first date| sam and clary

Okay, Sam could do this. He set his phone down and went to survey his suitcase; he’d put on yesterday’s clothes this morning and needed to change.

Plaid, plaid, plaid, more plaid, ooh stripes-no, wait, that was just a weird plaid. Why did he own so much plaid? Was he trying to be a lumberjack or something? Oh well, he thought, picking a shirt at random and putting it on. Clary had agreed to go out with him, even though he’d been wearing something similar yesterday, so this would just have to do unless he wanted to wear a suit. Which he didn’t.

He glanced at his watch. He still had more than half an hour until he needed to leave, so he picked up his laptop and checked his email, and then the news, local and national. And then the American news. Eventually enough time had passed by for him to go ahead and leave. He left a note written on a piece of hotel stationary for his brother to find:

           Dean-gone to get coffee, not bringing you any. Be back later. Sam

With one last check of his pockets to ascertain he had everything Sam left. He walked to the coffee shop because it was easier than public transport. When he arrived, he walked inside to see if Clary had arrived yet.

@justanotherholmes||Para: Dinner

John finished dressing and sent a quick text to Clary. He was nervous. He’d not been out in a while, and he’d never thought to ask out Clary… A Holmes. If he messed this up, Sherlock would kill him. Or kiss him. He wasn’t quite sure which. He hailed a cab, and headed over to her flat

justanotherholmes replied to your post: “Well, whatever!” She huffed and looked at John, widening her eyes. “Wanna play?”

“Hm…ooh, I know.” Clary said suddenly, nodding her head. “We’ll play Super Amazing Scientist Doctor. You’re ill, and I’m going to make you better by finding a cure for whatever you have.” She nodded once, blinking widely.

John grinned down at her, and took her hand. “Alright. What am I sick with Doctor?” he asked her.

{Open} - To all recent followers.

His gaze turned over at the individual, acknowledgement towards them in his nod, along with his brow that quirked up. The unfamiliar face had Blake wondering with prompt curiosity. Even if he has been gone for for another four years, he would recognize a face like theirs. Though, a lot’s happened since he’s been gone, he’s realized.

“Can I help you?” he asked them.