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What do you like the most about Jensen Ackles?

I think it’s his smile, or his laugh, or his sense of humor, or his protectiveness, or his family, or his work ethic, or his eyes, or his voice, or his ability to do just about damn anything, or his humility, or the way he inspires, or the tone of his voice, or the fierceness with which he loves, or his hair, or his clothing choices,  or maybe it’s all those things and more. I can’t simply justify one thing I like the most about Jensen Ackles there is just too much there to love <3


Graham Yost: One other thing about that scene is Walton. I hadn’t seen it shot. I was on set a lot the last few weeks, far more than I ever was before that, and we were about to shoot what was the final bit of Boyd in the episode where he’s in the cruiser dressed as a cop. It was late on a Saturday night in Spring Valley. Walton was in his trailer wanting to show me what he had done in the hospital room with the hat, how he had flipped it in his hand and put it on his head, and he couldn’t do it. He said, “Believe me, it worked better when we shot it.” (laughs) He worked on that bit so that he could do that. He worked with the hat for a couple of hours to develop this thing so he could just flip and put it on, have this really cool Boyd moment. A lot of work can go into the simplest things.

way to go, indiana government…the general population didn’t even vote for it, yet the legislature passed an awful, unconstitutional law for the sake of “religious freedom.” telling people they can deny service to the LGTBQ etc community on religious grounds (aka a communal area) because of who they are is discriminatory and ridiculous! if all people are created equal, that applies to every single person, regardless of religion, sexuality, or whatever makes them unique. you’d think our political leaders would finally understand the equality thing and the purpose of a democracy at this point… it’s up to the people as an entirety, not a group of homophobic leaders who are attempting to justify oppression by making it legal. first hobby lobby and birth control, then chick-fil-a and their anti-gay statements, and now an entire state? step it up, america. you promised that “all men are created equal”, live up to it. violating the first amendment because a specific religious group is “uncomfortable” is unacceptable.

even the bible fucking says it. galatians 3:28- “there is neither jew nor greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you are all one in jesus christ.”

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first you say k/orrasami is above criticsm then you say asami's your fav character? playing a dangerous game here lokgifs

When did I ever say that about Korrasami? I think most of the criticisms are illogical and reaching, and I’m not shy about stating that, for sure. I’ve never once called the narrative perfect (the writers constrained themselves, ffs), but the reasons I’m not sitting here pointing out flaws are that:

  • It was probably the most realistic portrayal of romance I’ve ever seen in a show, which also happened to be so organically woven into the story that it didn’t disrupt the plot. And it offered representation to normally marginalized individuals when it hadn’t been done before for the main protagonist, or on a kid’s show.
  • Thematically it was the perfect note on which to end the series with the marriage of the mechanical and the spiritual.

  • The hoop jumping Korrasami has to go through to simply justify its existence compared to any other ship is ridiculous. And there’s this odd mentality that if it wasn’t 100% perfect it shouldn’t have been done at all. 
So yeah, I’m not inclined to start nitpicking a love story I found to be really, really good, especially in a series where the romances had decidedly been a weak point. Honestly, I didn’t know Bryke had this in them.

As for Asami, I made a infographic of her hairclips. I’m not sure I did a very good job of disguising my feelings for her?

Graham Yost: “There was a version where Gutterson was going to show up [at the hospital], and he was going to get killed or shot at least, and I was like, “No, that’s too much. We can’t do that.” 

Yahoo: Go back a second. You were going to kill off Gutterson? The same reasoning stopped you?
Well, we didn’t want to make Gutterson look bad. If Gutterson is in the hospital, Boyd’s not getting away unless Boyd kills him or at least shoots him. That’s the basic math. We had these terms in the writers’ room: bad Raylan, bad marshal, and bad criminal. Basically, it means someone doing something that really isn’t that smart — and we never like to show Gutterson as bad marshal. He wins generally. Someone has to do something very clever, or he has to be really outgunned or in an absolutely untenable position for him to lose — and that goes with Rachel, too, and Raylan as well. So we just left it on poor Nelson’s shoulders.

- Yahoo Postmortem “Fugitive Number One”

Well, geeeeeez who came up with that idea? Thank you, Graham, for seeing sense.

The Flash is just not a good show for Irish West, the back flipping being done to keep Iris in the dark, the men in her life sabotaging her career, Joe infantilizing Iris, them taking her agency.

What’s gonna happen when she finds out the truth? 

Are the writers gonna have Iris forgive and forget or is she gonna have the right to be justifiably angry or is Barry gonna go back in time, screw everything up, and when everything is back to normal she’s past what these three men in her life did to her, b/c the event Barry caused was a bigger issue, and it basically taught her not to “sweat the small stuff”.

How is it that the big loves of Barry and Oliver’s lives (whether it was endgame or not), are treated so horrendously by the writers and yet characters like Felicity and Caitlin are written better in comparison?

So you know how to write females characters, but you need to treat at least one female character on each show like trash, and those happen to be the female characters who have had actual impact on Barry and Oliver’s history in the comics.

I’m kind of scared of the Arrow and the Flash writers having the opportunity to do a Vixen live-action series if it should ever happen. If they can’t even appropriately write two strong female characters who have so much comic history to pull from and use to their hearts content, and yet still, they somehow turn them into the two most hated female characters in the dccwverse, what would become of Vixen in their hands…

Most of the hate for Laurel, and half of the hate for Iris is stemming from the fandom drinking the kool-aid that these writers are serving out, and what I mean by that is, these writers are giving little thought to Iris and Laurel, and the fans see that and take on that attitude unconsciously or consciously, by dismissing these two women’s pov.

And then when the writers feel like it, that’s when they decide to give these characters their attention, and sucks to say, but it’s not working with Laurel, and it’s not gonna work with Iris. Maybe if Laurel weren’t a women, and maybe if Iris was a man and wasn’t black, fandom wouldn’t hold grudges.

The thought of these people being behind a possible Vixen live-action series, when they treat the female characters who actually have pages upon pages of comic book of history like shit. Where would the confidence I should have in these writers come from? Vixen/Mari is a black female, so she has 2 strikes against her for her gender and her race, and I’d be damn if these writers ever made Vixen, a female character who is important to dc history a hated character on her own show, whilst the white main characters are propped and celebrated more than her.

No these writers need to do better and be better.

I don’t care if I’m being prematurely angry about the Iris situation, they could have big plans on why she’s gonna be the last to know Barry’s secret or that she already knew, and it wouldn’t change what these men in her life have done to her, it wouldn’t change the fact that Joe treats Iris likes she’s two, and b/c he treats her like a child, it was one of the reasons Iris couldn’t even become a cop. 

Joe is a better father to Barry than to Iris, Joe nurtures Barry, while he deprives Iris, cause all this over protectiveness that the writers think is cute, puts limits on Iris, she can’t fully grow if she doesn’t experience and learn, and make mistakes. We’re lucky Iris has found passion in journalism; in another life her passion could have been being a cop, but b/c of her father preventing her, the jobs she could have had later on would never have made her feel fulfilled in that aspect of her life.

Barry and and Eddie are on my shit list and Joe has been there since episode one.

Do better writers.

Edit: let me clarify what I mean when I say Felicity and Caitlin are better written. I’m kind of wondering how people are not seeing that I mean better written in loose form i.e shallow. Copy and editing from a previous response.

When I say “better written”, I’m using it in a loose term, which means I’m not talking about what Caitlin’s contributed to a storyline, or what she did or said in a storyline, or what she contributes to the overall narrative. When I say “better written” I mean in a shallow, hollow form, something at face value i.e screen time, and how how that screen time gives off the illusion she’s better written.

“This is my favorite part.”

Graham Yost: Backing up into the scene, the showdown: That was in. It was out. It was in. It was out. And then the final decision was, well, let’s put it in — and that’s Tim [Olyphant], Jonathan [Tucker], and the way Jon shot it. He shot it as a classic Western showdown in a saloon. You see Tim on the long shot, and Jonathan just edges into the frame, moves in, and stands off. And then, you know, some funny Justified lines.

"Check my balls right now. Be purple they so blue."
Yeah, and great performances from Tim, Jonathan, and Sam [Elliott]. Markham sees himself as being on top of everything, and we’re going to be the king and queen of Harlan on the street you rode down on your bicycle as a kid. He’s all full of himself, and everything turns in that moment. It worked. We’re proud of that.

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I've really reached a point now, where although I don't think Zayn is gone for good, the saddest part of this whole situation is realising the true personalities of a lot of fans you used to respect. The extreme positive reaction of some fans towards Louis' tweets astound me. They feel justified in bullying NB because he is 'smug' or because they don't like his personality, but there is no excuse for bullying ever!! An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Or as Harry would say, be nice!!

And to deny the racist nature of attacks aimed at NB, is to be wilfully ignorant of a reality just because it doesn’t affect them. To defend the bullying of another human being by a massive group of people and to still have a ‘safe spaces for all’ banner is the height of hypocrisy. How can anyone deny these realities? I’m just astounded at not just the acceptance of the bullying but the justifying of it. Bleak times in the 1D fandom.

We all have our flaws tbh. I just draw the line here. I hope none of you will make personal remarks against her despite her resorting to it. It won’t drive the discussion that needs to be had forward. I’m kinda loss with what to do with the fandom drift at this point. *sigh*

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Hey Ballsy! Re: BC refusing the flowers, there is a tweet, I saw it on TFOE's page..

Ballsy:  This one. And this is an event, not disturbing him shopping for groceries, it’s preciselywhere he SHOULD be being gracious to fans.  

Making an adjustment, not backpedalling on the above (notice I did not delete) - just want to clarify as I think I just saw a pic of this.  Is this on stage?  And Loo ended up with the flowers?  What did Ben do?  If he “ignored” her - that doesn’t look good.  Even if she broke rank and ran up - YOU ARE ON STAGE.  Still have to be gracious, take the flowers, smile sweetly.  Then have her returned to her seat.  It was flowers, she wasn’t coming at you with a machete.

I’m not justifying the fan’s behaviour - it is wrong to do that.  But when you’re on stage, you can’t be seen to slap a fan away or you get the bad PR below.  Take the flowers, smile - AND HAVE HER ASS REMOVED.  Then organise better security next time. 


Reason #941368943688 why Captain Swan is unhealthy:

Emma feels the need to justify having male friends because Hook is so possessive/jealous he sees her worrying about someone as a threat.

Newsflash Hook - It’s 2015 women can have male friends without having to explain themselves you.

Tory Senator Nancy Ruth annoyed auditor expects her to eat “awful”, but free, airline food

A Conservative senator is miffed that she’s being asked to justify claiming a meal expense while travelling when she could have eaten a free airline breakfast of “ice-cold Camembert with broken crackers.”


Ruth said Wednesday that she’s been asked why she didn’t eat free airline food rather than file breakfast expense claims on a couple of occasions.”

Well, those (airline) breakfasts are pretty awful,” she said.

"If you want ice-cold Camembert with broken crackers, have it."

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Canadian Senators are the gift that just keep on giving.

Just saw someone try to justify transmedicalism (aka truscum) by saying opposition to the medicalization of trans people is ableist … as if disabled people (along with other groups who experience additional types of oppression) aren’t the ones hit hardest by medical gatekeeping. Seriously, please sit down with a mentally ill trans person and ask them how the system you’re advocating for has worked out for them. Jfc. If you can’t find one, hey, hi there, mentally ill/disabled trans person right here, and I can tell you, your beliefs fucking suck.