She just gave me the absolute nicest shout-out I’ve ever gotten and made my whole week with her sweet comments! (I was AOL & everything! AOL = awwwing out loud. Yes? No? Probably won’t stick. *ha*)

If you like to follow inspirational, perky, funny bloggers, she needs to be on your dash!  And she’s a total cutie patootie with fantastic hair and cute outfits. I love her blog. :)

justbeingjacqui replied to your post: Looking up.

I can definitely relate to this currently. Thank you for this post. It put things into perspective for me. :)

snapthistiger replied to your postLooking up.

tomorrow will be better. it is Friday !!

Jacqui- I’m glad it helped you! Let me know if you ever need anything!

Steve- indeed today is better, and I have a weekend up in Ruston, (my college town) to spend with some old friends because of a wedding. So this weekend looks promising!