Two stepbrothers “suspected” of “trying to steal beer from a grocery store” were not armed with guns when they were shot Thursday by a police officer who confronted them in Washington state’s capital city. Thankfully, they both survived but are currently being hospitalized.

The officer is claiming that he was being assaulted with a skateboard before the shooting in Olympia that left one man critically injured and another in stable condition, authorities said. But since there is no video evidence, all we have to go on is their word. 

Officer Ryan Donald was among those who responded around 1 a.m. to a call from a Safeway store, Roberts said. Employees said two men tried to steal beer and then threw the alcohol at workers who confronted the pair. Officers split up to search for the men. Donald encountered two men with skateboards who fit witnesses’ descriptions, and moments later, he radioed in that shots had been fired, the police chief said. The recording of the 911 call was released to the public later that afternoon.

The two men were identified as Andre Thompson, 24, and Bryson Chaplin, 21, both of Olympia. 

The officers were put on administrative leave and the shooting, which is being investigated by a team of detectives from several agencies, has already prompted protests.


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Bisexuals with het partners at Pride events

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as pride season rolls around let me remind fellow het-partnered bisexual people:

Pride really isn’t for you, so don’t act like you deserve to be there as much lesbians and gay men. Really, just don’t go at all, because there are no resources there that are for you. what are you proud of? being in the relationship literally everyone expects you to be in and that introduces no actual oppression into your life?

but at the very least, if you must go (and god knows hell nor high water will stop you) please, please, please






To be fair, posts like this really, really cheese me off. “I have it so much more worse than you for x,y reason, so just as a reminder, this isn't for you.” Why do we always have to keep score as to who has things worse, and why are we always so obsessed with compartmentalizing people into these neatly labeled boxes?

This is akin to saying that hets shouldn’t show up at all to pride parades, even to show their support of our community. Posts and mentalities like this make me hesitate to even consider myself part of the LGBTQIA+ community (because the B obviously stands for something other than bisexuality – maybe bananas??) if it’s going to become as exclusive as feminism seems to have become. I'm so sorry if falling in love with a partner of the opposite gender despite my inclinations to be attracted to both genders interferes with the sanctity of your precious movement.

BlackOUT Collective's Powerful Statement Honoring Black Girls and Black Women’s Bodies and Lives

BlackOUT Collective of Oakland, California shut down the financial district of San Francisco, California with both a vulnerable and powerful display of Black women’s humanity and sisterhood. @blackoutcollect told me this is “an action addressing State-sanctioned violence against Black women and girls and addressing the commodification and disposable treatment of Black women’s bodies.” They shared many photographs and tweets (and I will share some of those) for today May 21, 2015 in this national day of action via Black Lives Matter, Black Youth Project 100 and Ferguson Action. People are at one of 17 locations today speaking in truth, power and love, and people are online using this important hashtag, #SayHerName. BlackOUT Collective spoke in truth, power and love and commanded attention and acknowledgement.

@blackoutcollect also tweeted that it “took a lot for the women in this action to do this; this is about our own liberation too; even the journey to be comfortable in our bodies” and that “this is more than baring bodies; this is reclamation of tradition; enough is enough.” And while this may startle some people–Black women having full agency of when, how and for what reason to show their bodies and not to edify anyone’s consumption but to empower our own voices and shift hypervisibility from violence to verisimilitude–the reality is that any Gaze (whether White, male and/or respectability politics) more concerned with their bodies as objects and not as representative of persons and power, of love and life, of protest and persistence, have missed the message. Our bodies are ours. Our lives matter.

Black girls and Black women, especially Black trans women, face State violence; full stop. Not “too.” Face State violence; full stop. Black girls and Black women’s lives matter; full stop. Not “too.” Our lives matter, in of themselves. And even when Black trans women are killed by civilians at an alarming rate, (in addition to by the State)–most of whom these civiilians are rarely prosecuted, if even arrested–the State, the media (via post-mortem media violence) and society at large are culpable for transmisogyny, for misgendering, for criminalization and misogynoiristic stereotypes, for justification of their deaths and for erasure of their lives.

Say her name. Mya Hall. Rekia Boyd. Aiyana Jones. Islan Nettles. Miriam Carey. Tanisha Anderson. Yvette Smith. Shelly Frey. Malissa Williams. Darnisha Harris. Alesia Thomas. London Chanel. Shereese Francis. Lamia Beard. Tarika Wilson. Kathryn Johnston. Kendra James. Penny Proud. Alberta Spruill. Tyisha Miller. Martina Brown. Ahjah Dixon. Adaisha Miller. Anita Gay. And so many more….

BlackOUT Collective made a powerful statement today on the lives of Black girls and Black women. I am uplifted and inspired by this; even in the midst of pain there is love. They decried “who taught you to love yourselves?”/”Black women!” in call and response, speaking in a way resonant in Black cultural tradition. Powerful. Black girls and Black women matter. Black lives matter.

“Black women’s bodies have always been commodified. Today 10 Black women reclaim power and victory.” - BlackOUT Collective

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dear clarke,
      i abhor you. no one else seems to.

dear clarke,
      let me clarify –
i hate you not because you killed all those people,
but because you left behind a boy whose love for you
was encompassed in the stars.
he was willing to move heaven and earth for you.
he stayed when you needed him.
i guess you weren’t willing to do the same.
(that’s why you left, wasn’t it?)

dear clarke,
      you left a broken boy
who holds the weight of the world on his shoulders;
he is not atlas –
he can never be. 
the cosmos are proving to be too much a burden to bear,
but he is trying, goddamnit.
he is trying.

dear clarke, 
      augustus had a sister, but she paled in comparison to you. 

      i am not enough for him anymore. he needs you.

—  octavia’s letters to clarke (inspired by crooked-queen) || k.t

Hundreds of heroes make up the Justice League, and that’s not even counting JLA, JLI, JLU, or JLD. Which of the Trinity is the real MVP? Who from the Green Lantern Corps is the most pivotal? Who are the greatest members of all-time? After being exposed to the light of a meteor, Metamorpho can turn his body into any element. The sword of Katana contains the souls of everyone she kills, and that’s a long list. Brought up on Apokolips, Mister Miracle flees to become one of the greatest escape artists ever known. A part of New Genesis, Big Barda is immune to ravages of time and is a powerful, Amazon-like warrior. As son of Darkseid, Orion has uncontrollable rage, which can lead to violent assaults on anything in his vicinity. One of the world’s best detectives, Elongated Man can also stretch his body at great lengths. Plastic Man might look silly, but his stretching is a force to be reckoned with. Inspired by the Man of Steel, Steel mimics his powers through the use of, well, steel. About to star in her animated series in the world of Arrow and Flash, Vixen commands the power of every animal in the kingdom. A hero with perhaps the most complex origin, Captain Atom could absorb infinite amounts of energy. Created to infiltrate the League, Red Tornado becomes a trusted ally, with the ability to produce violent winds. Guy Gardner may be an ass, but he’s at his best butting heads with everyone. Although a prankster, Blue Beetle is an invaluable genius who courts death on occasion. Despite his cocky attitude, Booster Gold has grown to be a team player. An agent for the Lords of Order, Doctor Fate is the Sorcerer Supreme. Zatanna is a powerful magician who casts spells by speaking backwards. With a unique vibrational power, Vibe can create shockwaves strong enough to level a house. The Mighty Mite, Atom, can shrink himself to varying degrees while retaining his full density, making him a formidable foe. Cousin of “Smallville,” Supergirl follows in his heroic footsteps after crashing on Earth as a teenager. A walking nuclear reactor, Firestorm is one of the most devastating heroes. John Stewart is the Green Lantern in many people’s eyes and should appear on the big screen already. This boy only needs to mutter one word to unleash the might of… Shazam! When his uncle was believed dead, Wally West steps up, becoming a fan-favorite Flash. Black Canary; ‘cause Canary Cry. Green Arrow; ‘nuff said. Previously a Teen Titan, the New 52 has given Cyborg a new purpose, and the JL cannot hope to survive without his vast technical know-how and firepower. Martian Manhunter is always a key player ‘cause he has access to every power under the sun. Considered a joke for decades, Aquaman can kill you with his army of sharks, okay? Hal Jordan will probably never get along with the Dark Knight, but that doesn’t stop him from using his immeasurable willpower to always have his team’s back. Barry Allen might’ve foolishly thought that calling his squad “The Super Seven” was a good idea, but the Scarlet Speedster is still loved by everybody. He may be the strongest being, but even Superman needs to turn to others for help. Wonder Woman brings a lot to the table in terms of fighting ability and heart. Lacking superpowers of the allies he fights alongside, Batman compensates for that with a cache of secret weapons to take out his teammates down in a moment’s notice.

The Justice League, by KodeLogic.

The essence of high status is privilege, and the essence of privilege is legitimate exception from the rules which apply to others …[C]onformers to the law … are divided between those who enjoy the law as a system of facilitations, a network of pathways, and those who suffer the law as a system of deprivations, of barriers. Similarly, those outside the law must be divided between persons who can evade it only by violating it (risking punishment) and those who are legitimately exempted from it and risk nothing. Why not obey the law, if it serves your interest? What need to violate it, except if it does not? And why be concerned at all, if you are beyond its authority? Justice is no longer even a lofty ideal: it is a vicious pretext by which the beneficiaries of power preserve their self-esteem while oppressing the twice punished. Stripped of that pretext, it is little more than a naked defense of class interest.
—  Richard Korn | Crime, Justice and Corrections (1971)