist gentiles have our backs if there is no longer a Jewish State? There’s no question other Jews will. 

the thing is that everyone has a kind of valid point

"i don’t need a protector and i never asked you to do any of this and i appreciate it and i like you but i don’t need saving and i never have" yes good point laura

"you literally never told me anything that’s going on and also i just got strangled and also there’s a BITE ON YOUR NECK and you are so reckless it borders on self-destructive and i am worried that you’re going to get yourself killed if you’re not more careful" also a valid point

"you tied me up for days and starved me and you literally just tried to kill me like two minutes ago are you kidding me right now" is also a justifiable reason to be upset

You know what really piss me off? People ignoring characterization for the sake of, what? shipping? justifying their hate-the-female-lead syndrom?

Go read into the tag and you’ll find a lot of negativity. Basically speaking about Iris being vanilla and boring. And that really piss me off.

Alright, Iris is affectionate, and enjoys physical contacts.
Yes, she’s caring. She cares about her father, she cares about Eddie, and god she cares about Barry. Barry is her best friend. She trust him with advice about her education and career. She is actually excited to go with him to an event she thinks is boring because she knows it’s his dream.

She’s girly, she dress nice, she enjoys going on dates and having boyfriends. She cares about her diet.

Iris is a nice affectionate girly girl.

But Iris also is the biggest troublemaker ever.

She’s willing to cover up for her best friend running away. To make quotations up in an article. She’s dating her father’s partner and is quite chill about it. She shows little to no problem in hiding this, actually she is shown to find the “double life” quite amusing (in opposition to Eddie).

She’s kind of lazy and lacks of drive in her job, because she likes the impossible, not boring routine reporting. She likes new exciting things, not stability. A mysterious red streak goes around saving people? Of course she’s it. Adventur! Mystery! Adrenaline!

And god, Iris West is snarky and sarcastic. She’s the kind of friend who always bickers and tease to show their affections. She’s outspoken, talks too much and is incredibly stubborn. She’s quick thinking on her feet and always have the last word.

Iris West is not “vanilla" by any means.

Iris West is a spunky volatile stubborn little shit who has problem with authorities, and happen to be gorgeous and girly and caring in between.

And if you don’t realize this, you are not paying enough attention to the actual show.

One of the key functions of propaganda is the naturalizing of hierarchy and authority in the minds of people at all places in the hierarchy. For elites at the top of the hierarchy, propaganda reinforces a sense of natural superiority and justifies a sense of entitlement. For those in the middle, propaganda promotes identification with the goals of elites above and discourages solidarity with oppressed people below. And propaganda also tries to persuade those on the bottom of the hierarchies that they deserve their fate, which can create a sense of futility about the prospects for change.